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TheLBMA SF-April28

  1. 1. Asif R. Khan•  Founder & President•  @AsifRKhan or @TheLBMA on
  2. 2. Renee WarrenSF Chapter President• @Renee_Warren on twitter•
  3. 3. Special Thanks To Our Sponsors
  4. 4. Simple put, location changes everything - matthew honan, wired magazine
  5. 5. 5 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide in 2010FOURSQUARE FACEBOOK PLACES8.5+ million users, 2 million daily check-ins, 30+ million Facebook Places users,60% US and 40% international 1.5 million local businesses on FB Places60% of consumers now search for deals digitally before shopping
  6. 6. But checkins are only a small part of a much THE PROBLEM bigger location-based ecosystem…
  7. 7. Enter, The LBMA
  8. 8. 01 LBS 02 LBMA location-based service Location-based marketing(LBS) is an information and (LBM) bridges the gapentertainment service, between all forms ofaccessible with mobile marketing media. Inclusivedevices through the mobile of social media, internet,network and utilizing the and real life interactionability to make use of thegeographical position of themobile device
  9. 9. Agency/ Billboard Brands QR/ Barcode MobileDOOH In-StoreVenues Print Coupons Radio/ TV Cell WiFi Tower
  10. 10. “It’s about the horizontal integration ofALL media around the engagement of a consumer in a specific place”
  11. 11. Who are we?The global trade association that unites media, platforms and brands 300+ members Toronto, NY, SF, Amsterdam 35% agencies, retailers, brands 40% location platforms 20% OOH, Print, TV
  12. 12. The Tide Is Rising!
  13. 13. Who Uses Location Based Services ? • 80% male • 70% 19-35 yrs. old • 70% college grads • 38% considered influential • 20% more likely to do mobile research
  14. 14. Why Are They Using Location Services ?
  15. 15. And Even More…
  16. 16. CASE #1 #ChevySxSW   Competitive road trip week before conference; directed largely through OnStar   “Volt Recharge Lounge   “Catch A Chevy” – shuttle service   VIP Chevy Volt drives   Published casual videos   Chevy drive experience   Major technology debuts:   Augmented Reality iPhone app   QR Codes
  17. 17. CASE #1 The Results  More than 60 million extremely positive social web impressions  Since the SXSW activation, Chevrolet’s Facebook fans have increased +20%  @Chevrolet Twitter followers have more than doubled since sponsorship  More than 250 “traditional media” placements generated more than 80 million impressions
  18. 18. CASE #2 Foursquare + Content   The BRAVO network has offered a series of branded “badges” specifically designed around series that include “The Real Housewives,” “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” “Top Chef,” “Top Chef Masters” and “Shear Genius.”   Early results of this and other related promotions have been shown to drive increased traffic to venues and a loyal fan base   Has since spawned a new show with Endemol and a new category of checkin
  19. 19. CASE #3 Foursquare + DOOH   ScreenScape’s FSQ widget enables  businesses who are both ScreenScape  and foursquare users to recognize and  reward foursquare users in real :me.    This can be done by displaying custom  foursquare content and promo:ons on  digital displays at their premises.   Some venues have reported an 30% liC  in checkins and offer redemp:ons over  standard check in without integra:on
  20. 20. Location Analytics & Measurement
  21. 21. Welcome to the future
  22. 22. A Future Without Location Is Not Possible
  23. 23. Asif Khan: Founder – Location Based Marketing Association @AsifRKhan @TheLBMABrian Ardinger – Chief Marketing Officer - Nanonation@ArdingerNitin Gupta – VP, Business Development - Retailigence@gnitingNeil Crist – Chief Executive Officer - Valuevine@NeilCristAndy Stankiewicz – Chief Communications Officer@Akoo