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The Knowledge Campus | Creating a "Desirable" Organization | Based on our Instinct

Over 85% of the World population lives in developing countries. The population is bursting with young individuals who are enthusiastic about learning and would like to be equally competitive as the rest of the World. They are eager to learn from academics who are experts in their respective areas
To serve this purpose, we are setting up a social enterprise "The Knowledge Campus"

Here is our Culture Code (Our Operating System):

Our Belief | Project | Constitution

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The Knowledge Campus Team.

The Knowledge Campus | Creating a "Desirable" Organization | Based on our Instinct

  1. 1. Creating a organization based on our instinct!
  2. 2. Here is aBreakupof this deck! Breakup Constitution Project Belief
  3. 3. Solid foundation
  4. 4. Great Organization
  5. 5. For us organization is a“Collective Life” It is about Principles, Attitude and Execution
  6. 6. Here is what we believe…
  7. 7. Our Operating System believesin empowering people and that is we call it an“Organization”
  8. 8. We are creating an organization thatthinks Simple
  9. 9. We recruit people who share our passion
  10. 10. Not super humansneither robots
  11. 11. We believein destiny and respect others beliefs of this worldand the hereafter
  12. 12. For this reason, we want to make sure our people aim for more than just $$$ seethe purpose of their Work get personal satisfaction
  13. 13. Work for the affairs of the World as if you were going to live forever but live for the Hereafter as though you will die tomorrow. –Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him)
  14. 14. “Circle of Influence” ratherthan “Circle of Concern” We believein our skills and want to make a Difference We are people who focus on their
  15. 15. CONFUSED!! This doesn’t sound simple! Thought you are creating an organization that believes in “SIMPLICITY”
  16. 16. Like anything, “Circle of Influence” No joke, Google search
  17. 17. We are a team of people who are being thankful to our & We like being Proactive with it!
  18. 18. PS: We don’t like blaming genetics, politicians, color of our passport, race, religion or circumstances
  19. 19. Just remember that every moment, every situation, provides a new choice. And in doing so, it gives you a perfect opportunity to do things differently to produce more positive results. –Stephen R Covey
  20. 20. We are not here eternally. We would like tobe rememberedeternally. …BUT…
  21. 21. Legacy Legacy Legacy Leave a So our generations can -benefit from it -look up to it & -take it up a notch LifeNotes: We came into the life with nothing and will go with nothing. What we leave behind is our legacy, the most important thing in our life.. It’s never just about the MONEY!
  23. 23. We are
  24. 24. And if you survive till the end of this and like what we believe and are doing then If you like it so far then carry on and read about our Project. Drop us a line and Join Us!
  25. 25. Get to know our Project…
  26. 26. Our Mission! Sneak peak into our project
  27. 27. Who even reads such stuff?! (Mission)
  28. 28. If you are not a ROBOTand are really reading this then you have a soulinside you Believe us!
  29. 29. Our body has some rights on us and our soul has too. To serve a Noble Cause Provide Purpose to what we Love Doing Our Ultimate Goal
  30. 30. Our aim as an Organization Put yourself here
  31. 31. Some call us a “Social Enterprise”
  32. 32. Hold on one second. . . Shouldn’t all organizations be Socially Responsible?
  33. 33. Pursue something so important that even if you fail, the World is better off with you having tried. –Tim O’Reilly
  34. 34. COOL We are fortunate to have some talented people in our team Some of them think they are more “Cooler” than others but under our inequality policy we all are
  35. 35. Financially Commercially Religiously Most importantly those that serve our Mission
  36. 36. It was quite profound that “Education” played such an important role in our lives.
  37. 37. So we went a bit deeper and found some facts that were CONCERNING!
  38. 38. The World Population is OVER7 BILLION & growing 80 million per year Source: UN World Population prospect 2012 Revision
  39. 39. 17.5% of 7 billion DevelopedNations DevelopingNations World Population Breakdown Source: UNFPA Population Trends 2012 82.5% of 7 billion 124 countriesout of 193
  40. 40. Source: ITU ICT 2013 Facts and Figures There are 43%MORE female internet users in the Developing World. 826 Million in Developing Nations 475 Millionin Developed Nations
  41. 41. Source: ITU ICT 2013 Facts and Figures There are 51%MORE male internet users in the Developing World. 980 Million in Developing Nations 483 Millionin Developed Nations
  42. 42. Median per capita income is 50 times higher in Developedcountries than Developingcountries Source: Gallup December 2013
  43. 43. 30 50 40 20 years 60 70 10 80 Averagemedian age indeveloping countries is Young population = Eager Learners Source: UN Population Facts 2010/6
  44. 44. 20 years In the next 3 times become a social and economical sector in most countries Middle class will drive significantly higher demand for services and families will spend more of their household income on education. Source: UN World Population Prospectus 2012 Revision 1 billion 2 billion 3 billion Now 10 years later 20 years later the middle class population of the world will grow
  45. 45. Delivery of information (such as instruction time, infrastructure, travel etc) 85¢ of every $ spent on classroom learning is tied to Source:
  46. 46. E-Learningproven to increaseknowledge retentionby 25-60% Source:
  47. 47. In next 5 years, Smart TV’s will open doors toliving room learning environment. eLearning
  48. 48. How many of us have actively assisted people of developing nations with our skills, knowledgeand wealth?
  49. 49. We bet, not many.
  50. 50. wants to changethat It is an idea we can all globally relate
  51. 51. We took it uponourselves to createA REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGYPLATFORM
  52. 52. A platform that EMPOWERS CITIZENSof developing countries with Knowledge & Skills
  53. 53. So, they can become globally competitive and effective World Citizens
  54. 54. A melting pot for those who believe in changing the “Status Quo”
  55. 55. Experts, Educators& Influencers A place to introduce regional and national
  56. 56. A place where we create VALUE for ourEXPERTSEDUCATORSINFLUENCERS Without any discriminationand language barrier
  57. 57. A place to introduceregional and nationalAcademics, Scholars and Researchersto the World
  58. 58. A place where we focus on Knowledge Without any Division between Religious & Mainstream Subjects
  59. 59. A place where we create a Truly “Global” KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS
  60. 60. Don’t be selfishand keep the goodness to yourself
  61. 61. Click here to Join Us And bring in your contribution We at The Knowledge Campusare doing OUR bit
  62. 62. We cannot win this alone! We are reaching out to Permanent & Semi Permanent Team Members are welcome! Researchers EducationalInstitutes Academics Learners Experts
  63. 63. Interested to know more? Yes? Go to the next slide No? Skip the next 5 slides
  64. 64. Knowledge Campus is about bringing the People of Knowledge & the Student of Knowledge TOGETHER with no barrierto Learning, Teaching and making a living with a unified vision
  65. 65. Some of us may have a memory of a Gold Fish. . .
  66. 66. . . .so here is a reminder of Our Purpose
  67. 67. We want to leave a legacy and have answers to these questions
  68. 68. How we used our time(on Earth, no moon landing here!) How we utilized our knowledgeand every other blessing How we earned our wealthand where did we spend it And how we used our bodyphysically, mentally and spiritually
  69. 69. The Knowledge Campus is a result of this Purpose We help individuals GROW Intellectually, Spiritually andProfessionally
  70. 70. Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the World. –Nelson Mandela
  71. 71. Find out about our Constitution
  72. 72. Leadership
  73. 73. G A P between team members and leadership expectations create a big Over
  74. 74. After all, They are not Clark Kent
  75. 75. We bring transparencyand make sure our leaders follow the same methodology as any team member So they stay grounded and humble WHY?
  76. 76. We are humans and bound to make mistakes.
  77. 77. We don’t mind if our team members correct our leaders. In fact, this is part of ourAccountability Policy
  78. 78. Always compete against yourself even if you reach Number 1. Always work as if you are Number 2. -N. I. Khan, CEO The Knowledge Campus
  79. 79. Make Yourself Useful
  80. 80. We are group of talented people. Fortunately we are not the only ones who share this passion and want to bring a with all that we have change
  81. 81. Be creative,no idea is a bad idea, as long you believe you can run it!
  82. 82. ShareSuccess
  83. 83. Don’t be astingy organization We have created a model such that every core team member has a share in our organizationWe are in it together, we playtogether and enjoy our successtogether
  84. 84. Sustainability
  85. 85. Believe in Sustainability Noble causes don’t just come to life like that! Neither they sustain by exploiting their customers
  86. 86. Be ethical about your operations. Not all five fingers are equal. We don’t look at the World through a single lens
  87. 87. We understand our customers locally so we can serve them better, make them happyand assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals
  88. 88. Accountability
  89. 89. Organization of Accountability The higher you are in the organization the more accountable you are. At The Knowledge Campus the team members do our management review Isn’t that Cool?
  90. 90. Consultation
  91. 91. Organization of Consultation In collective matters that affect others we believe in consultationWhen consulting do it with a free mind and not with preconceived ideas.
  92. 92. Once the decision is reached, don’t waste your time hanging around in the corridors to discuss the outcome This is a creativity killer. It is unproductive and divides people. We religiously take it as a SIN.
  93. 93. LeadersNot Followers
  94. 94. Create Leaders not Followers Here is a quick test: If number of people outside your reporting hierarchy who come to you for advice, more likely it is that you are perceived to be a leader.
  95. 95. True leader is the one who creates more leaders. -’Umar bin Al-Khattab
  96. 96. A BalancedLife
  97. 97. Inspire to have a balanced life We don’t own the individuals who work in our organization But of course, co-founders are exceptions Switch of that crackberry
  98. 98. It’s a simplelogic Work never stops, But family comes first
  99. 99. We like people who plan thingsWe don't micro manage but rather leave such things to our team members good judgement That's why we are choosy about who we hire!
  100. 100. Be responsible and take a sensible approachWe understand some hours are more important than the others but not everything is URGENT. There is a difference betweenimportant and urgent stuff
  101. 101. but lack ofdiscipline in
  102. 102. There are going to be priorities and dimensions of your life, how you integrate them in how you find true happiness. -Denise Morrison, CEO Campbell Soup
  103. 103. TimeConsciousness
  104. 104. Creating time Consciousness We are in this World for limited time
  105. 105. We cannot extend our stay here! No matter how good of a Negotiator we may be!
  106. 106. Time isnotMoney
  107. 107. Time isLIFE
  108. 108. The only way to do lots of task is to make our life ACTIVE. Time consciousness is the only way to save time.
  109. 109. PersonalBelief
  110. 110. Care about Personal Beliefs We like our team members taking time for personal meditation. Believe it or not, this is directly related to our productivity.
  111. 111. Some like praying, some like it as power nap and list goes on and on … We like Diversity and Respect it. Just be smart in your approach, this is a great PERK in our organization
  112. 112. PersonalDevelopment
  113. 113. Let‘s get personal Yes, this is about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT So, it has to be Personal.
  114. 114. We train and coachour team members in Basically, we invest in the human qualities Handling Hardship,Patience, Firmness in Difficulty, Punctuality, Discipline,Analytical Ability, Creativity,Critical Thinking, Tolerance, Kindness,Eloquent Speech, Fitness etc.
  115. 115. You are in Good Hands! The Knowledge Campus team interacts and manages the best of the best. You cannot go wrong here!
  116. 116. ContinuousImprovement
  117. 117. ContinuousImprovement with Humility We work hard in practicing our Values We look at competitors to better ourselves
  118. 118. Pride is a virus to an efficient operating system, it deletes all the goodness. -N. I. Khan, CEO The Knowledge Campus
  119. 119. Humility is not to think less of yourself but to think about yourself less. -C.S Lewis
  120. 120. NoShort Cuts
  121. 121. Natural Growth not an Overnight Success We believe in natural path of progression, this mean tireless effort Every persons inclined to select the shortest route to success in life and to get the fastest results from his/her efforts
  122. 122. But in any organization one cannot shorten his route without patience and reach the desired objective. We believe there is no possibility of progress or development without moral virtue.
  123. 123. Long lasting success is never accomplished instantaneously and spontaneously
  124. 124. Learnfrom others
  125. 125. Learn from Others We may not always come up with brilliant ideasBUT we are open to learningfrom others
  126. 126. We liked DharmeshShah (Hub spot CTO) Good judgement policy so much that we made it part of our operating system Thanks Dharmesh, great organizations think alike ;)
  127. 127. Good Judgement Policy Use good judgement, whether you are thinking of working from home, calling sick, flying business class or any other excuse Don’t solve for your personal interests at the expense of the company Don’t solve for the company’s interest at the expense of the customer
  128. 128. Begin with theEnd in MindWe don’t believe that end justify the means!
  129. 129. “The Means has to be as righteous as the end” We not only look at the end results but how we achieved it.
  130. 130. Great Stuff! You made it this far
  131. 131. Join the discussion at and help us shape our operating systemIf we take your suggestion onboard, you will be on our Wall of Fame!
  132. 132. We are on a look for team members, volunteers, contributors, academics, researchers and advisors If you believe in our project andconstitution then reach out to us and drop us a line with your details or email us at
  133. 133. Excuse us, but we are choosy! Because GREAT CAUSES require GREAT PEOPLE
  134. 134. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao TSU
  135. 135. Thanksfor your attention-N. I. Khan, CEO The Knowledge Campus Designed by The Knowledge Campus Creative Team