Task 4 - moodboard


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Task 4 - moodboard

  1. 1. Task 4 Abygail Jones
  2. 2. Mind map – Theme: Discovery
  3. 3. Mind Map with Changes
  4. 4. Moodboard Erik Almas Annie Leibovitz Dramatic One of a Kind Very Unique Naturalistic Artificial backgrounds? Seem like a fairy-tale Each image focuses on one colour Each image tells a story Unique Interesting Dark Different Michael Muller Photoshopped Heavily? Challenges the norm No extravagant background colour Emphasis on colours Of subjects Almost art
  5. 5. Moodboard Unique Eye Catching What I am hoping to achieve in my own photographs Sad Natural Backdrops Happy Desired Effect Dark Black and White Beautiful Challenges The Norm Easily Readable Emotions Clear Mirror Effect