The Branded Web - Trends: Retail


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The second in a series of presentation looking at growing trends which might be having an impact on your industry.

This one focuses on Retail and the changing landscape from bricks and mortar stores to online retail. Who is doing what to stay at the forefront of retail and what new spaces brands will need to be seen in to stay relevant.

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The Branded Web - Trends: Retail

  1. 1. WEBcTRENDS 2013: RETAIL@TheMarkCarrollTHEBRANDED
  2. 2. ConsumptioncOnline retail is continuing to growand becoming more sophisticated.At the same time physical retail storesare also taking inspiration fromonline and building in-store digitalexperiences to increase engagementand drive sales.
  3. 3. CurationcThe growth of visual social networksand bookmarking sites such asPinterest, The Fancy, Tumblr, Svpplyand Nuji have brought about morepersonal curation and social productdiscovery online.
  4. 4. Makers are makingcThe ‘Makers’ are infiltrating manyareas of modern life - retail andfashion is no exception - eBay andmany other online market places areenabling budding designers to gettheir products out to customers easilyand cheaply on a global scale.
  5. 5. On the webc
  6. 6. Product BookmarkingcVisual curation sites such asPinterest and tumblrsparked a trend in websitesmaking it easy to provideaspirational productcuration.Unlike the originators newersites have connected directto the purchase location.The FancySvpplyNuji
  7. 7. eBay FeedceBay have launched a newfeature called eBay Feedwhich seemingly mirrorsthe layout and appeal ofbookmarking sites.Working in much the sameway, users pick topics ofinterest and are shown afeed of products for saleson eBay around that theme.VideoFeed
  8. 8. SubscriptionscCurating your own collection on line is fun and full of aspiration.Helping bring this aspirational curated view into the real world therehas been a rise in paid for subscription services. These services allowyou to sign up to receive regular packages of physical things from thosewho inspire is made up of well known influential curators. You cansubscribe to them and receive personally curated packages on aquarterly basis.The Fancy also has a subscription service sending you some of the bestthings from the site on a monthly basis.Not Another Bill aims to bring back the surprise and fun of receivingpackages through the post. Subscribe and you’ll receive a new surpriseevery month
  9. 9. Do it yourselfcWith the likes of Etsy, ASOSmarket place, Big Cartel andeBay, it’s easier than ever tostart creating brands andshipping them. These smallerand passionate brands show abudding entrepreneurial spiritbuild around quality andservice. Something some largerbrands could learn from.Dead GentRock CandyMr Gugu & Miss Go
  10. 10. Digital pop-upcFor the launch of his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection HenryHolland’s House of Holland teamed up with eBay to live-streamthe his catwalk show while also launching the first digital pop-upstore. For a limited time visitors could purchase items from thecollection and receive a free pair of HoH tights.This partnership was part of eBay’s ongoing strategy to beperceived as a fashion retailer for big name brands, not just anonline market place
  11. 11. Personalised productscThings like personalised greeting cards are big business, so why notpersonalised closed. Exposed Apparel allows you to upload and printyour favourite Instagram pictures straight on to clothing via theirapp.Find out moreGet the app
  12. 12. Insta-customc has been around for a while now, but thislatest version allows you to create custom Nike’sbased on your favourite Instagram pictures,alternative way to pick your trainers… a nice siteand experience. Even without purchase the sitegenerated unique shareable images.
  13. 13. Trading PiecescBondsy is an app which allowsyou to sell or trade productswith friends, built around theidea:“When you arent forced topay with money,things get a lot moreinteresting”You can set the price tradingsomething you’re in need offrom objects to hugs andkisses.Bondsy
  14. 14. Virtual fitting roomcDon’t just browse the web looking for products, try them on in thecomfort of your own home (kind of). Augmented reality virtual fittingroom enabling you to to see how a garment might look on you, theclosest you can get and cheaper than same day delivery.
  15. 15. From the front rowcMany brands and labels are bringing fans closer to the front row oftheir exclusive fashion shows via live streams, some are creating evenmore engaging experiences for their fans. For SS13 TopShop Uniquenot only streamed their show but also made it possible to snap shotsfrom it and share across social channel, they also made it possible topurchase items along side the catwalk show. No waiting for the shelvesto fill, from catwalk to wardrobe in a few clicks.
  16. 16. Tumbl SalecWhile many brands are left trying to figure out where tumblr might fitinto their online repertoire, fashion brands have caught on quickly andusing it to support their product offering with rich content and storiesand driving to purchase in a natural and engaging way.Mr Porter reports from fashion shows and created animated GIFsaround certain products or collections. NikeiD on the other hand offerinspiration and share the best of the iD collection and latest news withthe community
  17. 17. Group buying powercThis might not be the finest example but it’s a different approach towine buying. Tesco have partnered up with Buyapowa to offercustomers the chance of reduced prices to buy wine in bulk,customers set a maximum price they’re willing to pay and the morepeople that buy it the lower the price gets. It’s aim is to encouragepeople to spread the word through social.A nice idea, but currently a crowded wine market to compete with.
  18. 18. On the high streetc
  19. 19. Window shoppingcAdidasNEO window display takes window shopping to a new levelwith an interactive window display where you able to interact with theproducts and mannequins making them move and change clothes.If you connect with your mobile phone you can then drag and dropproducts from the window into the shopping bag on yourphone,allowing you to purchase, save for later or share with friends.
  20. 20. Interactive mannequinscOften stale and static - window display can remain dull no matterwhat clothes you add to them. Robot mannequins are becoming amore regular site over in Japan.One particular store front created a new experience with theirMarionette mannequins, using Kinect to get them dancing andmimicking the movement of people facing it.
  21. 21. In-store EntertainmentcSelfridges played host to Nike’s House of Innovation. What was it? analternative in-store brand experience with you the usual Nike level ofcool, it was made up of a handful of challenges, exhibitions andenvironments that converge the physical and digital retail space for“everyday athletes” as they compete against each other and interactwith the environment filled with some of Nike’s most innovativeproducts and technologies.
  22. 22. No more cardscCards will become increasingly redundantas loyalty schemes and other featuresmove directly into the smart phone.Starbucks has already made it possible foryou to manage your loyalty card and makepurchases using their iOS app. It alsocontains locations, nutrition informationand menus for the stores.
  23. 23. Less machinerycUrban Outfitters announced lastyear they were putting an end toin-store cash machines andmoving towards iPads and iPodtouches.Many other small stores havestarted using iPads as cashregisters, smaller easier tomanage and update meaning lessinvestment in largeinfrastructure.Other payment systems likeSquare make it simple for smallvendors to take card paymentswithout large costs or set up. Justa phone and the supplied reader.
  24. 24. Pay by tweetcThe tweet shop was opened to promotethe latest range of Special K Crackercrisps.The pay-with-a-tweet pop-u shop inSoho, as I’m sure you can guess by thename - involved customers going intweeting about the store so they couldthen receive a packet of sub 100 calorieseas salt and balsamic vinegar, sweetchili or sour cream and onion flavoredcrisps.
  25. 25. Subway shelvescVirtual supermarkets are popping up insubway stations in South Korea, wherecommuters can virtually shop for itemswhile waiting for the train to come.Customers simply scan an item’s QR codeusing the free “Homeplus” app and canhave it delivered to their doorstep beforethey even get home. Ranked as the 2ndmost hard-working country in the worldto Japan, South Korea is rewarding itsworkers with this timesaving gem.
  26. 26. Connected Digital POScC&A Brazil connected their in-store items to their Facebook page viahangers. People could like the items on Facebook page and thoselikes would instantly show up on the hangers of the respective piecein real time. Crowd opinions and validation to help the moreindecisive women when it comes to purchasing.
  27. 27. Instagram-incChecking in takes a certain levelof commitment and functionality.Why not just take a picture andpost it up on Instagram. Nice wayto offer customers a discount andhave them spread the word ofyour new show - as SwedenCalling did in their Pop-up shopin Spitafields.
  28. 28. Post postofficecNo postoffice near you? Alwayson the go and traveling? No fixedaddress?Amazon lockers allowed you toorder from the site and have itdelivered to one of their lockerlocations where you can thenhead and pick up your package.Potentially the first of manyventures into the real world fromonline from the internet retailer.
  29. 29. What can brands learn?c
  30. 30. We’ve seen here that many brands already understand theshift of physical stores becoming more about an experience- customers being able to touch, feel and purchase productsquickly.What can brands learn?c
  31. 31. What can brands learn?cMobile devices arebecoming increasinglyimportant for bothpurchasing and alsoenhancing customerexperiences.
  32. 32. What can brands learn?cA brands owned spaces are not the only spaces to focus onin order to get your products seen.Curators around the visual web can be valuable and drivesales with very little investment.
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