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Lbma indoors


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A case from Austria's on the use of indoor positioning for the public sector.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Lbma indoors

  1. 1. Case Study Indoor Positioning for the Public Service Sector
  2. 2. About !   Founded in 2010 in Austria, today is one of the leading providers of indoor positioning and navigation technology !   Innovative technology providing real-time, highly accurate indoor location based on a combination of techniques such as: !   WiFi fingerprinting !   Bluetooth Low Energy !   Sensor-fusion
  3. 3. Situation !   In the dynamic and fast world, public safety is lacking behind in making the most out of data !   Smartphone ubiquity, increasing connectivity and innovative technology are making data accessible and ready to analyze and use !   Location-based services are increasingly attractive in the public sector !   Traditional GPS positioning doesn’t work indoors !   Indoors localization is a more complicated to get but equally important data
  4. 4. Problem !   Accident localization might be difficult and consuming precious time sometimes !   Speed and accuracy is of crucial importance in the safety context !   Accurate location indication is susceptible to faults because of factors such as: !   Inability to localize people correctly: disabled people, kids !   The stress factor !   Misunderstanding due to miscommunication application with call tracking function that An olution s automatically sends information about the real-time position (incl. building, floor, room) of the person calling
  5. 5. Solution ! developed a prototype and showcased it at 9-1-1 Emergency Preparedness Conference for Persons with Disabilities in Jacksonville, Florida !   The prototype is part of the Next Generation 911 Project aiming at integrating modern communication technology into emergency care !   Joint project with Frequentis, a key global player in the field of information systems for public safety !   Features of the technology !   Real time positioning for easy accident localization !   Automatic location information transferred with the emergency call !   Possibility for location-sharing among employees for seamless coordination
  6. 6. Results and Next Steps !   Benefits and feedback for the prototype: !   Accurate localization of call source !   Quick accident localization !   Additional benefits such as seamless localization sharing among colleagues !   Next steps: Deeper integration with FREQUENTIS call tracking solution Intergration in 9-1-1 Launch
  7. 7. Contact: +43 (0)699 17246299 8