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Recipe Cards Task 5


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Recipe Cards Task 5

  1. 1. Presenting Results Aby Jones
  2. 2.  I collected my primary audience results using a questionnaire on SurveyMonkey – this allows me to ask 10 questions and share the link on websites such as: Facebook and Twitter.  SurveyMonkey allows me and my partner to analyse the results as a summary or individually per answer, it also allows me to collect the responses and keep track of how many people have answered, who has skipped questions, who has answered what and so on.  I created my questionnaire and put it on to websites so that I could collect audience data and use it so that when it comes to designing my recipe cards, I know what to include and who I’m particularly aiming at.  I put my questionnaire on Facebook and Tumblr so that both peers and strangers could answer the questions and I would get a mixed response.
  3. 3. The Questionnaire
  4. 4. What is your Gender SurveyMonkey Results Female Male The legit results from the question
  5. 5. What is your Gender  As we can see from these first few results, more males answered the questionnaire rather than females.  20 males answered this question  Only 8 females answered this question  2 people skipped the question altogether  I asked this question with the idea that it would tell me which gender I would be aiming my cards more at, it seems so far that it’s predominantly male audiences that I should be aiming but that could just be down to more males being interested in answering the questionnaire rather than females and not many of them were actually vegetarian.
  6. 6. Are you a vegetarian? SurveyMonkey Results Yes No Undecided The legit results from the question
  7. 7. Are you a vegetarian?  As we can see from the results – the majority of people who answered this questionnaire are not actually vegetarian.  5 people said: Yes  25 people said: No  0 people said: Undecided.  I asked this question with the idea that I would use the results to decipher just how many people out of a selection of people - this time 30 people - I would be aiming at when creating my recipe cards.  It’s also interesting to see just how many people are actually vegetarian in contrast to those who are not – as we can see from the results, there are not many vegetarians compared to meat eaters. Absolutely nobody was undecided on whether they wanted to become a vegetarian or not.
  8. 8. Why? (In relation to the previous question) Reasons Personal Ethical The legit results from the question
  9. 9.  When asked ‘why’ to the previous question of: Are you a vegetarian? We received a variety of mixed responses, although some of the answers almost related to each other in likeliness.  I asked this question so that I could get these mixed responses and it also helps me understand a) why some people choose to become vegetarian and b) why they are not vegetarian or why they stopped being a vegetarian.  In the previous slide I have chosen 3 of the best and diverse answers.  29 people responded  1 person skipped this question Why? (In relation to the previous question)
  10. 10. Favourite Vegetarian Recipe 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 None Pasta Based Recipes Spinach Based Recipes Other Favourite Recipe None Pasta Based Recipes Spinach Based Recipes Other As there was quite a variety for this question, I’ve had to add the ‘other’ bar to deal with the diversity of the answers. The legit results from the question
  11. 11.  As we can see, out of the three mainly chosen favourite recipes, pasta based recipes seemed to be the favourite with no preference following closely behind.  I asked this question so that it would help to choose recipes when it came down to making the cards, the sole purpose behind this was to find out what type of dish was preferred by not only vegetarians but the majority of non-vegetarians too.  7 people chose pasta baked recipes  2 people chose spinach based recipes  6 people chose none preference  28 answered the question  2 skipped the question Favourite Vegetarian Recipe
  12. 12. Favourite Culture for Food 0 5 10 15 20 Italian American Chinese German Indian British Hungarian Japanese Other Favourite Culture Favourite Culture
  13. 13.  I asked this question so that I would get a clear indication of which culture I could mainly focus on – or to give me a variety to choose from when it comes to creating the card so I’m definitely going to create one that will appeal to a mass majority of people:  18 people chose Italian  7 people chose American  7 people chose Chinese  9 people chose Indian  5 people chose British  1 person chose other  0 people chose German, Hungarian or Japanese  Only one person chose the ‘other’ option and specified their option as: Irish culture – this was question 6. Favourite Culture for Food
  14. 14. Worst Vegetarian Recipe? Worst Recipe Quorn Based Vegetable Based Other Not Sure The legit results from the question
  15. 15.  As we can see from the results, the most commonly disliked type of recipe is mostly vegetable based.  I wanted to ask this question so I know what kind of recipes to avoid when creating my cards and choosing the right recipes that I wish to put on the – I definitely won’t be choosing a vegetable based recipe anytime soon.  3 people chose ‘Quorn based recipes’  12 people chose ‘vegetable based recipes’  9 people chose ‘other’  4 people chose ‘not sure’  28 people answered  2 people skipped Worst Vegetarian Recipe?
  16. 16. Favourite Dish? 0 5 10 15 20 Curries Pasta Steak Other Favourite Dish Favourite Dish As the answers were all quite diverse I’ve had to put some of the less common dishes in to the ‘other’ section. The legit results from the question
  17. 17.  As we can observe from the results, pasta based dishes seem to be a favourite, I asked this question as it will help me when it comes to choosing recipes – if I find out the favourite sort of recipes, even from non- vegetarians, it will help me choose better selling dishes later on – this has influenced me to choose a pasta based recipe when it comes down to it.  4 people chose Curries  6 people chose pasta based recipes  5 people chose steak  15 people chose ‘other’ recipes such as: pizza, roast beef dinner and pancakes  30 people answered this question  0 people skipped it. Favourite Dish?
  18. 18. Do Meat Eaters Agitate you? If yes, why? 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Yes No On Occasion Answers Answers The legit results from the question
  19. 19.  As we can observe from the graph, most of the individuals who answered the question didn’t seem agitated by meat eaters, mostly due to either being a meat eater themselves or just generally not bothered by their views or ways. The only time there was disagreement was when they tried to force their beliefs on to one another.  19 people said no  3 people said yes – with supported points such as:  6 people said on occasion with supported points such as: Do Meat Eaters Agitate you? If yes, why?
  20. 20. Where do you do your Weekly Shop and Why? Answers Morrisons Tesco Sainsburys Asda Other The legit results from the question
  21. 21.  As we can observe from the doughnut graph the most common shop is a tie between Morrisons and Tesco – I asked this question so that I know which shop applies more to the demographic I’ll be aiming at, it will also help me decide which supermarket I will attempt to sell my product in and ensure to be most successful.  6 people chose Morrisons  6 people chose Tesco  5 people chose Sainsburys  5 people chose Asda  7 people chose ‘other’ with answers such as: Marks and Spencers and Nisa.  1 person skipped the question Where do you do your Weekly Shop and Why?
  22. 22. Conclusion As previously stated, I put the link to the survey on websites such as: Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for peers and strangers to answer my questionnaire for the purpose of receiving mixed responses from people I personally knew and people I did not.  I do like the way I went about collecting the answers – sorting the answers and filtering them in to titled columns then turning that information in to a graph – it was simple, quick and highly effective as I now have all the information I need in easy to read graphs and charts that took a short amount of time to make altogether.  I also like the way SurveyMonkey operated – we were able to quickly and easily analyse our results – we are able to see how many people answered the questions, what they answered both: altogether and individually and we were able to look at their individual profiles also showed us how many people answered each question and how many skipped it.  I’m not really pleased with the actual answers however, some people were highly sarcastic when it came to answering and them not taking the questions seriously made it harder to filter some answers in to columns. Also there was a higher ratio of meat eaters to vegetarians which is supposed to be my main focus here but that couldn’t be helped – whoever took the quiz was 100% truthful.