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Event: Beautiful Data | Mark Lindsay - Experian


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Data is beautiful so why not use it?

Published in: Marketing
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Event: Beautiful Data | Mark Lindsay - Experian

  1. 1. Data is beautiful so why not use it? 23rd Sept 2015
  2. 2. The new consumer Empowered Hyper-connected Opinionated Vocal … and sharing more data than ever before 101001 01001 11010 10010 0100 1000101 01 111101 1110010 11101011
  3. 3. She has high expectations Reward Me Remind Me Recognise Me Support Me Choose for Me
  4. 4. The capabilities are here today … Consumer Data Technology Enabled Decision Making Consumer Acceptance Linkage across Channel & Device 13% 80% 7% Creepy Neither Cool
  5. 5. Data Management Platform: Data Inputs DMP: Data intake, normalisation, segmentation, Tag Management,Analytics Channels: Own site, display, email, mobile, video, search SiteAnalytics, Search data, ad server Offlinedata(CRM, email)
  6. 6. Real time identification of your best prospects and customers on any device across every digital channel is doable today Linkage is central to enabling understanding, targeting and efficiency Data capture, quality, enrichment and analytics are key Every engagement can be improved through insight
  7. 7. There is no excuse …
  8. 8. Mark Lindsay