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RLC London - Alan Whitford Abtech

  1. 1. Abtech Partnership Creating Smart Social Recruiting Strategies #RLCON SURVIVING THE UPTURN LONDON 3 JUNE 2014
  2. 2. Abtech Partnership  Founder of Abtech Partnership and RCEURO, web portal for the European recruitment industry  25 years Recruitment Industry  Talent Challenges, candidate experience, employment brand  Published in a number of on-line and off-line media covering technical and strategic issues around HR, technology, social media and business  Author of XpertHR Good Practices Guide to Candidate Attraction  Co-Host of #RecHangout, the only UK regularly scheduled live recruitment Google+ Hangout Alan Whitford
  3. 3. Abtech Partnership Recruitment Hasn’t Ever Really Changed Identify your target audience Select the channel/media that reaches that audience Develop the messaging that suits the channel and the audience Deliver the message Ensure that you have in place the procedures and systems to manage and measure the response Communicate throughout the process with the candidates and your hiring managers
  4. 4. Abtech Partnership Where Are the Candidates?
  5. 5. Abtech Partnership
  6. 6. Abtech Partnership Global recruiters agree: Social professional networks are the fastest-growing source of quality hires… Top 10 most important places to find quality hires “Think about the key quality hires that your organization made in 2012. Which of the following were the most important sources for those key positions?” 2011 2012 2013 Internet job boards 36% 39% 38% -1% Social professional networks 20% 26% 37% +11% Recruitment agencies 41% 36% 35% -1% Employee referral programs 35% 31% 35% +4% Internal hires 32% 32% 34% +2% Company career website 28% 31% 30% -1% Internet resume databases 14% 13% 16% +3% Company ATS/internal candidate database 12% 12% 13% +1% College recruiting programs 12% 10% 11% +1% General career fairs 4% 4% 5% +1% Increase (+) Decrease (-) Recruiters are relying more and more on professional social networks to engage top talent. Stay ahead of the competition by training your team and employees how to be effective. Sources of Quality Hires Figures exclude China & Southeast Asia from average
  7. 7. Abtech Partnership Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
  8. 8. Abtech Partnership Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
  9. 9. Abtech Partnership Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
  10. 10. Abtech Partnership
  11. 11. Abtech Partnership Digital Sourcing Channels
  12. 12. http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/best-social--value/ The $ Channels
  13. 13. Abtech Partnership Twitter Primer What is it again? Microblogging platform – pushing out content in 140 characters, including links to other sites and photos @Handle - Your username on Twitter Tweet – your post Follow – you want that person’s tweets in your Twitter stream #Hashtag – Tag content to make it easier to follow, without necessarily knowing all of the individuals. Great for events or campaigns Mention – using someone’s @Handle in your tweet.The mention can be positive or otherwise. Mentioning does not mean they will read it. Begin tweet with the @Handle, it is only visible by that person and everyone who follows both your accounts Use @Handle within the Tweet, it is visible to all of your followers DM – Direct Message – private messaging, only visible between you RT – Retweet is sharing content. You can modify or RT as is
  14. 14. Abtech Partnership Twitter Profile Changes April – May 2014 Twitter profile becomes more social Larger profile photo (think Facebook) More customisation for your header New Features Best Tweets – your tweets with more ‘engagement’ will be displayed in larger text Pinned Tweets – Pin a tweet to the top of your page to highlight your best features Filtered Tweets – Choose the type of timeline view Tweets Tweets with photos/videos Tweets and replies
  15. 15. Abtech Partnership Tells A Nice Story
  16. 16. Abtech Partnership Recruit On Twitter – TweetingYour Jobs Promote your employer brand as a reason for candidates to follow your jobs feed Link to activities or individuals in the business Engage with your followers – not just about the jobs Involve your employees in the conversations Always have links back to the job description on the career site Make the tweet more ‘findable’ by adding Hashtags #jobs, #graduatejobs, #casinojobs #London, #Manchester, #keyskills Schedule tweets in advance Buffer (https://bufferapp.com/) is a Chrome extension Schedule up to 10 posts a day at time of your choosing Provides metrics on number of clicks
  17. 17. Abtech Partnership Recruiting on Twitter – Finding Candidates Searching is conducted in the 160 characters in the Bio, not tweets Location is a free text field so may not be accurate Twitter’s own search box is weak Results are not sortable nor can you filter them Therefore, use a 3rd party tool like Followerwonk (http://followerwonk.com/) Able to search all active users Provides analytics of searches and Hashtags Review and compare your followers Search bios using keywords and location Sort by tweets, followers, age of tweets
  18. 18. Abtech Partnership Recruiting on Twitter – Contacting Candidates Personalisation of the message – read their tweet and use relevant info Get to the point (you have to with 140 characters) Follow their style of writing 5 Golden Rules Tweet first, follow them second Begin tweet with their @Handle – keeps it between you both Personalise your tweets from information from their tweets Copy their style – if they txt spk, then u shld Make sure your Twitter profile is complete and engaging – they will check you out
  19. 19. Abtech Partnership TWITTER ANALYTICS
  20. 20. Abtech Partnership FOLLOWERWONK
  21. 21. Abtech Partnership
  22. 22. Abtech Partnership When Are My Followers Active?
  23. 23. Abtech Partnership My Active Hours
  24. 24. Abtech Partnership What Describes My Followers Best?
  25. 25. Abtech Partnership Google+
  26. 26. Abtech Partnership The Google Infrastructure Google is the largest search engine Google has the biggest free email platform with Gmail Google owns the 2nd largest search platform –YouTube Google owns a leading blogging platform – Blogger.com Google offers 15GB free cloud storage (Google Drive) Google offers a free suite of applications – Google Docs Google owns Picasa – mainstream photo sharing site Google+ is now the 3rd largest social network with 200 million+ active users Google+ Hangouts is fast growing video communication platform AND Google has integrated all of these platforms
  27. 27. Abtech Partnership Why Use Google+ For Recruiting? Candidate Sourcing - Size of network – over 1 billion registered users Engagement – commenting Google+1 (likes), blogging andYouTube Easy to contact – will send a message from Google+ to their Gmail account, even if you don’t have it Good for content marketing Increases organic SEO results Excellent community functions Use Circles to create Talent Pools/Pipelines (and the candidate does not know until you get in touch) Google+ Hangouts Video Hangouts for one to one, one to many conversations, i.e. interviews Hangouts on air – Up to 10 people live seated in the broadcast Excellent on Mobile
  28. 28. Abtech Partnership Getting Ready Be sure you are in Google Places Set up your Google+ page – about 3 minutes Create a great Google+ profile Google loves content, keywords, relevance, photos Tagline (elevator pitch), Introduction Links to websites, other social sites Post a Google+ company page badge, button or link on your website Promote your presence via all your networks Link to content you produce on other sites
  29. 29. Abtech Partnership Getting Ready Building Talent Pools, a.k.a Circles Create circles by talent, industry, location and add people with a simple click Candidate Sourcing Search for People using keywords Search by Communities and their Members list Use ‘normal’ Boolean X-Ray (Site:plus.google.com “keyword” keyword” searches in Google Deliver and share specific content to your circles Not just about jobs Shared content also goes via email, so do not become a spammer
  30. 30. Abtech Partnership Getting Ready Use Hangouts as a video platform One to one for interviews Broadcast and share your knowledge See our Hangout on Google+ Join Google+ Communities Use some tools to help you manage the pages Hootsuite (also for managing your Twitter streams) Circlecount – understanding content in Circles AllMyPlus – comprehensive analytics tools
  31. 31. Abtech Partnership Enjoy The JourneyEnjoy The Journey
  32. 32. Abtech Partnership THANKYOU!!THANKYOU!! Any Questions?Any Questions?
  33. 33. Abtech Partnership Contact Me At Any Time Contact Information: alan@abtechpartnership.com Tel: +44 (0)7971 864620 Twitter: @alanwhitford @rceuro Sites: www.abtechpartnership.com www.rceuro.com