Best of the Branded Web - May 2013


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Websites, banners, videos, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a whole lot more - there's a lot of content on the internet. Some good and some not so good, here's a round up of the best bits I've manage to notice this month.

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Best of the Branded Web - May 2013

  1. 1. MAY 2013MMBest ofthe branded web@TheMarkCarroll
  2. 2. no cynicism justthe best bits tohelp inspire youto make bettercontenta round up of thebest content fromacross the web thismonth@TheMarkCarroll MM
  3. 3. sitesPart 1@TheMarkCarroll MM
  4. 4. Dominoes LiveThat’s right you can not only track your order online,but Dominoes Salt Lake City made it possible towatch it live as it’s made.Nice work Dominoes, nothing to hide and happy toshow the whole world. WATCH HERE@TheMarkCarroll MM
  5. 5. Midsummer Night’sDreamingRSC team up with Google to tell the story of AMidsummer Night’s Dream via the internet. Very nicesite and a great way to reimagine a classic story.SEE THE SITE@TheMarkCarroll MM
  6. 6. Channel 4 MatingSeasonChannel 4 is promoting a new televisionprogram, “Mating Season”, with an advertisingcampaign featuring Arthur, a 150-year-oldGalapagos tortoise who lost his partner Ethelafter 100 years together. His exploits include aseries of ill-feted dates and an epic night in aclub before finding a match in a veryunexpected place. The TV spot is accompaniedby a print campaign designed by illustrator,Noma Bar, which evolves the gender symbolsinto a series of playful symbols that representvarious relationship statuses, concluding (asthe TV spot does) with the line: moderndating: it’s complicated. The campaignincludes a great Tumblr site, with animatedgifs, a game and Noma’s print ad.VISIT THE SITE@TheMarkCarroll MM
  7. 7. OAKLEYA very nice parallax site from Oakley for their MXgoggles. All of the information on one page as well aspurchase.SEE THE SITEOTHER GREAT PARALLAX EXAMPLES@TheMarkCarroll MM
  8. 8. World Alzheimers dayYou could donate your Facebook profile to help raiseawareness of how it feels to have to live withAlzheimer’s Disease by wiping out all memories ofFacebook users for one day. How? By donating theirtimeline to the international Alzheimer association. SEE THE VIDEO HERE@TheMarkCarroll MM
  9. 9. APPSPart 2@TheMarkCarroll MM
  10. 10. Nissan Self HealingpainAnother clever use of in app media space as Nissanuses the touch interface to show off their latestinnovation of self healing paint.SEE THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  11. 11. Huggies Tweet PeeThe Huggies TweetPee uses a sensor and a twitterbased alert system to let you know when your babiesnappy needs changing. I nice idea and good use of technology, it alsomonitors nappy usage so you shouldn’t find yourselfout of stock.Watch the video here@TheMarkCarroll MM
  12. 12. Audi Start Stop appAudi Start/Stop app for Android. Another car brandusing technology to dramatise their cars features.This time an app which will notify you about appsyou have open but haven’t used for a awhile,prompting you to close them and preserve batterylife. SEE THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  13. 13. OUT INTHE REALWORLDPart 3@TheMarkCarroll MM
  14. 14. Red Bull InstagramBillboardRedBull take the online offline with this billboardshowcasing images submitted via Instagram. For therelease of their three new flavour variants - red, blueand silver - images can be submitted by @mentioning RedBullUK the tags: #BLUEEDITIONPLEASE#REDEDITIONPLEASE #SILVEREDITIONPLEASE This mechanic should have now become even easierwith Instagram adding in picture tagging functionalityin their latest release.@TheMarkCarroll MM
  15. 15. Coca-Cola small worldmachinesCoke turns piece keeper with their latest small worldmachine which sets out to connect India andPakistan, stating - “that what unites us is strongerthan what sets us apart” WATCH THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  16. 16. Anar Foundationagainst child abuseKnowing the average height for adults and childrenunder 10, GREY has created two different messages.Using an outdoor lenticular the outdoor poster showsadults an awareness message, while children see amessage offering them help and showing them thetelephone number. A message only for children.WATCH THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  17. 17. Heineken IgniteHeineken Ignite is the first interactive bottle. The endproduct and experience is great but best bit is howagency and client worked together to develop thisprototype product, in a long Hack Day style setupacross 8 weeks.SEE THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  18. 18. Heineken NegotiationHeineken challenges guys to try and get their otherhalves to buy a set of stadium chairs for the chanceto win tickets to the Champions League Final inLondon.WATCH THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  19. 19. Gladiator USB CanThere’s obviously NOTHING more frustrating in officelife than not being able to find a USB flash drivewhen you need one. Gladiator energy drink has comeup with a novel solution to this. Turn the can into aflash drive.WATCH THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  20. 20. NIKE #MIPISTANeed a football pitch? No problem. Nike Footballare patrolling the streets of Madrid ready to provideone projected on to a street space.WATCH THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  21. 21. VIDEOPart 4@TheMarkCarroll MM
  22. 22. VW Hidden FrameAnother clever use of standard YouTube functionalityto dramatise the VW Side Assist feature.WATCH THE VIDEOSee also:GOLF GTI FAST ADVW SKIPPING ADS FOR YOU@TheMarkCarroll MM
  23. 23. Mighty Fine VinesA selection of some of the best Vines from a varietyof accounts.SEE THEM HERE@TheMarkCarroll MM
  24. 24. Cascade BrewersWhat better way to celebrate a limited edition than tomake a limited edition piece of media to promote it.Every year, Cascade brews a limited edition beerfrom limited edition hops. There’s only enough for5000 cases. A custom, embed-able video player wascreated to house a view counter that tickedbackwards from 5000.WATCH THE VIDEO@TheMarkCarroll MM
  25. 25. Book OfThe MonthMedium and other long readsOK, so this isn’t a book, but it is a growing trend inthe availability of well designed and easilyaccessible long form reads across the web.Medium is leading the is another@TheMarkCarroll MM
  26. 26. MoreNextMonth@TheMarkCarroll