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  • Marc Williams - TheJobPost - 26th September

    1. 1. Recruitment crowdsourcing : Super-charge your fee income Marc Williams Founder & Chief Operating Officer
    2. 2. First identified by Jeff Howe – Wired Magazine Crowdsourcing is when a company takes a job once performed by employees, and outsources it in the form of an open call to a large group of people using the internet A new approach to finding talent A smarter way to solve complex problems
    3. 3. 3 Crowdsourcing platforms that we all use
    4. 4. Draw on experience beyond traditional boundaries Crowdsourcing allows organisations to involve large groups of specialists to: • Extend visibility and reach • Leverage specialist knowledge and experience • Generate creative solutions • Improve speed and delivery A new approach to finding talent
    5. 5. Locating the right consultant TheJobPost is a crowdsourcing platform enabling employers to identify relevant recruiters to be speaking to on a per vacancy basis A new approach to finding talent
    6. 6. Better engagements, greater efficiency • Employer agrees one contract enabling any recruiter to work with them • Each vacancy presented to a focused selection of potential suppliers • You see an outline of the role with key information and earning potential • You pay a small charge to be engaged immediately on the role • Only suppliers that believe they can deliver will pay to access the job • Once engaged, you communicate direct and build on-going dialogue A new approach to finding talent
    7. 7. Super-charge your fee income • An extra dimension to your existing business development channels • Selective access to live, fillable roles from new clients • Only engage on roles where you know you can deliver • Reduce time spent cold-calling and more time filling vacancies • Fees and terms agreed up-front • Build new client relationships outside of TheJobPost platform A new approach to finding talent
    8. 8. Our platform is already delivering • 34,000 specialist UK recruiters registered on the platform • Over 300 UK employers using the platform • Average of 3 recruiters engaged per vacancy • Current CV to interview ratio of 3:1 • Average fee percentage of 18% A new approach to finding talent
    9. 9. Nick Procter Recruitment Team Manager I’ve been really impressed with TheJobPost – it’s a fantastic platform that enables us to access the very best agency-sourced candidates in the market, rather than just the ones who happen to be registered with the right agency A new approach to finding talent We work with some fantastic brands
    10. 10. Some of the brands you can expect to work with A new approach to finding talent
    11. 11. Super-charge your fee income A new approach to finding talent