Digital graphics pro forma - T-Shirt Design


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My digital graphics pro forma for my t-shirt design

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Digital graphics pro forma - T-Shirt Design

  1. 1. Digital Graphics Abygail Jones
  2. 2. File Formats
  3. 3. Raster Graphics • These are made up of bitmaps • A bitmap is a picture element, it is made up of pixels, a bit (each pixel) contains colour information for the image. • Re-sizing a bitmap would cause distortion and jagged edges. • bitmap.htm
  4. 4. Vector Graphics • These are not made up of pixels • Instead they use paths with a start and end point • This can be a line, square, triangle or a curvy shape. • Can be used to create simple drawings or complex diagrams • They can be scaled to a different size and not loose image quality •
  5. 5. JPEG Stands For Joint Photographic Experts Group Used For JPEG is used for photographs and web formats Advantage Most images are saved as JPEG and can be used in various places such as the social networking site, Facebook Can be opened in any image format Disadvantage Every time a JPEG file is edited, compressed or recompressed it loses quality. Does not support layers
  6. 6. TIFF Stands For Tagged Image File Format Used For Saving images and desktop publishing, it’s popular with graphic designers for this reason Advantage Doesn’t loose any quality when compressed in folders on the desktop. Can save multi-page documents to a single TIFF file Disadvantage Can take up a lot of storage space, one single TIFF file can hold up to 100 megabytes. Too large to send via email
  7. 7. PSD Stands For Photoshop Documents Used For Editing and manipulating images to look better or add information – usually for front covers of magazines or pictures in magazines altogether. Advantage Saves the layers, page formatting information etc. Supports transparency Doesn’t take up much storage space Saves a lot of information in one file Disadvantage Compression causes the quality of the PSD file to reduce Can be difficult to email and transfer Other programmes might not be able to understand or import a PSD file
  8. 8. AI Stands For Adobe Illustrator Art Used For Creating logos for companies Advantage These can be changed in size and are not affected due to the Vectors having no loss in definition when changed Easy to send or transfer Disadvantage Thin lines may disappear if the picture if the size is reduced too much Everything is drawn – need drawing talent Small errors in the drawing may become visible if enhanced too much
  9. 9. 3DS Stands For 3D Studio Used For 3D modelling of a building, structure, an animation and rendering – the creation of 3D characters, an environment – used in games or moving images like films or in TV. Advantage Used for gaming, TV, movies and is therefore easily transferable given the right software requirements. Disadvantage Has to have a certain format for usage on computers or software programs other than the one the company has used
  10. 10. Digital Graphics Images
  11. 11. Shape Task
  12. 12. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like that I managed to still make it look like an elephant and it was quite easy to control. I like that it was created quickly and still managed to look quite good. What would you improve if you did it again? I’d spend a bit more time on the tusks and the smaller areas because that’s where I struggled and the quality of the final product was quite poor.
  13. 13. Rotoscope
  14. 14. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I liked the way the picture came out, I think for my first time rotoscoping I did a pretty good job. I like the way the shading on his face went and the shading on his eyes I like how the colours contrast, the light pastel colour for his face and the darker, pale colours for his clothes and the dark almost green colour for the shadow on his face I like how I’ve managed to do the eyebrows and the eye shading to match his facial expression in the original picture What would you improve if you did it again? I would try harder with the clothing and the background because the quality is poor I’d improve where the shadows are on his face, some of them are quite sharp and could be improved. I’d improve the colours of his lips and the shape of his lips, they stand out too much and they look a bit odd.
  15. 15. Text Based
  16. 16. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like the image I chose to put behind the words that links to the TV show I chose to use the quote from I like the quote I chose, it was easy to quickly think of an image to go behind it What would you improve if you did it again? Maybe use different images behind each word to make it look different and unique and not all the same Use a black background so that the writing stands out and the image behind the words is clear
  17. 17. Logo Creation
  18. 18. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like the effects and the fact that’s it’s eye catching and unique I liked that I was able to use the text based technique I’d recently learnt to make the writing in the image stand out I like the background I used What would you improve if you did it again? I would be more creative when thinking of ways to make my logo more exciting and memorable Just generally make it look better – it’s obvious that this was my first attempt at something like this Make it look more professional
  19. 19. T-Shirt Designs
  20. 20. Mood board of designs you like
  21. 21. Redbubble T-Shirt Ideas (Second Idea) The 11 Doctor’s from Doctor Who with one famous quote and picture reference (First Idea) Picture of Marceline playing her axe in front of fries – fries being the background image. The Quote: “ ” Her father eating fries in the background/behind the fries Could be seen as comical/emotional (sad) Font: Harrington - One - Two - Three etc Music notes background Picture Ideas
  22. 22. Mood Board The font: See the emotion in Marceline = Sad Seen as comical – show Marceline’s, father’s surprise
  23. 23. Proposal Dimensions 2400 by 3200 Pixels Content My t-shirt is based off of the children’s television show: Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. The t-shirt features the vampire character, Marceline, playing her axe bass in front of a picture of cartoon fries that have been enhanced in terms of size, her father is beside the fries as a freeze-frame photo of the moment where he’s caught eating Marceline’s fries, he is also faded in to the background so it creates the effect that Marceline is thinking about them whilst singing, she has more colour than the two images to show which image is real and which image is in her head. Also the quote, “Daddy, why did you eat my fries?” is above her fathers head. There is also the whole background of the shirt which is white music notes on a black image and therefore preferably, I’d like the t-shirt to be sold in the colour black only. Export Format PNG Advantages; Compatible with Redbubble, can save transparency and lowered opacity Disadvantages; Large file size, slow to upload
  24. 24. Proposal Deadline Monday Tuesday Wednesday Schedule Audience My target audience will be 12+ because most of the fandom for Adventure Time is from around that age as it’s a children’s television show which also means they will understand the reference, but the show is still widely respected by a number of ages – some a lot older than my target audience who will also want to buy the t-shirt.
  25. 25. Digital Flat PlanMarceline’s quote from her song to let the customer know what the t-shirt is all about Surprised expression when caught eating her fries A very emotional, sad, Marceline singing on her axe bass guitar
  26. 26. Final Design
  27. 27. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? • Very good use of the pictures, funny and creative. The background complements the images. What could be developed if the image was repeated? If some other techniques are used such as rotoscoping
  28. 28. T-Shirt Evaluation
  29. 29. Does your final product reflect your original intentions? Compare your planning/digital flat plans/ storyboards to your final product • My final product is slightly different to my digital flat plan and planning, originally I wanted Marceline in front of some faded out fries and her father caught in the act of eating them with a music note background and the quote, “Daddy, why did you eat my fries?” • My final product however was slightly different because the picture of Marceline I originally wanted didn’t go well with the image, so I changed it to a different picture of Marceline where she’s actually singing in another episode altogether, but she’s still emotional and it went well with the rest of the image. I also added to the quote that I was using by using the rest of the lyrics for the most memorable part of the song, instead of, “Daddy, why did you eat my fries?” I added, “I bought them and they were mine, but you ate them yeah you ate my fries and I cried but you didn’t see me cry.” I decided to do this because there was still a lot of space left on my design and now that I have, I think it actually improved the t-shirts look.
  30. 30. Is your product suitable for your audience? Reference your proposal Give an audience profile and describe suitability in reference to content • My product is definitely suitable for my audience, there is no foul language, no sexual references or explicit images and it’s not racist or sexist. • It appeals to its target audience because it references the show and it’s one of the most memorable moments and songs. As long as the consumer watches the show the shirt will make sense and appeal to them. It’s also quite comical, the picture of Marceline’s dad being caught and how it looks like she’s reminiscing about them. I think it will also appeal to audiences above the age of 12 (target audience age) because the fandom for Adventure Time is huge and not just children or teens watch it, adults do too and again as long as they watch the show they will understand the reference and also want to buy my t-shirt.
  31. 31. What do you like/dislike about the techniques you have used? Reference specific tools you used with images • I liked the lasso tool, it was easy to control and it made the process of getting rid of the background so much quicker. • I disliked using the eraser tool, before I was aware of what the lasso tool did, I used the eraser tool to get rid of the background of my images and it took a very long time and a lot of effort. • Changing the opacity I enjoyed, you can get to just the right fade without messing up your image or changing the colour too much. • I enjoyed using the Horizontal Text tool too, it was easy to figure out and use and move around or change the colour and angle on the writing.
  32. 32. What do you like/dislike about how your final product looks? • I like how the images behind Marceline are faded out just enough to make them look like memories and not a complete image. • I dislike how the music notes in the background cut off at the edges of the template or how they look stretched out and slightly pixelated, in future designs I will try find a bigger picture so that if I have to stretch it to fit the background, it won’t look pixelated or cut anything off. • I like how the writing looks on the background, I like the colour and the font that I chose, it went well with the background image though there was a few issues with the white music notes making the white writing hard to read. • I dislike how the writing is angled, I could have spent more time making it look better. • I like how I edited the picture of Marceline’s dad eating her fries so that there was no background of the picture, just him and the box of fries. • I dislike the picture of Marceline I had to use compared to the one I wanted to use originally, if the consumer is a big fan they will definitely know that is the wrong picture of Marceline and it could make them not want to buy it.
  33. 33. Why did you include the content you used? Images, fonts, effects, colours • I used the images of the fries and Marceline’s dad faded to make it look like it was Marceline thinking about the images instead of the images literally being there. • I used the picture of Marceline playing her axe bass to make it look like she’s singing and she’s very emotional about it. • I used the music note background to also make it look like it’s in Marceline’s head and to emphasise that she is singing and not just speaking. • I used the font Bell Gothic Std Light because it’s quite a pretty font and it’s visually pleasing. Also because it’s ‘gothic’ and as Marceline is a vampire it seemed appropriate. • I didn’t use too many effects other than changing the opacity of the images of the fries and Marceline’s dad to make it look like they were faded and not actually there.
  34. 34. What style have you employed in your products? Discuss influences/ existing products What visual style does your work have and why did you choose it? • I saw a picture of Marceline’s axe bass that had the words, “Daddy, why did you eat my fries?” Inside instead of the strings or the actual guitar/axe. This inspired me to make a t-shirt about the song and that’s how I decided on my final idea. • I think my final design has an almost comical/emotional effect on the fans who see it/buy it. It’s comical in a sense that it looks like Marceline is reminiscing and singing about her lost fries but its also emotional because it was her father who ate them and that’s caused quite a few issues. I chose this effect because I think that the target audience would enjoy it as its humorous yet emotional.
  35. 35. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the pre-production and planning How did the planning and research help Reference specific examples • The planning made the process a lot quicker than it would have been if I was to think of an idea and try and remember it. • It helped so that if I made mistakes, there was always a backup plan or idea that I could use instead. • The research helped me come up with a unique design that hadn’t been used before and it also gave me inspiration for my own design. • An example of a design that helped inspire my own would be the t-shirt design on Redbubble of Marceline’s axe bass with the quotes inside of it.
  36. 36. Analyse each of your final print products commenting on the strengths, weaknesses and aspects you would do differently if you were to repeat the project • Put an image of each product on the page and analyse it through annotating The images are clear The writing is easy to read and understand The background looks stretched and some of the music notes get cut off instead of look complete I would try and get a larger background that wouldn’t look stretched or fix this background and make it smaller so no music notes are cut off The two images are faded just enough to make it look like it’s in the background and not a real image I’ve used the lasso tool well so that none of the previous background is visible Some of the text is hard to read due to the white music notes I would play about with the writing colour to make it stand out more and not become hard to read
  37. 37. Analyse each of your final print products commenting on the strengths, weaknesses and aspects you would do differently if you were to repeat the project I used the lasso tool well, you can’t see any sign of a previous background for any picture I’ve changed the opacity on everything in the picture to have the desired effect that two of the Doctor’s no longer exist. I’ve added in and edited a Doctor Who logo to make it look a little more professional I’ve made the old Doctor’s look towards the new one for added effect I’d add in all of the other Doctor’s, not just two I’d change the background, change it to: • A dalek • A different picture of the Earth • The TARDIS • All of the Doctor’s as the background with Peter Capaldi in the same place Try Rotoscoping or adding in text/quotes
  38. 38. Peer Feedback • Summarise peer feedback and discuss – Responses you agree with I agree that the background compliments the image I could have used some other techniques such as Rotoscoping instead of just editing the pictures in as they were – Responses you disagree with