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Make Our Business Your Business


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Direct selling opportunities with Emy Baker's Originals, LLC

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Make Our Business Your Business

  1. 1. How It All Began In 1998 I had a thriving candle business. I sold them everywhere, and even took orders at Flea Markets . I was very selective with the fragrances, the usual favorites while periodically introducing new ones. I was happy and proud of the fact that people loved my products and appreciated the extra touches I put into each candle. But there was always this nagging worry that one of my beloved candles would be the one that started a devastating or deadly fire. I knew there had to be a better way to get a freshen living spaces without burning, spraying or plugging in anything. Through the years I worked on creating a freshening product that would do a far better job than candles, was much safer, and much more environmentally friendly. In 2011, with new insight and my new business partner, Jim Eastwood, Emy Baker’s was reorganized as Emy Baker’s Originals, LLC. Our green products company now manufactures eco-friendly 100% all natural, plant based biodegradable "tea" fresheners for cars, big rigs, RVs, and boats, dorm rooms, pet areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas, shoes and closets. The versatility and portability of the fresheners make them the perfect take-a-longs on camping vacations, time shares and to alleviate the stale smell of hotel and motel rooms. Now we are creating business opportunities for individuals interested in generating income while improving the environment. Marsha Walker , Founder and President
  2. 2. Making The Decision No one business or job opportunity is appropriate for everyone. Different goals, different needs, different strengths and weaknesses all factor in the decision to move forward with the opportunity. When it comes to making OUR business, Emy Baker’s Originals YOUR business by creating an income stream consider the following: •Time commitment •Ability to effectively communicate with prospective customers •Belief in the product •Belief in self •Keeping expectations in line with goals •Ability to meet create sales opportunities
  3. 3. Getting Started Mapping Out A Strategy: Selling isn’t rocket science. It is more about paying attention to detail and getting acquainted with the products. Think of a mall during the holiday season. What kiosk grabbed your attention and why? What would you have done differently to display merchandise? Did the sales person seem to have more than a working knowledge of the products and did they seem as it if mattered whether or not anything sold? Creating An Opportunity: There are countless opportunities to sell our products: parties, group events, presentations, flea markets, trade shows, and fairs and festivals that bring the customers to you. Creating an online shopping event with giveaways provides a buying opportunity for people who prefer to shop from home.
  4. 4. Advantages and Compensation Advantages: In addition to being your own boss, your earning potential is dictated by how much effort you put into your business. There is no start up cost. You determine how much if any inventory you want. You set your own hours. You create your own marketing plan. You will receive 100% support from Emy Baker’s Originals, LLC . Online attendance at orientation and training sessions is mandatory and notification will always be sent well in advance of the sessions. Sell more, share more, earn more. Compensation: Compensation is set at 50% of all net sales, excluding shipping and handling charges with monthly bonuses paid upon meeting established sales criteria.* *Monthly bonuses are paid for sales of 4000 pieces in any given month.
  5. 5. How To Make Our Business Your Business Visit the Emy Baker’s Original, LLC website at and take a look at the product line. If you are interested in becoming a direct selling associate, e- mail Jim Eastwood, National Sales Manager at Like our packaging we try to keep things plain and simple and that includes signing up new members to help make our business your business. All the best! Marsha