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Photography proposal tho


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Published in: Design
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Photography proposal tho

  1. 1. Proposal What type of photography are you going to produce? I have chosen to produce some Portraiture photography – as the theme for the images is discovery, I will be taking photographs of subjects in certain poses, clothes and with a range of expressions to create the desired effect that: the subjects are discovering something new about themselves: It ranges from a dark, serious undertone such as depression to a happy, colourful one such as: creativity. A viewer might also interpret the image as: seeing someone but not discovering who they are (prejudice) – they could look serious, stern or angry when they’re really a happy, playful character – the viewer is discovering other people’s lives and feelings as well as being able to relate to them and it’s also challenging society, if I could pick a slogan for what I hope to achieve it would be: Never judge a book by its cover. What contexts could this type of photography be used in? The end result of my photographs could be used in various contexts such as: • Galleries – To display completed work to the public although that is a long shot • Web pages – Could be used on a personal website? On a blog? Online gallery? Social networking sites? Advertisements? • Possibly magazines? – Possibly a junior photography magazine? • To present as finished work – for college. Who are your influences for this project? Annie Leibovitz is a huge influence on my picking portraiture – the techniques and style that she uses when taking her photographs really captures imagination and is considerably unique in comparison to other portraiture photographers. Some photographs that inspired me the most are her recent ones involving celebrities dressed up as Disney characters. Another photographer that has influenced me greatly is Erik Almas – every one of his photographs is extremely unique in their own way – all of Almas’ images all seem to be colour co-ordinated and have a seemingly artificial background image – I’d like to incorporate a little bit of his creativity in to my own images and hopefully end up with an almost similar or equally as impressive end result. Although she isn’t an artist – my friend, Alix, has influenced most of the ideas I have generated as they are almost personal matters between Alix and I – she is equally as creative as an artist. What will you subjects be for this project? The subjects that I have chosen to photograph for my final images will be: • My fellow classmate, Shania – I’m going to be taking around 2/4 portraiture photographs of her in the poses that I need her to be in, I’d like her to pose for images: 1 (can be happy on the outside but sad on the inside) and 6 (not everyone is what they seem). The reason I am not using her as my main subject is because she has an allergy to a specific type of makeup that I need to use on my subjects for a desired effect. • I am going to be casting my outside friend, Alix, to pose for the rest of the photos, I will be taking 6/12 images of her: 2 (everyone is a child at heart), 3 (not everyone is what they seem to be), 4 (the people who laugh/smile the most are the ones in pain), 5 (How society challenges differences), 7 (Discovering loneliness/sadness) and 8 (Keeps things locked up). I will be taking photographs of Alix in my free time.
  2. 2. What techniques will you use? During the post production period I will be dodging and burning my images to highlight certain areas and darken others for my final pieces/images and for my desired end effect. I will also be playing around with levels to get the correct exposure, darkness and light in my images, I will blur the background so that the model stands out against the background – is sharper and more in focus than the rest of the image. I shall highlight some areas by changing contrasts and colours to get a final perfect end piece. As for techniques when capturing the photographs – I will use a similar technique throughout all. • The vantage point will remain in the centre of the lens. • Depending on weather, sunlight and movement, the camera setting I have explained briefly on the mind map will remain the same. • The photographs will be low key with ambient lighting and deep shadows. • I will take two images per photo shoot to get the images that I need for my final end product – the model will have to remain in the same pose in the same area – I may have to somehow mark where I need the models face to be – using markers, paper etc.