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ExEcutivE sum m ary. Bin gE Dr in k in g h as B EEn EtchED into   thE youth Ex pEriEncE for DEcaDEs, m ayBE a lot lon gEr.
collEgE has BEEn BranDED as an ExtEnDED party By   markEtErs who continually rEinforcE this DangErous BEhavior.
B in gE Dr in k in g h as B Ecom E as mu ch o f a part o f po p   culturE as thE music, moviEs anD tv shows that glamorizE...
wo r D o f mo uth , thE most influEnti al o f all m EDi a , h as   pErpEtuatED this proBlEm, magnifiED By toDay’s social m...
20 yEars of anti-Drinking Efforts havE not curBED thE proBlEm.   But thErE is an EagEr auDiEncE who can EffEct this changE.
Objectives                                                                                                          a “rig...
Barrier 2                                         party likE a rockstar                                                   ...
Barrier 4                                        DEstination failurE
Target Market                                                                  collEgE stuDEnts                           ...
Nudge                        rationalE                                                                                    ...
When                      to nuDgE                                                                                        ...
6-for-6                             six wEEks that
                                    sEt a safE traJEctory
research show...
Nudges                              By night parts
Pre-Game                                          Game                 ...
Push                   comEs to nuDgE                                                                                     ...
Push                        aDvErtising                                                                                   ...
Media                              schEDulE                                                                               ...
Evaluation                                                                                                                ...
JWU Ad Team Plans Book 2009
JWU Ad Team Plans Book 2009
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JWU Ad Team Plans Book 2009


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The Johnson & Wales University Advertising Team came up with a bold campaign to combat dangerous overconsumption of alcohol by college students.

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JWU Ad Team Plans Book 2009

  1. 1. ExEcutivE sum m ary. Bin gE Dr in k in g h as B EEn EtchED into thE youth Ex pEriEncE for DEcaDEs, m ayBE a lot lon gEr.
  2. 2. collEgE has BEEn BranDED as an ExtEnDED party By markEtErs who continually rEinforcE this DangErous BEhavior.
  3. 3. B in gE Dr in k in g h as B Ecom E as mu ch o f a part o f po p culturE as thE music, moviEs anD tv shows that glamorizE it.
  4. 4. wo r D o f mo uth , thE most influEnti al o f all m EDi a , h as pErpEtuatED this proBlEm, magnifiED By toDay’s social mEDia.
  5. 5. 20 yEars of anti-Drinking Efforts havE not curBED thE proBlEm. But thErE is an EagEr auDiEncE who can EffEct this changE.
  6. 6. Objectives a “right” of passagE Barrier 1 we were asked to develop a $10 million binge drinking. our overall objective is to the most significant barrier we face these facts underscore the pervasive communications campaign to help combat reduce the following national statistics: in accomplishing our objectives is a attitudes and expectations related to dangerous overconsumption of alcohol by prevailing mindset that college drinking is college binge drinking. when freshmen get college students. to do so, we first had to • 1,400 deaths an important rite of passage for freshmen to college, obstacles to drinking that existed define levels of binge drinking. • 600,000 assaults who are entering a new phase of their in high school are no longer there, and • 630,000 physical injuries lives. they perceive it as a right; a lifestyle they seize this opportunity to party. in one-on-one interviews with students, we • 70,000 sexual assaults they are entitled to. found that their definitions of binge drinking had more to do with their behavior college administrators can localize this this attitude forms well before college. the drinking culture is and the negative consequences they objective by using their own campus perceived as a right. experienced than the number of drinks statistics. the Johnson & wales objective in the united states, the average age they consumed. would be to lower the number of alcohol for a first drink is 13 years old. a centers related incidents by 30 percent. for Disease control survey revealed that this pointed us in a more relevant direction, nearly one-third of all high school students targeting behavior that is directly related Before we can accomplish reported hazardous drinking (five or more to negative consequences associated with these objectives we have to drinks) at least once in a 30-day period. furthermore, our own campus research overcome several barriers. indicates that one-third of high school students who drink at low or moderate levels will move to more dangerous drinking levels in their first year of college. I’ll be You can try to tell students to drink responsibly, but good, Mom. history tells us they simply won’t listen. 10 11
  7. 7. Barrier 2 party likE a rockstar consumE thE mEssagE Barrier 3 the ‘right’ of passage is reinforced by mainstream movies such as Animal House according to the center on alcohol In 2007, beer, wine and liquor companies popular culture through movies, television and Old School integrate binge drinking marketing and youth, for every anti-drinking spent $1,646,403,700 on advertising, and music. rarely is drinking ever depicted into the overall college experience; and in television commercial, there are more than with significant amounts directed at college responsibly. many cases, binge drinking becomes the 200 alcohol product ads. these product audiences. in fact, alcohol companies spent central focal point of college social life. ads are filled with images of “the good $58 million to purchase more than 6,000 a recent report from the federal trade Alcohol use occurs in 76 percent of G or life,” associating drinking with fun, humor, commercials during college sports telecasts, commission found that alcohol companies PG rated movies and 97 percent of PG-13 friendship, youth, and getting the girl. including $28 million spent during the placed their products in 233 motion movies. men’s ncaa Basketball tournament. this a systematic review of seven research tournament had more alcohol ads (939) studies conducted by Bmc public health than the super Bowl, world series, college overwhelmingly supports the link between bowl games, and monday night nfl alcohol advertising and increased alcohol broadcasts combined. consumption among youth. we’re being outspent and out-muscled. pictures and in episodes of 181 different music also reinforces the ‘right’ of passage. television series in one year. in addition, “tub thumping” by chumbawamba and, “i eight of the fifteen shows most popular love college” by asher roth include lyrics the drinking culture is perpetuated by advertising. with today’s teens include numerous that reinforce binge drinking behavior. alcohol product placements. Both messages perpetuate behavior that becomes acceptable to college students. the drinking culture is recreated in popular culture. “he drinks a whisky drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a lager drink, he drinks a cider drink…” –chumbawamba. “that party last night was awfully crazy... i danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked. Drink my beer and smoke my weed... pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again. man, i love college.” –asher roth. “fill it up again! fill it up again! once it hits your lips, it’s so good!” the sheer weight of what the alcohol industry is spending to promote drinking makes our seemingly large budget look like pocket change. l ld Schoo nk, O frank the ta 12 13
  8. 8. Barrier 4 DEstination failurE nuDgE thE BEhavior, transform thE culturE Opportunity Despite many creative efforts to curb the according to a congressional report to affect change we must employ we developed a two-pronged approach problem, binge drinking levels have not from the secretary of health and human strategies other than communications. to address both target markets’ conflicting decreased in 20 years. communication services, “a recent analysis of years of according to research from the niaaa, views of this issue: programs simply have not worked and not study concluded that typical education “college - and community-based • Implement stealth strategies to target just because the alcohol companies and and awareness based programs produce interventions can reduce underage college students who engage in dangerous pop culture continue to overpower our little effect on behavior… education and drinking and associated problems... binge drinking behavior. various messages. awareness programs as the primary effort positive outcomes can be achieved by • Enlist college and university officials who to combat college drinking is ineffective combining environmental and institutional are most likely to embrace and implement • We’ve tried to scare college students - and a poor use of … resources.” changes.” we concluded that by changing these strategies. they kept drinking. the environment for college students and major michael Quinn, Executive Director offering comparable social choices, we can Positioning Strategy • We’ve tried to joke - they kept drinking. of safety and security at Johnson & direct them toward safer behaviors. the typically, positioning is what you want wales university stated, “an increase in best chance for success lies in partnering your target to think of you. we don’t want • We’ve tried to reason - they kept drinking. the frequency of, and attendance at the with those who can help us influence the them to think of us at all. we want college alcohol awareness programs produced no college environment. students to be redirected by their choices though some campaigns were successful benefit.” and not realize they are drinking less. on a local niche level, national anti-drinking we identified two major target markets: campaigns that used education, social a communications strategy students who have consistently resisted however, we will position ourselves with norming and awareness tactics failed to alone will not change the anti-binge drinking messages and college the college administrators as the primary lower binge drinking rates across campuses. administrators who are desperately thought leader and innovative resource drinking culture. seeking solutions to this problem. regarding college binge drinking behavior. College administrators are eager to curb binge drinking. College students are eager to drink. 14 15
  9. 9. Target Market collEgE stuDEnts communications Model Our target market is the 60 percent of for over 100 years communications models like the “hierarchy of Effects model” college students who are moderate or light Jwu fr so Jr sr avg have explained how advertising messages affect behavior. drinkers, because this group experiences average # of drinks the highest number of alcohol related 4.9 4.4 4.8 3.8 4.5 in 2 hour period negative consequences. according to Brandon Busteed, cEo of outside the percentage of binge traditional lEarn fEEl Do 58.8 46.7 52.6 31.1 46.8 teach them about they won’t want to they will drink Classroom, it is projected that 54 percent of this segment will experience negative drinkers model the dangers of drink past their limit. more responsibly. percentage influenced 50.5 46.5 40.2 42.9 this has not consequences as a result of drinking. since 40.1 binge drinking. by friends workED our overall objective is to reduce the number of students affected negatively by an important segment of our target is drinking, this segment offers the greatest incoming freshmen. according to our opportunity to affect real change. research, one out of three freshmen that were moderate drinkers in high school logic may tell you that the obvious target become binge drinkers in college. their for this campaign would be the heavy/ high-risk drinker. however, that segment drinking trajectory starts in the first six here’s how lEarn fEEl Do weeks of the school year, and will continue they feel a “right” represents a smaller overall percentage of for the next four years. they’ve been they’re not listening to drink and party. they continue the total negative consequences suffered due to binge drinking. reacting and they’re immune; they’ve heard it all fEEl to binge drink. since 6th grade. Beer Curve 120,000 light to moderate = 60% now, we’re 100,000 taking a fEEl Do lEarn? negative consequences acknowledge the give them safer, it DoEs not mattEr 80,000 realistic strength of their alternative party they continue to drink 60,000 approach belief - they feel choices. but not as much and not as fast. they have a “right” 40,000 to party. 20,000 0 utilize a stealth strategy that directly affects behavior 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 number of drinks 16 17
  10. 10. Nudge rationalE nuDgE mEEts BingE Drinking a car drives around lake shore Drive in at an airport in amsterdam, men are no when students set their own party agenda, most drink. not very complicated. chicago where numerous accidents occur longer missing the urinals in the restroom, due to the winding road. warning signs are where an etched fly in the bottom of the posted regarding the hazardous road but fixture serves as a “target”. the restroom is the number of accidents remains the same. now cleaner. the highway department paints parallel lines facing the oncoming traffic, which in their book, Nudge, cass sunstein give them an incentive to do something else early, some may drink less. grow closer together as the road winds, and richard thaler cite the efficacy of creating the illusion of increasing speed. making small incremental changes in an consequently, drivers should feel the need environment to influence human behavior. to slow down. they did, and as a result, the these ‘nudges’ do not affect attitudes or number of accidents decreased. norms, but serve to redirect behavior in a manner that benefits the individual and society-- the definition of social marketing. nudges give them an incentive to do something else mid evening, some may drink less. change behavior that may result in negative consequences such as reckless driving, eating disorders, and even littering. give them an incentive to do something at the end of the night, some may drink less. how does nudge theory apply to binge drinking? this proven behavioral tool has the potential to extend to our campaign and directly affect behavior, bypassing Accidents often occurred on the winding attitudes that get in the way of the desired x 10+ million x 3 Days x 32 wEEks = yowza! Lake Shore Drive because drivers ignored behavioral shift. we can specifically target the speed limits. But the nudge tactic the drinking behaviors that simple? it can be. revolutionary? no, nudge. But, if you nudge millions of students each weekend of painting increasingly closer lines on lead to negative consequences. by even a minor percent shift, well, that’s why this strategy can be so insidiously effective. approaching curves caused drivers to unconsciously slow down, decreasing the there are subtle but effective ways to now, imagine engaging incoming freshmen with a super nudge during their first six weeks on number of accidents. nudge the two critical elements that cause campus, when they’re setting the trajectory of their college binge drinking habits. that nudge binge drinking—how much and how fast campaign is not quite so subtle... (stay tuned). students drink—providing students with choices that result in safer behavior. 18 19
  11. 11. When to nuDgE whErE to Nudge much like television and radio divide by outside the classroom, students who Within a 17-block radius of the Johnson & to intercept potential binge drinkers the broadcast day into dayparts, we pre-game have a 52 percent higher rate Wales campus in Providence there are 45 before, during, and after they visit these separated the typical college student’s of negative consequences and are more clubs and bars, two liquor stores, and eight establishments, we propose a plan which night into three nightparts: pre-game, likely to engage in negative behavior. known party houses. provides them with alternative choices. to game, and last call. we identified two of succeed as viable party alternatives, these these nightparts as “danger zones” during last call is the announcement made shortly similar to university and college choices must be viewed as fun and exciting which students are most likely to consume before a bar closes, reminding patrons neighboorhoods across the united states, by students’ standards, yet still be safe. large quantities of alcohol at a fast rate: of their final opportunity to buy a drink. this is an environment saturated with pre-gaming and last call. students will often switch to hard liquor at potential barriers to responsible and safe this time; “they [students] will line up and student behavior. pre-gaming is the practice of drinking an take shots for their last kick for the night” hour or two before heading out to a social says local providence, r.i. bartender, hillary event for the night. according to research ramos. 68 percent of JWU students 77 percent of JWU students say they drink say they drink “at a bar”. at “my house, apartment, or dorm.” “i call it saving money”* “to get my last buzz before the bar closes”* “line ‘em up and drink ‘em down”* Dorm number of drinks Bar/club liquor store 10pm 1 1pm 12am 1am 2am party house * from pennsylvania liquor control Board’s study of pre-gaming among college students. 20 21
  12. 12. 6-for-6 six wEEks that sEt a safE traJEctory research shows that freshmen will form you see giant inflatable screens, a skating Week 2 - Mr. Booty-ful Pageant Week 5 - The Soft Tip-Off their drinking habits in the first six weeks of rink made of red ice, a stage strewn with sponsored by AXE Sponsored by CHARMIN & Q-TIP college that they’ll maintain over the next feathers and deodorant, go-carts built out your best bro competes in a lampoon-style teams compete in Q-tip jousting and four years. so, we’ve created a unique of coffee tables, and enormous Q-tips. beauty pageant with a talent portion, battle with toilet paper cannons from huge opportunity for colleges and universities to this all happens at 6-for-6, a series of six swimsuit competition, and Q&a. charmin forts in a collegiate version of partner with national brands in an event- sponsored events that run during the first capture the flag. based, six-week schedule. sponsors will six weeks of the academic year. Week 3 - Lashes & Lace receive unprecedented access to campuses Sponsored by VICTORIA’S SECRET Week 6 - Swiffs & Pucks and administrators will get to provide Week 1 - Ride Some Wood the hottest coeds on campus model in a sponsored by VITAMIN WATER & SWIFFER students with fun and safe alternatives to Sponsored by IKEA fashion show and foam party, complete on a frozen rink of red “xxx” vitamin binge drinking. teams assemble, decorate and race with angel wings and stilettos. water, swiffer-wielding students battle it swedish chariots (a.k.a. go-carts) made of out for hockey supremacy. imagine you’re a new freshman who ikEa furniture in an all-night relay derby. Week 4 - Video Game-Off is wondering what to do on your first Sponsored by BEST BUY these events will help all students start the campus weekend. outside your window students rock out with their wii out- on the new year on a safe party trajectory. big screen in search of online immortality. Sponsored by brands that students love. at each event, students use . . . now, students can twitter’s new “live tagging” have fun by watching feature to connect with friends their friends “tweet”, make across college campuses. this new shapes with their hands and feature incorporates Qr codes and discover what images pop up altered reality technology. students walk on screen- all in real time. up to the giant ichat screens and see their twitter usernames above their heads . . . 22 23
  13. 13. Nudges By night parts Pre-Game Game Last Call Dunkin’ not Drunkin’ to effectively enact our nudge tactics, we need well-known partners with enough resources to mount a successful counterattack. one such partner is Dunkin’ Donuts. we will distribute coupons for free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee throughout the previously identified danger zones. gamEtimE Eats on DEmanD party saving gracE students must redeem these coupons partnerships with Dave & Buster’s, in a partnership with, security deposits on kegs cannot be between 1 1pm and 3am thursday through gameworks, and Espn zone offer students order discounted food using an redeemed until 3 days after purchase, thus sunday— a time period that college weekend specials to college students iphone application. this encourages them to eliminating the “need” to finish the keg in students typically spend drinking. to interrupt pre-gaming. the community return home early for their deliveries. one night. alcohol action network reports that setting a beverage down between sips reduces night owl niBBlEs hyDration station consumption; therefore students playing open campus dining halls for “breakfast” complimentary water bottles are available games will drink less without realizing it. and late night snacks to get students home upon leaving bars and clubs to help earlier, safer, and more sober. students rehydrate and give them the sir-mix-it-right chance to drink something other than free 1.5 ounce shot measure, alcohol so-lowEr cups alcoholic beverages. calorie guide and drink recipe book redesign solo cups with a weighted base are included in each purchase at liquor to create the illusion of containing more By giving students healthy, safe stores within a five-mile radius of college ounces than the cup actually holds. alternatives to drinking during peak campuses. now, students prepare drinks to consumption hours, we are not asking recipes rather than to taste, resulting in less amf alpha Bowl-a-rama them to give up their “rights,” but we are alcohol poured into each drink. members of greek life enjoy free nudging their behavior, lowering the munchies and dollar bowling all night long, likelihood of dangerous consequences. Dunkin’ Donuts locations near the Johnson & Wales friDay fivE Dolla hollas striking out the chance for binge drinking. University campus low price food items available from 9-1 1pm at restaurants like Johnny rockets, let tailgatE tag on thE Big scrEEn this nudge tactic directly affects two key students eat more, and ultimately drink less. orchestrate giant games of laser tag factors of binge drinking— quantity and in parking lots on college game days to speed of consumption— resulting in fewer amc miDnight moviEs distract students from drinking. drunk students on the streets after the bars movie theaters discount late night movies and clubs close. on the weekends with a student iD. this gives students an alternative location to hang out with their friends. 24 25
  14. 14. Push comEs to nuDgE Direct Mail a key opportunity lies in using a “push” we developed a branded initiative called we designed our collateral and direct mail open rate of up to 25 percent (and 2-D strategy against our second target, senior Binge thinking, which is comprised of print, to pique curiosity in Binge thinking and mailers only 2 percent); all of our executions level college and university administrators. direct mail and online components to reach drive college administrators to our website, are 3-D. they are also non-standard sizes. out to administrators at over 4,000 colleges Because phased mailings this increases the chance that they will get we will reach out to president’s and and universities across the united states. increase the likelihood of success, we will by the gatekeepers, the executive assistants chancellor’s offices, Directors of student utilize three subsequent mailings, each of college administrators. services, residential life, and safety and our plan allows college administrators to intended to reinforce the one prior. security. college administrators and their implement a detailed and customizable research shows that 3-D mailers have an staffs have a vested interest in supporting nudge package at their local campuses. this cause, as it directly affects their campuses and the surrounding communities. how are we doing it? we will leverage a population that not only we will run full-page ads in the periodicals has the resources and responsibility to help, most read by those in higher education, as but desperately seeks new and alternative well as banner ads on relevant websites. Phase One: the box contains ways to combat the problem. we can we will implement a phased direct mail a wooden tap handle bearing campaign logo, program brochure empower them to help us reengineer campaign with the initial mailing going to detailing binge tactics and a personal environments so that students make safer all campuses. subsequent mailings will passcode to choices. gaining their support focus on those states with is crucial to ensuring the the biggest party schools, success and longevity of our the highest incidence of campaign. But it shouldn’t be binge drinking, and amethyst difficult to enlist them since initiative signatories. all they are already eagerly advertising will drive in search of solutions to this interested parties to our long-standing problem. website, “the behavior is taking place, and the best thing we can Phase Two: contains a bottle do is reduce the harm.” opener reminder and passcode to the website. -ralph Blackman, president of the century council Phase Three: contains a four-pack coaster set along with final reminder with passcode. 26 27
  15. 15. Push aDvErtising Web when utilizing a push strategy, messages print aDs will act as a haven to fit individual campus needs, as well as are placed in highly targeted media– in this using dominant units in trade journals, we for college and university administrators the option to apply for grants to augment case publications and websites aimed at will tell the story to this seeking information and alternative tactics campus budgets deployed in the fight university and college administrators. audience that is urgently seeking solutions to deal with their campuses’ binge drinking against binge drinking. not only will this site to campus binge drinking. problems. the site’s functionality includes bring new alternatives to administrators, this gives us extremely cost effective the ability to package and customize tactics it will bring administrators from around leverage points against our ultimate we’ll also buy units in US News & World the country to a platform where objective, reducing the negative Report: the annual America’s Best Colleges they can collaborate. the virtual consequences experienced as a result of and America’s Best High Schools editions. community capability allows dangerous drinking behavior. successful ideas to be shared and spread, and ensures that ineffective strategies are not repeated. The landing page for our banner ad will reinforce the print ads and include an explanation of our website and an invitation for college administrators to utilize our resources. The home page gives a brief explanation of the campaign and the resources, with links to the sections of the site: about the council, about, the national tactics, local tactics and grants. BannEr aDs our banners will speak to the same audience on highly targeted websites such as (chronicle of higher Education), and 28 29
  16. 16. Media schEDulE Budget oBJEctivEs BannEr aDs Media Expenses Budget % Gross Impressions • Drive college and university we will strategically place interactive Direct Mail - phase I $1,200,000 12.0% administrators to banner ads on relevant web sites to drive - phase II $1,200,000 12.0% • partner with key administrators college and university administrators to - phase III $600,000 6.0% interested in combating binge drinking - phase IV (contingency) $600,000 6.0% • Empower these individuals to • websites include:, inside- implement nudge tactics and strategies, on their individual campuses • total impressions: 29,500,000 Magazines - Chronicle of Higher Ed. $344,520 3.4% 7,700,000 • total cost: $531,000 - NEA $242,400 2.4% 5,819,888 magazinEs - US News & World Report $357,648 3.6% 7,313,172 we will place full-page, full-color, bleed DirEct mail advertisements in consumer and trade through the use of a phased, three- Banner Ads - $100,000 1.0% 4,000,000 magazines to generate awareness of dimensional direct mail initiative, we will - $350,000 3.5% 17,500,000 and drive administrators exclusively target administrators from 4,000 - $81,000 0.8% 8,000,000 to the web site. colleges and universities throughout the us. Total Media $5,075,568 50.8% 50,333,060 • publications include Chronicle of Higher • Direct mail list of 40,000 – 10 key Education, NEA (runs only in sep. & players per campus oct.) and US News & World Report • packages delivered in three phases Production & Miscellaneous Exp. (specific Editions: America’s Best during June, July and august. Web Site ( $100,000 1.0% Colleges, America’s Best High Schools) • mail piece will drive administrators Co-op Communications Kit - Printing $30,000 0.3% • 30 total insertions over 18 weeks to to learn of more Total Production $130,000 1.3% • Total Impressions: 20,833,060 ways to combat binge drinking on their • Total Cost: $944,568 individual campuses. Partnership Grant Money • total cost: $3,000,000 6 for 6 Apple/Twitter $1,800,000 18.0% IKEA $200,000 2.0% Media Schedule Swiffer/ Vitamin Water $200,000 2.0% Media JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Charmin/ Q-Tip $200,000 2.0% Phase I Axe $200,000 2.0% Phase II Direct Mail Victoria’s Secret $200,000 2.0% Phase III Dave & Busters/ ESPN Zone/ Game Works $300,000 3.0% Phase IV (Contingency) AMC Theaters $500,000 5.0% Chronicle of Higher Ed Dining Hall Initiative $623,592 6.2% Magazines NEA US News & World Dunkin’ Donuts $700,840 7.0% Report Total Partnership Grants $4,924,432 49.2% Banners Total Budget 10,000,000 100.0% Total Campaign $10,000,000 100.0% 50,333,060 Web Site Total Remaining 0 0.0% 30 31
  17. 17. Evaluation Johnson & Wales University our overall objective for this campaign targeted amount for 2010. through the Candlelight Communications Sources is to minimize the amount of negative use of our nudge tactics and targeted Ad Team 2009 annual review of public health consequences that result from binge media, we expect that this campaign abigail agress Bmc public health drinking on college campuses nationwide. will significantly decrease the amount of folu akinuotu Brandon h. Busteed, cEo of outside the classroom to measure success, colleges will track negative consequences that result from Juan alvarado cDc - national college health risk Behavior survey the number of alcohol related incidents binge drinking. this information can then be sierra Barter century council on their campuses. as an example, we shared with other colleges and universities andrew childers emarketer will compare the amount of reported on, so they can implement ginelle Deantonis federal trade commission serious alcohol incidents for Johnson the same type of tracking procedure. victoria Deetz George Mason University - 2006 College Alcohol Survey & wales university in 2009, with the Evan Dunn getty images yousef khory harvard school of public health Alcohol Related Incidents on the JWU Campus audrey kushner Journal of Substance Abuse Bruce millard mediapost 14 Joseph russomano mri+ 12 Jonathan vega national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism nicholas verrochi New York Times number of reported incidents 10 nielsen media research Advisors Nudge by richard h. thaler & cass r. sunstein 8 oscar chilabato pediatrics - ten-year prospective study of public health tom monahan problems associated with Early Drinking 6 christine ure pennsylvania liquor control Board - pre-gaming. an actual (2009) target (2010) Exploratory study of strategic Drinking by college 4 Acknowledgements students in pennsylvania 2 Dr. Joe Barresi, Jr. Providence Journal captain James Beauvais standard rate & Data service 0 Dan cabral substance abuse and mental health services administration 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 1 5 1 7 1 9 21 2 3 2 5 2 7 2 9 31 rae caloura national household survey on Drug abuse weeks in an academic year coB Deans office USA Today pat fisher youth risk Behavior surveillance this chart demonstrates our objective of decreasing the number of alcohol related Joanne galenski incidents by 30 percent over a one year period at the Johnson & wales campus. akhil gupta We anticipate 140 reported incidents in academic year 08/09. We expect that this number max Johnson will drop to 98 incidents by the end of academic year 09/10. Dr. ron martel steve mcnally Dr. Dave mitchell shauna parsons major michael Quinn Beckett weber 32