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Typography & Logo Design


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The Ultimate Guide to Typography & Logos. In which we discuss font use in identity design PLUS 30 type-related terms and concepts you really should know before designing a logo.

Almost every logo will feature a type component, generally the company name – perhaps a tagline or strapline – and this part of a logo is as important as the icon or symbol it sits under, on top or around. Selecting an appropriate typeface is every bit as critical to the success of any particular design, though this step is often viewed by designers and clients as a “throwaway” – a final step where some letters are slapped ad hoc on top of the graphic centerpiece. Trouble is, in this era of social media and adaptable logos, there will be times when it’s necessary for the logotype to stand on its own, and it behooves us to pay as much attention to the type portion.

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Typography & Logo Design

  1. 1. Amajorityoflogosusesomeformof typography. Typecanindicatespeed,authority, discount,hi-tech&more. Let’sexplorethepossibilities. Amajorityoflogosusesomeformof typography. Typecanindicatespeed,authority, discount,hi-tech&more. Let’sexplorethepossibilities. Type in a Logo
  2. 2. You’llneedtobefamiliarwithsome: Typographic Terms
  3. 3. Glyphisanoldtypesettingterm. Itsimplymeanstypecharacters. Glyphs
  4. 4. Typefaceisthecorrecttermforthe characterorglyphsetinafont. Alsoreferredtoastype. Typefaces
  5. 5. Fontsarethecomputerfilesthat containglyphssetintypefaces. Fontsaresoftware. Sometimesusedtodescribetypefaces. Fonts
  6. 6. Licensed Fonts Fontsetsareaworthwhileinvestment. Charactersetsarecomplete,fontsare availableasfamiliesandvectorsare cleanwhenoutlined. Licensedfontscannotbedistributed aspartofalogodesignproject.
  7. 7. Freefontsareavailableonline butmakesurethey’relegal. Fontsaresoftwarearemaybe subjecttocopyright&licensing. Somefreefontsmayrequirecleanup. Free Fonts
  8. 8. Customlogotypeisthegoldstandard, butoff-the-shelffontsareperfectly acceptable. Withsomanyoptionsavailablethat CANbemodified,whyre-inventthe wheel? Type in a Logo
  9. 9. Feet&hatsattop&bottom. ie:Times,Baskerville,Trajan. Typefaces
  10. 10. SansisFrenchforwithout. ie:Helvetica,Arial,Futura,Univers. Typefaces
  11. 11. Blocksattop,bottom&endings. Bold,industrial,authoritative. Typefaces
  12. 12. Fancytypewithflowingletters. Watchforlegibility! Typefaces
  13. 13. Typefaces Typethatlookslikehandwriting. Informal,friendly&personable.
  14. 14. Handdrawn&organic. Whimsical,playful,unique. Typefaces
  15. 15. Howboldyourtypeis: Fromultra-lighttoultra-black. Typestyle Weights
  16. 16. Italictypehasbeendesigned: Typeface Styles Indicatesspeed,emphasis.
  17. 17. Typeface Styles Obliquetypehasbeensheared: CanbeappliedtoANYtype.
  18. 18. Condensedtypeisathinnerversion. Usedforlongerwordsinlogos. Typeface Styles
  19. 19. Smooshingtypecandistorttype. (ThereisnoHelveticaSmooshed.) Typeface Styles
  20. 20. Extendedtypeiswiderhorizontally. Suitableforshortnamesinlogos. Typeface Styles
  21. 21. Typeface Styles Simplystretchingtypedistortsuprights. (ThereisnoEurostyleStretched.)
  22. 22. Wordsthatusecapitallettersonly. Verycommoninlogodesign. Types of Setups
  23. 23. Types of Setups Allcapitalsbutlargerinitialletters. Anoptioninmostdesignsoftware.
  24. 24. Mayfeatureweightdifferences. Largerlettersmayneedtobetrimmed. Types of Setups
  25. 25. Wordswithcapitalletters,nospaces. MadepopularwiththeInternet. Types of Setups
  26. 26. Type on a Path Wecanmaketypewalkalongshapes. Gimmickybutusefulforsomelogos.
  27. 27. Typecanbewrappedaroundcircles. Mayrequireeditingforbaselineangles. Type on a Path
  28. 28. Typecanbewarpedintoshapes. Filtersareavailablebutby-handisbest. Warped Type
  29. 29. Alignmentoftextwithicons&symbols. Justification Mostmodernlogosareadaptable.
  30. 30. Thespacebetweenlinesoftype: Canaffectreadability. Type Leading
  31. 31. TheGLOBALspacingoftype. Avoidtootightortoowide. Type Tracking
  32. 32. Thespacingbetweenindiviualletters. Autokerningisokay,butbyeyeisbest. Type Kerning
  33. 33. Livetypecanbeeditedbytyping. Requiresfontstobeinstalled. Live Type & Fonts
  34. 34. Outlined Fonts Fontsconvertedtovectorgraphics. Compatiblewithanysystem.
  35. 35. Outlined Fonts Non-editablebutnolongersoftware. Nolongersubjecttofontlicense.
  36. 36. Outline(s)aroundtype. Insidekeylinescanbemulitplecolors. Keyline
  37. 37. Afontdesignedforaspecificlogo. Logotype Disneyisanexampleofalogotype.
  38. 38. ClickHereForMoreInfoon LogoDesign&Typography