LYNKOS Overview - Distribution Channels


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A quick LYNKOS overview for broker networks

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LYNKOS Overview - Distribution Channels

  1. 1. Life Insurance<br />Health Insurance<br />Retirement Planning<br />General Insurance<br />Investment Planning<br />Financial Planners<br />Other Networks<br />Multi-Family Offices<br />Insurance Agents<br />SME Banks<br />A high impact solution for financial services organizations<br />
  2. 2. Sales. Customer Service. Growth.<br />Validations<br />Online Applications<br />Clientportals<br />Reporting<br />Assetmanagement<br />Transactions<br />Training<br />Content Management<br />Communications<br />Compliance<br />Clients<br />Commissions<br />Documents<br />Balances<br />More solutions<br />Company B<br />Company A<br />TaskDuplication<br />CustomerService<br />Data Consolidation<br />IndependentChannels<br />Captive Channel<br />Captive Channel<br />Independent channels’ challenges<br />
  3. 3. A high impact solution for independent channels<br />Life Insurance<br />Health Insurance<br />Retirement Planning<br />General Insurance<br />Investment Planning<br />empowerment<br />automated operations + customer solutions =<br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  4. 4. Client Relationship Management<br />Customer centric - Integral approach to client management. Information, accounts & documents.<br />Real time consolidation - Automated balance consolidation a click away. Provide your customers with professional statements with your company’s logo and contact details. Valuations, premium collections, transactions and other data streamed directly from carriers.<br />Editable notes - Create and edit notes, meeting info at customer level. Share them with others in your organization.<br />Reminders - Set up reminders to help you proactively manage your customers.<br />Landing page - Automatically create new clients directed from online campaigns.<br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  5. 5. Transaction Management<br />iForms ™ - Replace all your paper-based transactions with their electronic versions. Your client may even initiate transactions himself. Keep records and access historical transactions at any time.<br />Validations - Eliminate operational loops, reduce turn-around times, improve customer service and reduce costs. Each transaction has embedded validations that prevent the user from making involuntary or misinformed mistakes.<br />Clearance levels - Keep in control. Create and manage user profiles with different authorization levels to create, validate & approve transactions.<br />Pipeline - View every transaction, since inception to approval. Know in advance the business your organization is generating and forecast activity.<br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  6. 6. Business Intelligence<br />Quick reports - Your organization at a glance. Monitor sales, persistency, profit centers and other KPI’s with our default reports.<br />Custom reports - Leverage on Lynkos’ data analysis applications. Create your own metrics and reports by selecting the desired fields, periods, regions, products among many other variables. Drill down all the way to the most granular piece of data. Save them as favorite reports.<br />Share - Let others use the same criteria on their reports. Be on the same page with your sales teams and administration staff.<br />Export - Select among multiple formats such as XLS, PDF, CSV and others. Import data into your ERP or other applications. Control who can export data within your organization.<br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  7. 7. Channel Management<br />Electronic contracts - Recruit new sales executives and maintain their contracts online. Keep record of their electronically signed agreements. Manage who is enabled to sell each product your organization handles.<br />Commission conciliation - Initial, renewal and trail based commissions generated automatically at account and funds level.<br />Commission breakdown - Automate commission calculations for every level of your organization. Select among multiple types of arrangements for each type of commission. Keep historical records of every commission you pay.<br />Current accounts - Keep record of what’s paid and owed to you by product providers and underlying levels of your organization. <br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  8. 8. Asset Management<br />Fund monitor - Retrieve all the investment alternatives for each product you sell. View fund allocation information, as well as historical performance and other fundamental data. Drill down to individual clients invested in each asset.<br />Custom portfolios - Group funds and other assets per custom criteria. Predefine preferred fund groups as default investment strategies for your customers. Classify them according to different exposure levels.<br />Automated alerts - Configure alerts to let you know when specific funds or portfolios gain or loose predefined rates. Use other criteria to set up customized alerts.<br />Third party applications - Lynkos is compatible with third party information services such as Morningstar, Bloomberg and many others.<br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  9. 9. Content Management<br />File manager - Save presentations, illustration system installers, template letters and any other business related file online. Use the file manager for sales aids, training material, operational forms, brochures and any purpose that fits your organization.<br />Access profiles - Share everything with your entire organization. Define who access what according to individual file permissions.<br />Advanced search - Find any file according to date of creation, tags, author, and other criteria.<br />Multimedia support - Lynkos’ content manager enables the use of multimedia files, including Microsoft Office documents, images, audio & video files.<br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  10. 10. Messaging Center<br />Inbox - Receive any message sent to you by others directly in your individual inbox. Set up additional delivery options such as email delivery. <br />Contacts - Never loose track of your precious customers and agents again. Access updated contact details for all your staff, sales teams and end customers.<br />Groups - Define and create contact groups according to multiple criteria, such as geographical distribution, type of products sold by agents or held by end customers, among many others. <br />Templates - Create and edit templates for your communications, to be delivered by email in HTML format to your recipients, with your logo and corporate identity.<br />CRM<br />Channel<br />Messages<br />Content<br />Transactions<br />B-Intel<br />Assets<br />
  11. 11. InternalStaff<br />Sales Offices<br />FinancialAdvisors<br />Clients<br />For your staff, sales teams & end customers<br />
  12. 12. Private Labeled<br />
  13. 13. V1.0<br />Spanish<br />Portuguese<br />English<br />V1.1<br />Chinese<br />Japanese<br />V1.n<br />Hindi<br />Multilanguage<br />
  14. 14. Quality & securitystandards<br />BS 7799 (ISO 17799)<br />ISO 27001<br />ISO 9001:2000<br />ISO 14001:2004<br />Secure<br />
  15. 15. Web Based<br />User Interface<br />Carrier<br />Web Content<br />ERP Systems<br />Data Export<br />Custom DB<br />Back-End Systems<br />WEB Browser<br />User<br />Partner Systems<br />Mobile Devices<br />ERP Systems<br />XML, Web Services<br />Automated Batch Data Feeds<br />Flexible, Service Oriented Architecture<br />
  16. 16. The choice of more than 300 intermediary networks<br />A Global Platform<br />