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Why Are Freelance Writing Niches Important?


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Freelance writers who specialize in niches make more money. In this presentation I share the eight reasons why this is true.

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Why Are Freelance Writing Niches Important?

  1. 1. John Soares Full-Time Freelance Writer Since 1994
  2. 2.  Clients need a writer who knows the field and knows exactly what to deliver.  That’s why they hire you!
  3. 3.  These companies have big budgets.  They pay writers well.
  4. 4.  Your clients work in specific companies and organizations and you reach them through specific channels.  You spend less time marketing and more time writing = more $ for you.
  5. 5.  Your words flow + you edit less  = higher hourly rate!
  6. 6.  Many niches have a low supply of quality freelance writers -- and a high demand for them.  This means high pay for you.
  7. 7.  Once clients know you deliver exactly what they need when they need it, they come back to you again and again.
  8. 8.  Related industries  Related types of writing
  9. 9.  Become a consultant  Write books  Create information products  Coach other writers  Teach seminars in person  Teach seminars online  Become a professional speaker
  10. 10.  Specialization makes you more money.  But which freelance writing niches are best for you?
  11. 11. Go to to find out!