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Adam Ross Visual Resume


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Visual Resume for Adam Ross

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Adam Ross Visual Resume

  1. 1. ThisisAdam Ross
  2. 2. I grew up in the most beautiful place on the planet, the Dark and Bloodyground, the horse capital of the world, land of bourbon and burgoo:Lexington, Kentucky I am blessed to have an inspirational family. On the left, my sister who received a basketball scholarship to the University of DePauw. On the right, my grandparents. My grandmother was the first woman vice-mayor of Lexington and an influential political figure, serving on an elite Ronald Reagan committee. My grandfather is the State Controller having served under 5 KY governors.
  3. 3. Graduated fromLafayette HighSchool in 2009 I now attend the University of Kentucky, majoring in journalism
  4. 4. •Attended the School for Creativeand Performing Arts in Lexington,KY from 4th to 12th grade•Auditioned and was accepted tothe Kentucky Governors Schoolfor the Arts, majoring in CreativeWriting•The Governors School alumnistatus paired with a score of 30 onthe ACT earned me thePresidential Scholarship to theUniversity of Kentucky•Maintaining my position on theDean’s List at the University ofKentucky until I graduate in 2013
  5. 5. I am an avid writer across several genresincluding: poetry, journalism and short stories. Ioften perform at writing venues around the stateof Kentucky. I was recently honored to performwith legendary Kentucky writers like Frank XWalker, Silas House and Crystal Wilkinson as wepaid respects to the late James Hall. I haveseveral works of writing going through theprocess of publication, to be released in thesummer of 2012.
  6. 6. MyStrengths
  7. 7. Writers such asAllen Ginsberg,Jack Kerouac,Hunter S.Thompson andSaul Williams areall reflections ofthe writingcareer I amcarving out
  8. 8. The madness to come…• I intend to apply for internships and columnist positions at the University of Kentucky newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel, as well as the Lexington, KY newspaper, the Herald-Leader.• I will continue performing my work locally and sending my work to publishers. I am currently planning a national spoken word tour with various writers through our organization, Resist.
  9. 9. What is RESIST? About • Restoring confidence in humanism. Resisting negativity, brutality, & normalcy through rationality & compassion...RESIST. The world needs heroes. Mission • Progress, Understanding, and Compassion. Description • Resist is an organization that embodies the idea of being human. Our ability to care and understand one another are the fueling force behind Resist. We do community outreach ranging from volunteering at shelters, mentoring the next generation and expression through art. Everything we do is an effort to protect peoples perception of what it means to be human. Live, Love, Resist.
  10. 10. Contact info for Adam Ross:Email: bkagross@yahoo.comLinkedIn: