Wal mart contest vote


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Getting out the vote for the Wal-Mart Get On The Shelf Contest

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Wal mart contest vote

  1. 1. http://www.getontheshelf.com/product/1112/Car,-Shoe-and-Kitchen-Te
  2. 2. VOTING BEGINS MARCH 7, 2012 Jim and Marsha Walker Eastwood Need Your Vote To Win The Wal-Mart Get On The Shelf Contest Our company, Emy Baker’s Originals, manufacturers of 100% biodegradable fresheners for cars, shoes, dorm rooms, kitchens and other areas has entered the Wal-Mart Get It On The Shelf Contest. There are a lot of pitches from a lot of contestants but how many can state that their products are both biodegradable and 100% recyclable right down to the label on the package? Also how many of those other companies hare committed to making products using nothing but American labor and components? We do! Our video is simple as is our message- “We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint one eco-friendly product at a time and freshening cars, shoes and area without burning anything, spraying anything or plugging in anything. To view our video please go to: http://www.getontheshelf.com/product/1112/Car,-Shoe-and- Kitchen-Te
  3. 3. About Jim and Marsha Walker EastwoodFor the last three years Financial Coach Jim Eastwood and Relationship CoachMarsha Walker Eastwood have used their blogtalkradio show Together Again as aplatform to inform and educate their listeners on topics ranging from relationships,parenting, medical and legal issues, as well as shamelessly promote the works ofnew and self-published authors, small business entrepreneurs and serviceproviders. Their guests have ranged from country music star maker Jim Halsey toparenting expert Dr. John Duffy to Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet. Thetopics have ranged from how to drive a successful small business to how tosuccessfully manage a blended family. Parents and step-parents of 12 kids,grandparents of 29 and great-grandparents of three, the Eastwoods havegenerously shared their knowledge in the areas of financial management andrelationships.Unlike some shows Together Again is not a monetized enterprise but rather a laborof love for two people trying to make a difference. Their sponsor of the weekpromotions are done gratis. Their entry Emy Baker’s Originals in the Wal-Mart GetOn The Shelf is yet another demonstration of their desire to make a difference, onethat can have a significant impact on the environment for future generations aswell as create jobs for Americans.