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Tweeting @journalism


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How college journalist should integrate social media into their lives, by Tony Lee, The Intrepid’s editor in chief.

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Tweeting @journalism

  1. 1. Tweeting @journalism How college journalist shouldintegrate social media into their lives By Tony Lee, The Intrepid’s Editor in Chief
  2. 2. First, what is social media?“Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, net working and bookmarking online.” - Ron Jones
  3. 3. What does that mean to us?“Around 81 percent of Generation Y uses Facebookdaily—a percentage that is more than double of thosereading newspapers or watching TV. (Also) 25 percentuses YouTube, 20 percent uses Twitter and 45 percentfrequents blogs daily.” -“Sites like Digg, Sphinn, Newsvine and BallHype letyou read about news and then vote and/or commenton the articles. Articles with more votes get promotedto a more prominent position.” - Ron Jones
  4. 4. Reality of the 21st century Preferred news delivery may be via smart phones, tablets and social media (ie: Twitter). Journalists may need to learn how to tweet, take pictures and edit video to get a job.
  5. 5. Reality of the 21st century Letters to the editors and writers may slowly be replaced to @replies and Facebook comments. Social media can make a journalist’s mistake something viral. Social media will be the ultimate truth serum.
  6. 6. How can I get started?Create a Twitter accountMake a blog (recommend tumblr orWordPress)
  7. 7. First, what is... “Twitter is a social networking and Twitter in Plain English microblogging service that allows you answer the question, ‘What are you doing?’ by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called tweets to your friends or followers.” By YouTube user leelefever -
  8. 8. How to create... Log onto Click on button Fill out form (Note: you can change your Twitter username anytime as long as it’s available) Then follow @Intrepid_SBU and @sHecKii. Also @StBonaventure, @Go_Bonnies, @mashsocialmedia, @TIME, @stlvolunteen and @markbelcherjr
  9. 9. How will help my career? Understand #hashtags and its Jimmy Fallon power #worstjobieverhad Hashtags can become a useful tool to search topics (ie: #Bonas, #Bonnies) Anyone can become a beat reporter using Twitter! By YouTube user SockNinja100 Great article on hashtags by © NBC Universal, Inc.
  10. 10. How will help my career? Just like how users comment on local issues on Facebook, Twitter hashtags can garner similar results Potential stories about Foursquare usage on campus, WSBU nomination, an article written about alumni, etc... searching #Bonas
  11. 11. How will help my career? RT, or retweeting, is when someone tweets another user’s tweet as their own Any journalist can develop a brand and promote his or her work on a global scale Note: my #TheDaily article received over 100 views in the first 3 hours - 40 percent linked via Twitter
  12. 12. Why do I need a blog?“’s clear that bloggers are gaining more and moreinfluence. Audience size is growing for many, andcollectively bloggers have a reach equal to or greater thantraditional media across many categories.”- Jeremy Porter from“It’s a personal medium that allows the journalist to comeacross as a human being, which sometimes can bedifficult in a more traditional news story. Blogs are easy toread and fun, so they are a great way to communicatewith readers.” - Gina Masullo Chen on
  13. 13. What blogging site should I choose? Tumblr is the latest “coolest” No. 1 blogging site WordPress is still the No. 1 blogging site by volume The Intrepid uses Tumblr because of its reblogging and dashboard feature
  14. 14. How do I create a Tumblr? Click the button on the right corner Enter e-mail, password and a blog URL (note: only letters and dashes allowed; no numbers, shift characters or underscore) Then pick out a theme (next slide)
  15. 15. How do I create a Tumblr? But pick the right theme, one that can integrate your Twitter and Disqus account with such as Vignelli (pictured above) Google search “tumblr themes” and choose one that fits your brand and writing style
  16. 16. How do I create a Tumblr?Learn what Disqus is and how to integrate into anyTumblr website - 9-minute video on how to set up Tumblr - my Tumblr blog - http://sheckiiville.comFollow The Intrepid’s Tumblr - follow @Intrepid_SBU onTwitter to see what the website link is on mid February
  17. 17. What The Intrepid will look likeChose Tumblr because of likes, reblogs and abilityto integrate slideshows, videos and podcasts
  18. 18. Why Tumblr for journalist?Reblog is essentially aretweet, so the abilityfor readers to read andshare is pricelessTumblr dashboard isessentially like aFacbeook news feed—arguably one of themain reasons why Tumblr offers freeFacebook became mobile version thatmore popular than makes it easy to viewMySpace and others on smart phones
  19. 19. What does all this mean for 21st century journalists?• Mass communications industry is changing faster than ever• Social media has, in some sense, taken jobs away, but successful journalists have adapted and learned to utilize it as a powerful tool• Understanding social media gives you the highest chance to get a job straight out of college — especially if you’ve built a brand
  20. 20. What does all this mean for 21st century journalists?• Whether you become a sports blogger, a news writer, a fashionista or public relations expert, be conscious of building a brand• Social media will be the ultimate truth serum, allowing journalist to keep up with news worldwide and locally, but also makes it harder for reporters to make errors in fact and get away with it
  21. 21. What does this mean for The Intrepid?• Invite readers into newsrooms via social media (ie: Twitter, Facebook, comments)• Give readers the freedom to ask questions to interviewees and reward them on Twitter and videos for their suggestions• Promote specific hashtags and website polls to understand the community better• Provide hyper-localized, interactive content
  22. 22. What does this mean for The Intrepid?• Provide content in a medium where college students prefer to get news• Social media allows readers and writers to interact on a personal basis, allowing friendship and trust to develop• Spread information about St. Bonaventure University easily to the world
  23. 23. “Be the changeyou want to see in the world.” - Mahatma (949) 533-4235 © 2011 The Intrepid