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  1. 1. “How did it end up like this” I taught getting out of my warm bed at six o’clock on a frosty cold Saturday morning. I went downstairs and ate my breakfastalone. I taught why didn’t I stay in school and get a job instead of collecting and sorting peoples recycling, but sometimes it was fun I used to collect old lotto tickets but all of them were out of date “except one”. I was on the last load on that same night, when I was standing on the back step of our old truck going back to our yard.
  2. 2.  As my driver lee drove past the bright set of street lights, the light shone in on the back of the smelly truck and I saw the lotto ticket even though I knew it was out of date I decided to check it out anyway. I shouted to Lee who had his window open to smoke his cigarette. He stopped suddenly and I pounced in to the of the smelly truck and picked up the lotto ticket.
  3. 3.  Lee shouted at me to see what I was doing. I told him that i saw food and it’s not recyclable. i didn’t want to tell him as he would want to share the money. i’m saying that like there’s even anything on it. “i didn’t know “and since today was saturday and the post office was closed “i wouldn’t till monday”
  4. 4.  Sunday came and I still said nothing to my wife as I didn’t want to get her hopes up as the mortgage was gone up and she was fretting she wouldn’t be able to pay it.
  5. 5.  I knew what she wanted if we won money she wanted to sell our small house and by a large one in Ireland and a holiday home in France and I wanted a 450 cc quad and a couple of dogs.
  6. 6.  Monday came and I got up really and I was the first person outside the post office, an hour later it opened and I walked in nervously and walked over to the machine and scanned the lotto ticket “not a winner “came up, but then just as I was about to throw it in the bin I noticed a piece of dirt on the barcode I cleaned it and winner came up a lump cane in my throat.
  7. 7.  I walked over to the old man behind the desk he checked it, then he looked up at me and said today is your lucky day.
  8. 8.  He brought me in to a separate office and told me I won 25 million he told me to go to me to go to Dublin without making a big deal so that I couldn’t get followed.
  9. 9. Despite