TLC June - Ken Brotherston, TheJobPost


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TLC June - Ken Brotherston, TheJobPost

  1. 1. Talent Leaders Connect June 2014 Ken Brotherston Executive Chairman, TheJobPost
  2. 2. Agenda • In-house headaches • Recruitment crowdsourcing and TheJobPost • Trends in 2014 A new approach to finding talent
  3. 3. In-house headaches • Demand for specialist and business critical talent continues to rise • With over 18,000 recruitment agencies in the UK finding the right one is more difficult than ever • Increasing compliance requirements demand end to end visibility in the recruitment process • Continuing pressure on fill rates, cost per hire and time to hire • Greater expectations to deliver market insight
  4. 4. Employers’ selection priorities for recruiters A new approach to finding talent Trusted Source: REC Jobs outlook May 2014 2012 2014 Change Service Quality 95% 94% -1% Price 92% 96% +4% Management Information 52% 75% +23%
  5. 5. First identified by Jeff Howe – Wired Magazine in 2005 Crowdsourcing open call to a large group A new approach to finding talent A smarter way to solve complex problems
  6. 6. Crowdsourcing • Conditions – Numerous buyers and sellers – Inefficient transactions – Lack of transparency makes costs difficult to control • Principles – Provide maximum access and visibility – Leverage specialist knowledge – Increase speed and delivery
  7. 7. 7 Crowdsourcing works
  8. 8. A new approach to finding talent Crowdsourcing in recruitment …’s not if or when but how.
  9. 9. A new approach to finding talent
  10. 10. Recruitment crowdsourcing – best practice • Offering has to work for employers and recruiters – Employers need access to the whole recruitment supply chain – Recruiters need an effective economic model • Facilitation rather than management – Let the recruiter know who the employer is – Allow them to engage with each other • Need to cover permanent and contract – Allows even the smallest firm to engage on contract roles – Fully compliant: salary and margin paid every week. • Delivers market insight – Recruiter metrics (in-house and external) – Immediate market feedback A new approach to finding talent
  11. 11. TheJobPost, a simple effective crowdsourcing solution • One contract – Gives you immediate online access to TheJobPost network of 35,000 specialist recruiters • Total control – You set the terms & fee level per role • Access specialist suppliers with fresh talent pools – engage with specialist recruiters in a controlled manner • Immediate qualified engagement – To ensure speed and quality, recruiters pay to engage • Standalone or integrate with your ATS – Scalable solution based on volume A new approach to finding talent
  12. 12. Recruiter selects the role and pays to engage
  13. 13. It works for difficult to fill roles: Senior Integrity Engineers, Cognos Analysts, Public Affairs and Sustainability Managers, Network Engineering Managers, Regulatory Affairs Managers, PHP Developers E2 Engineers, Excel VBA Developers, RGN Nurses, Sales Executives, Communications Managers, Credit Controllers, Head Seamstress, Assistant Management Accountants, Media Planning Managers, Payroll Managers
  14. 14. It works for major accounts: • Oct 13 – present • 32 vacancies posted • Brands sourced for: Buxton, Nespresso, Corp/HO, Confectionery • Locations covered: York, London, Scotland, Ireland, Buxton, Gatwick • 100% agency engagement • Average of 3 recruiters engaged per vacancy • 21 Successful placements, recent placement rate - 70% • Increased MI A new approach to finding talent
  15. 15. Detailed MI analysis
  16. 16. Other recruitment crowdsourcing platforms A new approach to finding talent
  17. 17. Trends in 2014 • Industry polarisation will continue – The ‘run faster’ model of recruitment will continue to decline – Technology-driven efficiency or highly niche will be the main models • Direct hiring will continue evolve – Indirect hiring likely to rise across a number of areas – Continue to evaluate and adopt new ideas – Turn metrics into market intelligence • Crowdsourcing will disrupt the industry A new approach to finding talent
  18. 18. Challenge TheJobPost Fill in a challenge postcard and hand to a member of our team or email: and we’ll connect you with recruiters who have the right candidates, fast.