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How To: Devise and Present a Social Media Strategy


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This is a sample of a social media strategy I devised for a concept exhibition as a case study to Qatar Museums Authority. It is based on my MBA research (available for download here and this was the requirement:
Create a social communication strategy and sample content calendar for an exhibition on Andy Warhol. Imagine that qma is putting on a 4 Month exhibition this year on the highlight pieces from Andy Warhol, pop artist. The challenges are the Qatari community know or care very little about him or his work. Regardless, it has been decided that the exhibition will proceed. The budget for marketing is qr6 million, 1 million is dedicated to social media.
The campaign should consist of a 2 month pre-opening education outreach to get the community to know more about warhol and to motivate them to come and share their interest to others throughout the exhibition lifecycle. You can use a range of resources such as films, pre recorded interviews, images of him and his work, art label descriptions, competitions, outreach, interactives etc. think outside the box and be creative. The target market is Qatari community. There are 4 stages to exhibition communication: 1) pre opening campaign, 2) Opening night, 3) duration of exhibition and 4) pre closing.
If you wish to integrate offline communication such as PR and advertising to show how you would align your online with offline then do so. Demonstrate how you would approach each campaign stage. Your strategy should be realistic and achievable (state all resources required or assumed.)

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How To: Devise and Present a Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. S o c i a l M e d i a C o m m u n i c a t i o n S t r a t e g y By Manal Assaad
  2. 2. Outline Snapshot Goals Target Audience Tactical Strategy • Technical Strategy • Communication Strategy
  3. 3. S N A P S H O T
  4. 4. SNAPSHOT QMA is organizing an exhibition on Andy Warhol, an icon in Pop Art, for 4 months where it aims to introduce the Qatari community to his most distinguished artworks from hand drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, music and film. “Warhol’s works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement that flourished by the 1960s.” The challenge is that the Qatari community know or care very little for him or his work… which calls for a creative yet informative communication campaign.
  5. 5. G o a l s
  6. 6. PROJECTGOALS Build a social media communications campaign: •  Introducing Pop Art •  Building awareness about Andy Warhol and his work. •  Building enthusiasm about the exhibition.
  8. 8. EXPLORINGGOAL#1 The Qatari community may not be thoroughly aware of what Pop Art is but it has certainly come in contact with it or witnessed it across the web, in trendy fashion, or advertising campaigns at some point. The goal here is to link between what the Qatari community is already familiar with and the “Pop Art” concept. You know Pop Art… You just don’t know you know it!
  10. 10. EXPLORINGGOAL#2 The Qatari community has probably never heard of Andy Warhol, but Andy’s work is so strong in the pop art scene that its influences are evident in today’s pop culture. Although the Qatari community is not aware of the connection, it is familiar with some of Andy’s works or at least the subject of his works (such as celebrities). The goal here is to highlight Andy Warhol’s work that the community can connect with and introduce them to Andy as an extension. You’ve seen Andy Warhol’s work… You just didn’t know it was his!
  12. 12. EXPLORINGGOAL#3 The general conception about art, especially in terms of art exhibitions, is that it is sophisticated, fancy, expensive and mature… So for the majority of young art fans of this generation, it is often considered boring and uninteresting. However, Andy Warhol’s work is all about pop culture, vibrant creativity and inspiration from daily mundane objects, with appeal to the fine art lovers and the commercial art fans. The goal here is to communicate the sophistication of the art to the fancy art lovers and the edginess of the exhibition to the trendy art fans and draw the interest of both. “Warhol believed that art could be developed from objects around us. His type of art was creative and mass produced. The essence of Andy Warhol’s skill was his ability to get rid of the difference between commercial arts and fine arts”
  13. 13. T a r g e t A u d i e n c e
  14. 14. TargetAudience The target audience of this communication is the Qatari community with art interests. Profile Characteristics Profile 1 Primary Target Artists and Artistic Individuals 25 – 35+ years old - High or Specific knowledge of art & international or local artists - Expertise or skill in a form of art (Photographers, painters, graphic designers, videographers, musicians, etc.) Profile 2 Primary Target Art hobbyists and lovers 20 - 30 years old - General knowledge of art & some international or local artists. - Some skill, experience or hobby in a form of art. (Photography lovers, drawing hobbyists, etc.) Profile 3 Secondary Target Pop Culture fans 18 - 25 years old - No knowledge of art. - Interest in pop stars & celebrities, and related arts. - Attracted to what’s trendy, popular and cool.
  15. 15. TargetAudience Understanding the Digital Qatari Community Relevant Digital Statistics in Qatar (Source: Digital Qatar & ASMR): •  65.5% Facebook Penetration of Internet Population; ranked #1 in Arabia, & #5 worldwide, 70% of users are male with English interface dominating (over 80%), and a balanced age demographic with 53% between 15-29 and 47% above 30. •  3.09% Twitter penetration of total population, the 3rd highest in the Arab world, with just under 60’000 active users and an average of 5 million tweets. •  9.8% Linkedin penetration of total population, the 2nd highest in the Arab world. •  Youtube is the 2nd most popular social network, at the 3rd place of most visited websites based on; with 167 million views a day in the Arab region. •  140% mobile penetration, with 75% smartphone usage, one of the highest in the world.
  16. 16. T a c t i c a l S t r a t e g y
  17. 17. TechnicalStrategy Social Media QMA’s Facebook Page Exhibition FB Event Page QMA’s Twitter account Tweet-up Event Pages QMA’s Youtube channel Supporting networks: Instagram, Flickr, etc. Interactive Media Mobile/Facebook Application Photo Booth Activation Website A dedicated webpage for Andy Warhol & the Exhibition Public Relations Events supporting Social Media campaigns Advertising Digital Targeted Advertising on websites & social networks Traditional Mass Advertising in Malls and Magazines A technical strategy states what social networks and tools the brand should use in order to communicate with its target audience effectively to achieve its goals. Upon exploring the project goals and examining its target audience, the technical strategy will include social networks, mobile application, a webpage, events and advertising.
  18. 18. TechnicalStrategy Social networks will be the focus of the communication strategy as it will allow for direct interaction and engagement with the target audience. The Andy Warhol project will take advantage of the well-established QMA social networks’ accounts and its current communities, as well as draw in a new audience. Other social networks will be used to track conversations around the project and relevant topics, rather than communicate, unless there is a need (Strategy flexibility is key in social media campaigns).
  19. 19. TechnicalStrategy Given the magnitude of mobile usage, it is imperative to use a mobile app to increase engagement rate and time with the target audience with flexibility, convenience, and mobility.
  20. 20. TechnicalStrategy Having a project website, or a webpage in QMA’s website with a dedicated main domain, is also elementary to centralize the communication and dissemination of project information and resources.
  21. 21. TechnicalStrategy Events will also be organized to create offline conversations and take them online or to foster online enthusiasm by strengthening the relationship with the project’s target audience and taking it offline. These events include tweet-ups, a fan art exhibition, and mall activation.
  22. 22. TechnicalStrategy Lastly, advertising will be leveraged on online and offline mediums to reach the target audience and direct them to the project’s online communication channels, and increase awareness about the social media campaigns (this does not include the advertising of the overall exhibition project marketing, only the social media marketing).
  23. 23. CommunicationStrategy The main purpose of using social media is to communicate with an audience in a 2-ways approach. While the social networks and tools used (technical strategy) matter, it is the content and conversations (communication strategy) that build a community that can be then guided to reach project goals. Communication Strategy Content Strategy Content Focus Community Management Voice Activities & Events Conversation Calendar
  24. 24. CommunicationStrategy Pop Art • Photography • Hand Drawing • Painting • Printmaking • Film • Music Famous Works • Celebrity prints • Advertisements • Distinguished Pieces Andy Warhol • Bio • Philosophy & methods • Works • Exhibition • Movies about Warhol Influences • Modern features of Pop art & Warhol’s work • Fan Art • User-Generated Content • Modern pop artists On the left, are the concepts that will be in focus in the communication strategy. Each focus represents a different stage following the same order. Justification for the order: Stage 1: The Qatari community will be more willing to engage over a type of art they have interest in or can relate to such as photography rather than an artist they’re not familiar with. Therefore, various pop arts will be communicated to draw interest in the first stage of the campaign. Stage 2: Famous pop art works from Andy Warhol’s work will be featured and emphasized that the community can recognize and relate to. There will be subtle references to Andy Warhol as a Pop artist. Stage 3: Now that the community is drawn to the works, it would care to know more about the artist so the emphasis will be on his significance and getting the community to recognize his works & contributions by understanding his uniqueness. Stage 4: The focus here is on the pop art fans and the Warhol influences in the modern day art scene, also opening the door for the community to generate its own Warhol-influenced content. Content Focus
  25. 25. CommunicationStrategy The voice of a brand is the cornerstone of its community management & essence of its content strategy For the community management of Andy Warhol’s project, the QMA page must adopt a “voice” that is as distinguished as Andy’s, to connect with the community on a more personal/social level and encourage them to give feedback. Throughout the communication, the content to be developed must have a consistent persona, tone, purpose and language. The voice of Andy Warhol’s project can be summed up as: Playful, inspiring, direct, savvy, whimsical, engaging, entertaining, and educating through creativity.
  26. 26. CommunicationStrategy Activity #1: Pop Art OutReach Program Launch Activity Concept: Introduce the Qatari community to Pop art, not by sharing informational definitions, but by reaching out to pop artists in the community & quoting them on their own definitions of Pop art while sharing visual examples. Objectives: • Research and seek pop artists and pop art enthusiasts and fans and bloggers in Qatari Community. • Invite them to share their definitions, inspirations, works and impressions of Pop Art with QMA. • Interview renowned pop artists (photographers, painters, musicians, etc.) from the Qatari community. Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to launch genuine conversations about Pop art with the primary target audience (Profile 1) and get them directly invested in the campaign by benefiting them (sharing the spotlight with them), to also be able to draw in their fans and supporters who are also among our primary target audience (Profile 2). Similar to Andy Warhol’s famous self-portraits, interview & take self- portraits of Local pop artists & bloggers with quotations.
  27. 27. CommunicationStrategy Activity #2: Pop Art “Famous Works” Tweet-up. Activity Concept: Gather the local pop artists, bloggers and selective community members (from Activity #1) in a mini-exhibition & party with the theme of famous Pop Art works. Objectives: • Organize an informal gathering with a Pop art theme. • Invite selective local pop artists, bloggers and traditional media. • Highlight one or 2 famous works of Andy Warhol as “centerpieces” of Pop Art culture. • Showcase some works from local artists. • Announce upcoming activities. Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to generate a buzz around Andy Warhol and the upcoming exhibition. The advantage here is the ability to organize it in a more relaxed & informal atmosphere & shed the light on the local talents so they’d be more invested in the project & then harvest that interest & direct it towards Andy Warhol. (These tweet-ups will be replicated during the course of the exhibition under different themes each time as Activity #2a, #2b, etc. depending on how successful they are.) A funky evening of Pop Art & artists with “Famous Works” theme where guests can dress up as icons from famous Pop art pieces & enjoy a memorable night of art & memorabilia.
  28. 28. CommunicationStrategy Activity #3: “” campaign & app. Activity Concept: Imprint the identity & works of Andy Warhol in the minds of the Qatari community with an entertaining app and competition, “”, where they can take photos, apply Pop Art filters to them, & share them to win prizes. Objectives: • Create a facebook/mobile app, similar to Instagram, that snaps photos (or allows for photo uploads), & has different filters inspired and named after Andy Warhol’s works. • Encourage art fans and pop culture fans to create their own Warhol- inspired art works using the app and submit them for the chance to win prizes. • Share tips about Andy Warhol’s techniques and work features to aid participants in creating their own artworks. • Create a sub-page on the Andy Warhol project webpage where best submitted fan artworks are selected (by a panel of judges from QMA & Activity #1) and open for voting by the public to reach to top 10 finalists. Purpose: Engage with the primary target audience for their interest in pop art & with the secondary target audience for their interest in celebrities, therefore drawing in the masses with a fun informative activity. Educate the audience about Warhol, his techniques & his pieces by encouraging to draw inspiration from them using their favorite celebrities, characters, objects or even themselves.
  29. 29. CommunicationStrategy Activity #4: “” Finalists Exhibition. Activity Concept: Build enthusiasm about the Andy Warhol exhibition by including the finalists’ pieces as part of the exhibition, whether for a short-run or a one-day event. Objectives: • Promote the exhibition during the campaign as a chance to display the finalists’ pieces in the museum. • Invite the pop artists & bloggers (judges), and finalists as honorary guests to the exhibition. • Invite the public online and the exhibition visitors to evaluate the finalists’ exhibited pieces and vote for their favorite on-premise. • Reward all the finalists with large (commercial) prints of Andy Warhol’s famous pieces as prizes as well as their own artworks in print, and the top 3 finalists with monetary prizes. Purpose: Strengthen the relationship with the target audience by taking it offline, and giving them special treatment, and engage with them and the exhibition visitors by giving them a chance to reward creativity, which will also draw in the family and friends of participants to the exhibition. Make the target audience personally invested in Andy Warhol’s exhibition by giving them a voice (to participate or vote) and encourage them with cool signature pop art prints.
  30. 30. CommunicationStrategy Activity #5: Warhol Homage Film & In-Mall Activity. Activity Concept: Shoot an homage short film similar to Warhol’s films with shots & interviews of the activities’ participants. Objectives: • Install a photo-booth at a popular mall for a weekend, inviting the public to pose at celebrities from Andy’s work (using props at the booth), and take part in the film or get a print of their portrait. • Shoot portraits of the participants as well as video interviews from Activity #2 & #4. • Play the film at the exhibition, therefore, encouraging the participants to attend and see their contributions. Purpose: Promote the exhibition and Andy Warhol’s pop art by giving the target audience the chance to participate in an artistic and cool project that has once been exclusive to celebrities, thus making them personally invested in the exhibition. Make the target audience personally invested in Andy Warhol’s exhibition by making them personally part of the artwork.
  31. 31. C a l e n d a r s
  32. 32. CommunicationStrategy Pre-Opening Campaign Exhibition Month 1 Month 2 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W3 W1 W2 W1 W4 W3 W4 Activity #1 Activity #2 Activity #3 Activity#4 Activity#2a Activity#5 Activity #2b + Film Screening (Activity #5) Activity#2c +Closing
  33. 33. CommunicationStrategy Month 2 Pre-Opening Campaign Content Focus: Andy Warhol & Influences Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Theme: Bio/Philosophy Works & Techniques Quotes Inspired Art & Features Inspired Art & Features Sample of Engagement Posts for Facebook: -These posts are a d d i t i o n a l t o p r o m o t i o n a l & activity posts. -These posts will include relevant visuals. = These posts will be repurposed for Tw i t t e r ( s h o r t , s u b s e q u e n t , hashtags) Warhol believed art could be developed from objects around us. He saw potential and beauty in mundane things like soup cans, and coke bottles. What ordinary things around you do you love making art of? Share with us some photos. Eight Elvises (1963), featuring Elvis Presley, by Andy Warhol is his most valuable artwork and was sold for $100 million, making it one of the most expensive paintings ever sold. If Andy Warhol could now make a painting of a higher value, which celebrity do you think it would feature? In his book "POPism" Warhol says, "... when you do something exactly wrong, you always turn up something.” Share with us an experience where you thought something was ruined but ended up even better! Have you seen the movie “Men In Black III”? It featured Andy Warhol as an undercover MIB agent. In MIB I, Michael Jackson was also featured as an Alien. Do you think that’s why Andy featured MJ in his artwork! Feature 2 semi- identical Pop Art pieces for a game of “Find the differences”
  34. 34. Resources & Budgeting
  35. 35. BudgetAllocation Element Resources & Assumptions Budget of QR 1 Million Social Media - Media development (photography, videography, & designs) - Activity #5 Film -Social media management is done internally by QMA team at no extra cost. -A media production company is appointed to plan, direct and execute media development. Up to QR200’000 Interactive Media - App - In-Mall Photobooth -A digital company (freelancer) is appointed for technical app development. -A marketing company is needed for promotional activity management, technical set-up, staff and mall-space rental. Up to QR400’000 Website - Andy Warhol Webpage - Activity #3 Voting widget -Web development & management is done internally by QMA or under current agreement with a web agency at no/low cost. -Voting widget is done as part of app development. Up to QR15’000 Public Relations - Activity #2 Tweet-ups (4 events with different themes) -Events are held up at QMA-owned venues at no cost. -An event management company is appointed to organize themes, decoration, entertainment activities, catering & gifts. Up to QR QR200’000 Advertising - Digital Advertising (banner ads and Facebook ads for 4 months) - Magazine advertising (4 ad placements in top magazines such as Time Out Doha) - In Mall mupi ads. -A digital media planning & buying agency is appointed to manage the digital ad campaign. -Social media activity announcements can be included in the designs of planned ads of the exhibition at no extra cost. -In-mall mega-posts ads can be acquired at lower cost as part of the In-Mall photo-booth activation deal) Up to QR185’000
  36. 36. T h a n k y o u !