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Notes for task 6


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Notes for task 6

  1. 1. Notes Age The age of the models is consistently young adults – possible older adolescents The oldest could be around 20-30 There are a few older models from selected bands: in this EMP book there is Motorhead and Korn. Negative – The magazine only really applies to younger people – because of the amount of younger models. Gender I think it leans slightly more towards males – there are more male clothing items Females are involved almost equally as much – they have from page 185 onwards dedicated to females with a few other pages also dedicated to females This obviously shows that EMP think that males are more interested in the clothing and content they produce rather than females It’s quite uncommon to find a clothing magazine dedicated more towards males – interesting Positive – There is a fair amount of equality in the magazine – there is pretty much a balanced amount of male and female clothing even though it tilts more towards males. Social Problems There is a fair amount of swearing on the clothes The clothes are quite dark and unique compared to some mainstream clothing There are some crude posters of females and males in revealing poses and clothes – most magazines wouldn’t sell this in theirs – definitely not mainstream magazines. There are also some horrific t-shirt designs – this wouldn’t appeal to some of the audience due to how dark and ‘scary’ they can be. Presence and Absence There is quite a large absence of elderly people It’s mostly young adults – around 18+ Gender Amount Per Page 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Gender Amount Per Page Men Women 20-30 (age) 31+ (age)
  2. 2. Using this data that I have personally collected from one of EMP’s magazines – we can see that there is a larger female to male ratio. We can also see that there is a larger amount of younger models This can tell us a lot about the magazine: Appeals to younger audiences Appeals to both genders Although there are more female models in the magazine, there are a lot more pages dedicated to males. Page Dedication 50 45 40 35 30 25 Page Dedication 20 15 10 5 0 Males Females Both Other (1 page = double spread) This shows that there are 11 pages more dedicated to males – showing almost equality although it appeals more to men. It’s uncommon to find a magazine that sells clothes more relatable to men – interesting! This shows that the magazine is unique and different from mainstream magazines.
  3. 3. Typical Content? Items of clothing – male and female Accessories Posters Interviews with different bands Band albums new and old Jewellery Positive – Don’t always use constantly newly released clothing items – use a lot of the older items too, to still appeal to older fans. Pictures? In HD Clear Equally spaced In a layout – sometimes the layout changes Articles? There is 2 1 around the middle of the magazine – an interview with the chosen band of the magazine 1 at the beginning – giving a brief description about what to expect from the magazine – how to apply for certain things and relevant information from the producers. Advertisements? There is one right at the beginning – advertising the EMP app for phones It advertises new CD’s, posters, accessories, jewellery etc. Trivium, Korn & Motorhead albums.
  4. 4. Cultural Conventions People from other countries such as: Africa, Germany, Spain etc. probably wouldn’t understand some of the pictures they would be seeing – quite gothic, might not know what ‘gothic’ is. Some of the images are quite ferocious, dark, shocking etc. People from certain religions might disagree with some of the images: some have a lot of fire and darkness involved – Christians for example would probably see this in a very bad way. Negative – At first glance, the front page looks quite violent and scary, unless you are sort of an alternative person and know exactly who Motorhead are, you won’t have a clue what’s going on – this can’t really be changed though, it is a niche magazine. Technical The magazine is usually thick – around 200+ pages Their main magazine is A4 sized – though there are A5 ones pre-released to give the fans a taste of what they will be getting. There are a lot more pictures than text at first glance But looking closer – the ratio is about 1:1 as there is always text accompanying any picture. There aren’t very many advertisements for any other companies – other than for other bands, they advertise their own issue on their website and at the beginning of the magazine. Changes over time