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Best of the Branded Web - April 2013


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Websites, banners, videos, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a whole lot more - there's a lot of content on the internet. Some good and some not so good, here's a round up of the best bits I've manage to notice this month.

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Best of the Branded Web - April 2013

  1. 1. April 2013Best ofthe brand web@TheMarkCarroll
  2. 2. no cynicism justthe best bits tohelp inspire youto make bettercontenta round up ofthe bestcontent fromacross the webthis month@TheMarkCarroll
  3. 3. sitesPart 1@TheMarkCarroll
  4. 4. Coca Cola -“Coca-Cola has done extensive research usingteen panels and believes it’s cracked what ‘thosekids’ are after from their brand.  That is, fun,“snackable” digital experiences that center onmobile consumption over desktops”Currently with 17 games and 25 due to becreated off the back of suggestions by fans,there will be a total of 61 games. Each time anew one is added another h is added to theURL.A true mobile focus but also oozing with internetculture references to create quick and fungames to cater for those ever depletingattention spans.More: Ad Week@TheMarkCarroll
  5. 5. Nike Custom Trainersbased on yourInstagram picturesGet custom Nike’s based on the colour ways ofyour favourite Instagram pictures, an alternativeway to pick your trainers… a nice site and supersimple and quick experience.You can check out the gallery and see whatpeople have been basing their trainers on.More: @TheMarkCarroll
  6. 6. Global Rich ListYou can find out where you sit compared to therest of the world, created by Poke London withthe underlying aim to get people donating whatthey can afford via the first 100% freedonation and fundraising platform.See where you rank@TheMarkCarroll
  7. 7. London Shop FrontsNo it’s not created by a brand but it’s one ofthose really nice tumblr projects, unsurprisinglyshowcasing the unique shop fronts of London.Check out all the shop fronts@TheMarkCarroll
  8. 8. FACTOCLOCKNice and simple, you’ll learn something newevery minute as a new fact is served up on thesite every minute on the minute.,Go get facts@TheMarkCarroll
  9. 9. Do Not TouchVery good crowd sourced music video. Records yourlayer of interaction and keeps building up a viewevery time someone watches and takes part.Be part of it@TheMarkCarroll
  10. 10. Content Is Like CrystalMethThe topic of content marketing has been a little bitlike Marmite, people seem to love and embrace it, orthey hate it. Often it focuses on the creation ofcontent - moving away from advertising and pushmessaging and how to create engaging content ortest the content you produce to make sure you’reputting out the best things possible. Content Is LikeMeth comes in after creation and helping to spreadyour content as wide as possible, something elsewhich can often be overlooked in agency life -creating things and not thinking about how to getpeople looking at it. Check out the full site@TheMarkCarroll
  11. 11. VideoPart 2@TheMarkCarroll
  12. 12. Ship My PantsWhat could be described as an real genuineactual factual viral - the Kmart ship my pants ad.Go forth and LOL@TheMarkCarroll
  13. 13. Kit Kat wifi free zoneThe world is pretty well connected these days, Kit Katare giving you a break from all the connectivity withspecial areas which have wifi jamming devicesencouraging you to read newspaper, book or have aproper conversation.Watch the video here@TheMarkCarroll
  14. 14. Jaguar F-Type presentsDesireA short film created in collaboration with RidleyScott Associates - starring Golden Globe winnerDamian Lewis, Shannyn Sossamon, Jordi Mollà,and featuring music by BRIT award winner LanaDel Rey.Big budget, long watch material from Jaguar.Only clocking up 24,539 views so far in 4 days, itwill be interesting to see how this this kind ofcontent goes down compared to the usualshorter and more snackable content.Watch the full film@TheMarkCarroll
  15. 15. iPhone 5 photographyad spotyA nicely produced ad focusing on what is nodoubt one of the most popular features on thephone - the camera. Highlighting lots of thequirky little insights and habbits of those whomake constant use of their phone camera. Imanage to spot myself in there several times.Watch the full ad@TheMarkCarroll
  16. 16. VW Golf GTI fastest adPeople hate YouTube’s 5-second wait, and yet,advertisers continue using it to post conventionaladvertising.To adapt our concept to the medium, we reinventedthese ads, creating the fastest YouTube ad for thefastest car. An ad you cannot omit, although you cantry.Later, a banner appeared over the video the userwanted to watch, redirecting him to the new Golf GTI’swebsite so that those who clicked on it could accessmore information.Watch the full video@TheMarkCarroll
  17. 17. VW Skipping ads so youdon’t have toTo showcase the new gear shifting technology DSGTiptonic Transmission - which basically changes gearfor you. VW also automated the most boring part ofwatching an online video, skipping the pre-roll.See it in action here@TheMarkCarroll
  18. 18. Durex FundawearDeemed as the future of four play, you don’teven have to be in the same room. Vibratingunderwear which is controlled by your partnerand their mobile device. A nice idea brought tolife in a fun and shareable way, as Durex alwaysseem to do.Check out the Fundawear@TheMarkCarroll
  19. 19. Evian Babies are backWhy mess with a formula that works. Evian bringback their dancing babies.See the babies dance@TheMarkCarroll
  20. 20. Weetabix samplingWeetabix tried out an alternative samplingexercise with their latest ad, you just had to takea picture of the end frame and then take it into aBoots to receive a free trial pack.Easier and cheaper than your average coupon.Strange choice of location to go and pick upyour cereal though.See the ad here@TheMarkCarroll
  21. 21. OthergoodnessPart 2@TheMarkCarroll
  22. 22. Ben & Jerry’s CaptureEuphoriaA full page in Stylist magazine this week highlighted anice and simple use of instagram by Ben & Jerry’s -asking people to share their euphoria based pictureswith them via the hash tag #captureeuphoriaCheck out the results so far@TheMarkCarroll
  23. 23. Old Spice scratch andsniff banner adsOld Spice create the first ever Scratch and Sniffbanner ad.No surprise, it isn’t actually scratch and sniff. YouClick through to a form to be sent the banner in thepost which is then scratch and sniff with theirnew fragranceGet your banner here@TheMarkCarroll
  24. 24. Syfy channel launchDefiance show andgameA new show which is described as creating a‘transmedia IP’, what does that mean? Well it’s not justa TV show but also a video game which is playableand updated as the TV continues to roll out.Read the full story@TheMarkCarroll
  25. 25. Move overskeuomorphism, flatweb design is hereFlat web design is now officially ‘a thing’. Maybe italready was, I’m not a designer but it seems to be thehot topic as skeuomophic designs continue to behated upon.35 nice examples of flat web designAlso, photoshop plugin to take you fromSkeuomophic to flat in
  26. 26. Death To BullshitAlthough trying to avoid cynicism this really is agreat Slide Share deck on the world in which weoperate.Check the full deck here@TheMarkCarroll
  27. 27. Danny MacaskillA new series from Red Bull, focusing on their insanelygood trial rider Danny Macaskill. His videos were ableto rack up millions of views even before he wassponsored, so the series is set to be a big dealespecially with the added Red Bull budgets. Check out the series so far@TheMarkCarroll
  28. 28. Book OfThe MonthRework: Change the way you work foreverI’ve never highlighted so much in a book before,it’s a simple read and I think you’ll find it hard todisagree with a word in it. It might not be the easiestvision to actually bring to life but even ifyou can make one thing in there come tofruition, your business will be a betterplace.@TheMarkCarrollMore on Amazon
  29. 29.