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Emy Baker’s Originals - Making The Change To Green                         By              Marsha Walker Eastwood“The trou...
children, pets and visitors are held captive in those environments. This isespecially true in cars where an overpowering f...
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Making The Change To Green


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Article about green businesses, green products

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Making The Change To Green

  1. 1. Emy Baker’s Originals - Making The Change To Green By Marsha Walker Eastwood“The trouble with aerosols and pump spray air fresheners is that the material has to landsomeplace and that someplace is your toilet seat, your sink and kitchen counters, your bed,the sofa, the dining room table and the floor. It lands on your kids’ toys, your electronics,your plants and even your pets. You and/or your family are literally living and wearing yourair freshener and wherever you go it follows!” ~Emy Baker’s Originals. When my partner and I first started our company Emy Baker’s Originals wehad one thing in mind – to create “green” products that were both people friendlyand environmentally friendly as well. Needless to say it has been no easy task.But we quickly discovered that making the products and bringing them to marketwere far less arduous tasks than changing the minds of the buying public. Change always represents a deviation from the norm because in many casesthe norm has become a negative comfort zone filled with quick solutions for amyriad of issues. A classic example is fast food behemoth McDonald’s. When thechain first began it was the lure of a cheap hamburger selling for 15 cents thatpersuaded consumers to forsake a healthy diet for a cheap quick fix. At that timeno one cared about the fat content or the impact on cholesterol. Fast forwardthirty-five years later. Caving in to pressure over health concerns regarding fatcontent forced the fast food chain to “go green” in the form of salad options.Nowadays it is hard to find a fast food franchise or mainstream eateries that do nothave salad bars or a variety of salad offerings. Over the last fifty years change has also manifested itself in environmentalissues that have significantly impacted the automotive, the personal care products,fashion and the household/cleaning/freshening products industries. Some of thesechanges were brought about through legislation such as the Green House Gas Rule,the United Nations growing “Dirty Dozen” list of banned substances and TheResource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976. That legislation mandated thatlandfills be lined with either layers of plastic, clay in addition to subterraneanpiping systems to collect the liquid matter from waste materials known as leachatebefore it impacts the soil and clean water sources. These changes have served as aspringboard for the launch of a variety of green products companies Every living thing breathes the same air, especially in our homes and onour vehicles, and no matter what the preferences of the driver or home owner(s),
  2. 2. children, pets and visitors are held captive in those environments. This isespecially true in cars where an overpowering fragrance in a small enclosed areacan trigger allergies, asthma, migraines and stomach discomfort. The fresheneradorning the rearview mirror in a car or truck is not the freshener most peoplewould hang in their kitchens, bathrooms, other living areas in the home, a dormroom or their shoes. Nor would they place them in a stale hotel room or a campingcabin. Acceptance of green products has been a hit and miss process as companiesface an uphill battle for brand recognition and convincing doubting consumers thatsomething can be effective and good for them and the environment. This isespecially true in the case of freshening products. Each year American consumersspend billions of dollars on air fresheners based on name recognition alone. Fewdo the research on ingredients, user reviews and/or complaints, and where theproduct was made or how many of the components are recyclable and thiscombination is a key factor in what relegates small American green productmanufacturers to the background. Emy Baker’s Originals is determined to persuade consumers to make thechange to using our all natural, eco-friendly plant-based, biodegradable fresheningproducts. Phthalate and toxin free with just two ingredients, our fresheners forcars, home, storage and living areas including pet areas and shoes are packaged inrecyclable materials and are as portable as they are versatile. Just as the fast foodquick fix gave way to going green, the quick spray or spritz of a freshening productwill give way to a simple and safe “green” way to clear the air - a fragrant tea bagfreshener that will never end up in a landfill.©2012Marsha Walker EastwoodAll rights reserved