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The Small Business Gazette-September, 2013

  1. 1. Serving the small business community in North America The Small Business Gazette An EastWalk Media Publication “The one thing all famous authors, world class athletes, business tycoons , singers, ac- tors and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began their jour- neys when they were none of these things.” Mike Dooley- Author and Entrepreneur ©2013 EastWalk Media All Rights Rserved September, 2013 Vol. 1
  2. 2. The Small Business Gazette • Our fresheners are 100% biodegradable. • Our packaging is recyclable • Our products reduce the carbon footprint. • Our products are suitable for Automotive, Residential and Commercial use. • Our products make the perfect fundraiser item. • Our products are a port- able as they are verstatile.
  3. 3. The Small Business Gazette From Author Diane Tegarden Living Within Your Budget Means Learning To Take Control of Your Personal Finances! In this self help book you will learn the basics of budgeting and receive tools to help you streamline your ex- penses. The book includes charts and forms to help you organize and clearly view your financial picture. In ten concise chapters you will learn: to understand what budgeting is and find out exactly where you spend your money; find out the Spending Do's and Don'ts; understand the difference between assets vs. disposable income; learn to streamline your expenses and where you can cut corners; start a savings account and begin your retirement planning. Budgeting On A Dime is available for purchase at: ebook/dp/B009WA02YS tegarden/1113581209?ean=9780974536972 From Author Deana Walters For Allison McNulty the word “no” doesn’t exist. In her world everyone else is responsi- ble for her failings– her mother, her children and her husband. After more than a decade of refusing to make love to her husband Matt, she learns of his affair with writer Lydiel Sommers. The fallout is far reaching roller coaster ride that includes jealousy, ma- nipulation murder. and when the dust settles the end is something you never saw coming. Available in paperback September 30, 2013 from indie publisher Lambkin Walters Lav- ender for $19.95. Graphic sex , coarse lan- guage and adult themes..
  4. 4. The Small Business Gazette The Imperial Memorial Peace Farmer’s Market Market Hours: Fridays from 3-8 pm through November, 21013 weather permitting.
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  6. 6. The Small Business Gazette Toye Lawson Brown If you are purchasing any books using Kindle, she can now sign your copy to make it personal. To do so, go to and look for the ebook you wish to purchase. Feel free to email Toye at: toye- or visit her website, join her blog at Follow her on twitter @quietbreezes.
  7. 7. The Small Business Gazette Northcoast Media
  8. 8. Meet Author Regeneis Winters The Small Business Gazette Hattiesburg, Miss. (PRWEB) August 10, 2013 Rejection is never a pleasant experience and, in some cases, its ef- fects can be devastating. Regeneis Winters, author of REJECTION IS NOT MY NAME, knows this and in her honest and deeply moving memoir, she talks about the times she experienced the pain of being rejected. More importantly, she shares her personal journey of re- demption and how she refused to let rejection keep her from moving forward to the life she was destined to live. In her memoir, Winters openly talks about the difficult episodes of her life— her troubled childhood and how she ended up being raised in foster care, her unstable relationships and her son’s passing. With honesty, she gives voice to the darkness that comes during times of weakness but more importantly, she recalls those rare moments of light that ultimately let her find the grace of salvation. Winters’s resilience is inspiring and her story is eye-opening. Now at 38 years old, she is unwavering in her resolution to make God’s plan for her come true. “Despite everything I went through in life, I never let it stop me. The hand that I was dealt was not a good hand but I played it to my ad- vantage. I always thought and knew that God had a plan for my life and I am determined to see that plan fulfilled,” she says. REJECTION IS NOT MY NAME is an extraordinary true story of how one woman found faith, love and healing in the midst of the harsh realities of life. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to About the Author A native of Hollandale, Mississippi, Regeneis Winters currently re- sides in Hattiesburg where she and her husband serve as pastors of Freedom Covenant Love Ministries. She discovered her passion for writing at a young age and always knew in her heart that one day she will publish her own book.
  9. 9. Test Your Knowledge of Small Business Operation 1. Goods or services produced by a business. 2. Product or brand with a high share of a mature or declining market. 3. Any recognizable name, logo or symbol that identifies a product. 4. The group of consumers or customers aimed at by a business. 5. Paid communication aimed at informing or persuading. 6. Surveying a small group of a population to gain research insights. 7. A brand that is owned and promoted by retailers rather than manufacturers. 8. Marketing promotion that relies on word-of-mouth or online networks. 9. The part of the marketing mix that focuses on where a firm’s products are sold. 10.Product __________ is getting customers to buy a product for the first time. 11.The marketing combination of product, price, promotion and place. 12.How a business gets its products to the end retailer. 13.Research designed to provide information about opinions, attitudes and be- haviors. 14.Setting a low price to gain a higher market share. *Answers on page 12 The Small Business Gazette Small Business Pop Quiz
  10. 10. A Family Reality – The Food Peddler Farm Market The Small Business Gazette Cleveland, Ohio - There are few things better than enjoying fresh produce in the summer. Local farmer’s bring their bounties to a variety of ven- ues throughout the summer. However, things are just a little different at The Food Peddler Farm Market, located at 4250 Fulton Road in the Old Brooklyn area of Cleveland, Ohio. The former home of a thrift store has been converted into a year round marketplace filled with fresh produce, and over 1,000 Amish products including jams, jellies and butters, as well as a large selection of bakery fillings, nuts, seeds and flours, including gluten free products. There is a section that is home to traditional and exotic cooking sauces as well. Fresh backed goods and an extensive deli counter gives the store a warm feel to the shop- ping experience. The market is the pride of joy of the Kafcsak family. Patriarch Ken had been retired for ten years when he and his wife Kris made the deci- sion to bring new life to a large empty storefront that abuts one small shopping plaza and is di- rectly across the street from a larger bustling plaza. Ken’s face lights up when he talks about bringing a new and exciting business to the com- munity and the creating 35-40 new jobs in the area as well. Kathy beams as she talks about the hands on approach the family embraces and the joy of watching people shop there. Kenny and Kris gave me a guided tour of the deli area, offer- ing samples and discussing the difference in the meat selections and pointing out best sellers. The lower prices, wide variety of product of- ferings make The Food Peddler Market the per- fect place to shop. Market Hours: 10-7 M-F and 9-7 Saturdays. L-R: Kenny, Chris, Cathy and Ken Kafcsak
  11. 11. Las Dos Fronteras– A Culinary Gem on Cleveland’s Westside The Small Business Gazette Cleveland, Ohio—The minute you walk through the doors of Las Dos Fronteras you are immediately struck by three things: the cleanliness, the coziness and the smiling faces of the wait staff. Located at 3292 Fulton Avenue, the main entrance is on Carlyle Avenue, a quiet street in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood, the restaurant serves authentic palate pleasing Mexican Cui- sine. On my first visit there Edward was kind enough to explain the menu items to me and I decided to order the steak burrito. It was large enough to fill a dinner plate and came with three small cups of various salsas. My bill came to $5.00. The food was amazing, reasonably priced and far exceeded my expectations, so much so that I paid another visit a week or so later. This time I met with the owners who insisted I try the Flan. If you have never experienced this dessert, Las Dos Fronteras is the place to go. Creamy and delicious and baked to per- fection it was the perfect ending to the perfect dining experience. The restaurant is family and group friendly, a large selection of menu selections, and is moderately priced. They are open seven days a week for dine-in, carry-out or delivery. For those dining in there is free wi-fi and cable tv. Credit cards are accepted and on a scale of 1-5 the noise level ranges from 1-2. Overall rating of Las Dos Fronteras is perhaps unorthodox but it is as follows: On a scale of 1-3 for a family style restaurant Deliciousness - 3 Ambiance - 2 Quality of service- 3 Value-3 Price- $ (Under $10) MWE
  12. 12. The Small Business Gazette For all your IT/Communications Problems and Services call 252-259-6115 and go to We’re here to help !
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  14. 14. The Small Business Gazette Located just a stone’s throw from the main campus of Baldwin Wallace Uni- versity in Berea, Ohio is the Berea Flea Market. The former Memphis Drive-in Flea Market relocated to the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds after the drive-in was sold and later demol- ished. Opening in late March (weather per- mitting) and running through mid- November, ever Saturday and Sunday vendors bring their wares to sell to the hundreds of buyers that go through the gates. In addition to the hardware, fur- niture, clothing and other items is also and assortment of vegetables and pre- pared food offerings. Vendors pay $5.00 on Saturday and $10.00 on Sunday. Admission is $1.00.
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  16. 16. The Small Business Gazette Lerch’s Donuts– Freshness In Every Bite! Outstanding donuts and excellent customer service!
  17. 17. The Small Business Gazette
  19. 19. THE FUNNIES Dream of the Rarebit Fiend by Winsor McCay Original publication date: 1904-10-14 - Tuesday
  20. 20. THE SMALL BUSINESS GAZETTE 440-941-3810 Quiz Answers: Products, Cash Cow, Brand, Target Market, Advertising, Sampling, House Brand, Viral, Site, Trial Mix, Distribution Channel, Qualitative, Penetration Pricing