Best of the Branded Web - June 2013


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Websites, banners, videos, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a whole lot more - there's a lot of content on the internet. Some good and some not so good, here's a round up of the best bits I've manage to notice this month.

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Best of the Branded Web - June 2013

  1. 1. June 2013 M M Best of the branded web @TheMarkCarroll
  2. 2. no cynicism just the best bits to help inspire you to make better content a round up of the best content from across the web this month @TheMarkCarroll M M
  3. 3. Social Part 1 @TheMarkCarroll M M
  4. 4. Newcastle Brown Ale: No Bollocks Newcastle Brown looking to stand out over in the US, they took the No Bollocks approach, breaking that fourth wall and acknowledging and mocking Facebook behavior, some nice posting which evolved into an app for people to create their own No Bollocks images to share. WATCH THE CASESTUDY VIDEO @TheMarkCarroll M M
  5. 5. AT&T Kent Wesley Internet Attorney AT&T helping teens convince parents that they need the latest smart phone, providing them with an internet attorney to put the case forward. WATCH THE CASE STUDY VIDEO @TheMarkCarroll M M
  6. 6. Respro UK Pinterest Respro make masks to keep pollution at bay whether your walking, biking or anything else in the city. Turns out a Respro selfie is a popular thing, enough so that they have a dedicated Pinterst board for them. SEE THE PINTEREST BOARD @TheMarkCarroll M M
  7. 7. Real World Part 2 @TheMarkCarroll M M
  8. 8. Coca-Cola share can This is a great piece from Coke and Ogilvy and Mather, Paris. A can you can literally share. It looks like one can at first but can then splits into two to share with a friend.  WATCH THE VIDEO @TheMarkCarroll M M
  9. 9. Pepsi Like machine It’s becoming a bit of a branded vending machine war out there. Coca-Cola being one of the main ones with a variety of interactive machines. Now Pepsi has stepped up with a vending machine which rewards a Facebook likes with a can of Pepsi. Good for sampling and gaining data.  WATCH THE VIDEO @TheMarkCarroll M M
  10. 10. Converse Chuck Hack Converse embrace hack culture. Prototyping and adapting some ideas around their Chuck Taylor trainers.  CHECK THE CHUCKS @TheMarkCarroll M M
  11. 11. Video Part 3 @TheMarkCarroll M M
  12. 12. Pub loo pant shitter #publooshocker is a great piece for Think Transport. Would not have wanted to be one of the guys in that toilet. WATCH THE VIDEO @TheMarkCarroll M M
  13. 13. Jay Z and Samsung The biggest name in hip hop (Jay Z) is releasing his latest album exclusively on Samsung phones 72 hours before it goes fully public. Big names and cool credentials, but what will the album be like?  Can a paid for collaboration like this prove to be more of a sales driver than an iOS update? we shall see. WATCH THE VIDEO @TheMarkCarroll M M
  14. 14. Skittle Figurines Skittles Smash the rainbow, with a nice use of YouTube annotations. Using them in this way isn’t new and has been done many times before, but it has been a while since someone has done it well. Glad they haven’t disappeared. SMASH THE RAINBOW @TheMarkCarroll M M
  15. 15. Web Part 4 @TheMarkCarroll M M
  16. 16. Search, as it happens Real time search visualised, see what people are looking for on Google as it’s searched. CHECK IT OUT @TheMarkCarroll M M
  17. 17. X§§§ Burberry send a kiss Burberry collaborate with Google allowing people to send kisses across the internet. Kiss your phone or desktop forward facing camera and have it sent across the internet via email  SEND A KISS @TheMarkCarroll M M
  18. 18. Mobile Part 5 @TheMarkCarroll M M
  19. 19. Stride Gumulon Stride Gumulon - a chew controlled game. Yeah, you control the game with your mouth.  MORE ABOUT THE APP @TheMarkCarroll M M
  20. 20. Pret mobile Good branded mobile first examples can be hard to find, Pret seems to be one of them. Reacting to the time of day and serving up information based on location. A fast and handy site. CHECK OUT THE SITE @TheMarkCarroll M M
  21. 21. Shake Shack It’s not open yet but in anticipation the site is lie and nicely responsive. Fast to load and also serving up links to all of their social feeds to wet your appetite for the food to come. SEE THE SITE @TheMarkCarroll M M
  22. 22. Lynx Perfect Match Not just mobile but touch focused. The perfect match web app is a tool for guys talking to girls, with the touch of a thumb from a guy and a girl it will tell you if you are a match or not (secret is, the decision is down to where the guy places his thumb)*. VISIT ON YOUR MOBILE *client @TheMarkCarroll M M
  23. 23. Book Of The MonthDo Books From the people who put on the Do Lectures, this is not just one book but a series of books on a variety of topics. They’re short and punchy from a variety of leading experts in each of their fields. @TheMarkCarroll DO Book Co M M
  24. 24. More Next Month @TheMarkCarroll M M Follow: themarkcarroll Visit: