Policy Primer-Davida Aerlic


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Policy Primer for Net303. Chosen platform Tumblr. Overview of Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Policy Primer-Davida Aerlic

  1. 1. Policy PrimerNET 303Davida Aerlic Tumblr An overview: Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  2. 2. When using Tumblr…
  3. 3. “you are consenting tothecollection, transfer,manipulation, storage,disclosure and otheruses of yourinformation(Tumblr, 2012).”
  4. 4. Tumblr is a free platform designed tocreate and share text, images, audio and videomaterial.
  5. 5. So who owns the content youcreate on Tumblr?
  6. 6. intellectualYou own allproperty rights to thecontent you create and Tumblr third partiesand/orretain ownership ofall intellectual property rights in allmaterial other thanyours (Tumblr, 2012).
  7. 7. A few other things to considerwhen posting to Tumblr…
  8. 8. When you make somethingpublicly available onthe Internet, it becomespractically IMPOSSIBLEto take down all copiesof it.
  9. 9. Therefore, when posting youshould consider that allpublicly-postedmaterial will be available toother Tumblr usersand users of other socialmedia sites and this materialcan be distributed andanalysed via these sites.(Tumblr, 2012)
  10. 10. Your Tumblraccount could besuspendedorterminatedat anytime…
  11. 11. Tumblr retains the right to createlimits on and related to use of the services in itssole discretion at any time with or withoutnotice. With new products, services, andfeatures launching all the time, they need theflexibility to make changes, imposelimits, and occasionally suspend or terminatecertain offerings (like features that flop).They can also suspend any individualaccount at any time (Tumblr, 2012).
  12. 12. Does Tumblr informyou when it changes it’sTerms of Service?
  13. 13. Tumblr can modify its Termsof Service at any time byposting a revisionthrough the website and byproviding notice to youusually via email.
  14. 14. Registration, TumblrURLs, and Security
  15. 15. “One of the great features of Tumblrsproducts is customizability, and bloggershave a lot of flexibility in how their blogsbehave. When you visit a blog in ournetwork, that blog may collect moreinformation than we do, and may provideinformation to third parties that we haveno relationship with, including toadvertisers (Tumblr, 2012)”
  16. 16. Does Tumblr collect information from my blog?
  17. 17. “One of the great features of Tumblrsproducts is customizability, and bloggers havea lot of flexibility in how their blogs behave.When you visit a blog in our network, thatblog may collect more information than wedo, and may provide information to thirdparties that we have no relationship with,including to advertisers (Tumblr, 2012)”
  18. 18. What Information doesTumblr Collect andHow Do They Use It?
  19. 19. Who Does TumblrShare YourInformation with?
  20. 20. Tumblr never sharesinformation fromyou unless…
  21. 21. they have yourpermission toshare thatinformation
  22. 22. Or they have givenyou prior noticethat the informationwill be shared
  23. 23. Or that informationthat does notidentify you
  24. 24. Is Your Information Secure?
  25. 25. Basically your information is as secureas you make it.To prevent unauthorized access toyour Tumblr account select and protectyour password appropriately and limitaccess to your computer and browser.And don’t forget to sign out afteryou’ve finished using Tumblr’s services.
  26. 26. Can the Privacy Policybe changed at any time likeTerms of Service?
  27. 27. Tumblr can amend theirPrivacy Policyfrom time to time, usingthe process formodificationsset forth in our Terms ofService.The use of informationthey collect now issubject to the PrivacyPolicy in effect at thetime such information isused (Tumblr, 2012).
  28. 28. Important privacy point
  29. 29. In some cases Tumblrcollects information aboutcontent you provide tothe services.For instance, the mobiledevice you use and yourphone number might becollected to improveservices. However, you willhave a choice as towhether this information iscollected and store(Tumblr, 2012).
  30. 30. Also in some cases Tumblrmay choose to buy or sellbusiness assets.In these transactions, userinformation istypically one of thetransferred businessassets (Tumblr, 2012).
  31. 31. Furthermore, if Tumblr’sassets, wereacquired, or if theywere to go out ofbusiness or enterbankruptcy, userinformation wouldbe one of the assets that istransferred or acquired by athird party(Tumblr,2012).
  32. 32. It is important forusers to know that suchtransfers may occur,and that any acquirer ofus or our assets maycontinue to use yourPersonalInformation as setforth in this policy(Tumblr, 2012).
  33. 33. A company you may not knowcould end up with your Tumblrinformation.How does that make you feel?
  34. 34. “The real privacyconcerns arise when usersallow people they do notknow and normallywould not trustto have access to thepersonally identifiableinformation they havemade available.(Goettke and Christiana,2007). “
  35. 35. How young is tooyoung for Tumblr?
  36. 36. You have to be at least13 years old touse Tumblr asTumblr is based onU.S. federal and statelegislation.
  37. 37. Deleted your Tumblraccount…. But what happens to theinformation shared acrossTumblr blogs?
  38. 38. “Deleting your Account may not fully remove the content you havepublished from our systems, as caching of, backups of, copies of,or references to your Account information may not beimmediately removed (Tumblr, 2012).”“In addition, given the nature of sharing on the Services,some of the public activity on your Account prior to deletion (such asRe-blogs of your blog posts) may remain stored on our servers andaccessible to the public (Tumblr, 2012).”
  39. 39. A few more interesting factsabout Tumblr…
  40. 40. Community Guidelines As a global platform for creativity and self- expression, Tumblr is deeply committed to supporting and protecting freedom of speech. Tumblr also celebrates creativity so FEEL FREE to express yourself freely and to reflect who you are, and what you love, think, witness, and believe (Tumblr, 2012).
  41. 41. “Unlike democracies, which enable citizens toexpress political opposition through thevoting booth, non-democratic regimesprovide little or no formal outlets for politicaldissent. In the absence of these formaloutlets, actors that oppose specific policies orentire regimes must express their oppositionvia extra-legal means directed at stateauthority (Mclaughlin, 2003).”
  42. 42. However Tumblr is not for… Malicious bigotry, harm to minors, promotion and glorification of self-harm, gore and mutilation content, sexually explicit videos, non-genuine social gesture schemes, username and URL abuse, spam
  43. 43. or… Mass registration and automation, unauthorized contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways, third-party theme distribution, copyright and trademark infringement
  44. 44. or… impersonation, stalking, or privacy harassment, violations, and resource abuse, unlawful uses and content
  45. 45. “Though they are intended topositively contribute tosociety, negative aspectsinvariably surface as by-products of the development ofnew technologies suchas these (Patchin and Hinduja,2006).”
  46. 46. Termination and Deletion
  47. 47. On termination of your Accountor upon your deletion ofparticular pieces of SubscriberContent from the Services, Tumblr shallmake reasonable efforts to make suchSubscriber Content inaccessibleand cease use of it; however,you acknowledge and agree that:
  48. 48. caching of, copies of, orreferences to the userscontent may not beimmediately removed;
  49. 49. such removed contentmay persist in backups(not available to others) for areasonable periodof time; and
  50. 50. such removed content maybe available (and stored onour servers) through theaccounts of other usersbecause of re-blogging(Tumblr, 2012).
  51. 51. “Censorship is the moral orlegislative process bywhich society “agrees” to limitwhat an individual can do, say,think, or see. All societieshave forms of censorship,effective only with sufficientthreat and severityof punishment for violating thecensorship rule (Depken, 2006).”
  52. 52. ReferencesPatchin, J., & Hinduja, S. (2006). Bullies Move Beyond the Schoolyard. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice,4(2). Retrieved from: Curtin Library DatabaseDepken, C. (2006). Who Supports Internet Censorship? First Monday, 11(9).Retrieved from: http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/1390/1308Tumblr. 2012. Terms of Service. Retrieved from: http://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/terms_of_serviceTumblr. 2012. Privacy Policy. Retrieved from: http://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/privacyTumblr. 2012. Community Guidelines. Retrieved from: http://www.tumblr.com/policy/en/communityGoettke, R., & Christiana, J. (2007). Privacy and Online Social Networking Websites. Computer Science199r: Special Topics in Computer Science Computation and Society: Privacy and Technology. Retrievedfrom: http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/cs199r/fp/RichJoe.pdfLaughlin, S. (2003). The use of Internet for political action by non-state dissident actors in Middle East.Retrieved from: http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/1096/1016