Special Issue: Oct. 18, 2011


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Special Issue: Oct. 18, 2011

  1. 1. BROWN AND Senate approves new J-School major WHITE NIGHT A new major focusing on digital and emerging media may be offered as lot of new ones, too.” Br. Basil Valente, O.F.M., director of Inte- grated Marketing Communications, said soon as the 2012 fall semester the major — which could be offered as By Tony Lee early as fall 2012 — will focus on digital ediTor in Chief and emerging media, providing students an opportunity to understand cutting- ST. BONAVENTURE (Oct. 17) – The Faculty edge communication channels and how it Senate approved a groundbreaking new can relate to traditional media as well. major Friday proposed by the members of “I look forward to working with my col- the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism leagues as we build the new undergradu- and Mass Communication. ate program and ensure its status as di- The new major, titled strategic commu- rectly connected to our graduate degree nication and digital media, will now go to in Integrated Marketing Communications,” University President Sr. Margaret Carney, he said. O.F.S., for approval. Br. Basil, who worked with Mackowski, “We expect Sr. Margaret to approve the Hoffmann and Shelley Jack, a visiting pro- proposal since she has been a supporter fessor, on this major, said this would allow all along,” said Pauline Hoffmann, interim the university to create an on-campus stra- dean of the School of Journalism and Mass tegic communications agency. Communication. “As the Dean, I had to an- “(The agency will be) designed to pro- swer all questions and address concerns at vide intensive experiential learning oppor- the Faculty Senate’s curriculum committee tunities for students while also providing and at the Senate level. It reinforced for me professional services in for-profit and not- Tony Lee / The Intrepid that this is absolutely the correct major for for-profit business sectors,” he said. our students.” According to the Faculty Senate constitu- WOLF PACK: Many in attendance gave standing ovations to coaches Eddie Donovan, Jim Satalin and Chris Mackowski, one of the four Jandoli tion, the teaching faculty has the responsibil- Larry Weise as they had commemorative banners hung at the Reilly Center Arena Saturday. School professors assigned by former dean ity for the legislation of general policies on ac- Lee Coppola to put together this new ma- ademic matters concerning undergraduate Scan this on your smartphone or go to jor, said it will then get passed on to the State Department of Education for final schools, including curricula; requirements for degrees; and the establishment, modifi- TheIntrepid.org/tagged/Brown_and_ approval before the university can start of- fering bachelor’s degrees. cation or discontinuance of any school, de- partment, curriculum or program. “This is a big step forward for us as we con- White_Night/ to see all the content tinue to adapt our curriculum to meet the Vote on TheIntrepid.org: changing dynamics of the industry,” said from Saturday’s event. Mackowski, associate professor of journal- ism and mass communication. “We’re go- What do you think of strategic communication and digital media? ing to serve our students — and attract aEditorial: Don’t onlyblame the smokers We got your back! BEHIND THE WOLFPACK The fresh air outside of Plassmann Hall Peer Coaching Program makes stride and she helped me calm down and told me Bonnies will make thehas been replaced by cigarette smoke. on improving students’ first-year what to expect.”Students exit their classes and are The St. Bonaventure University Peer Coach- NCAA Tournamentgreeted by the smell. The same goes for experience ing Program matches incoming freshmenFriedsam Memorial Library and most and transfer students with upperclassmen By ryan Lazoother buildings on campus. Story by Maddie Gionet, Features Editor known as peer coaches and peer leaders, feaTure CoLumnisT A university policy states for smokers said Abby Cohen, assistant director for the Ito stay at least 30 feet away from every t’s like having a superhero for a friend. First Year Experience. These upperclassmen Coach Markcampus building. However, plenty of That’s how Kate Timony would describe give them a helping hand and a familiar face Schmidt came tosmokers gather closer to the door than a peer coach. through their first year of college. St. Bonaventurethey should, unintentionally — or bla- As an incoming freshman this year, “Your peer coach is basically your go-to University to re-tantly — exhaling smoke on everyone. Timony can attest that these so-called su- person,” Cohen said. “It’s someone who you build a program, But, in all fairness, the university makes perheroes live up to their motto: “We’ve got can use as a resource, one specific person to saying he aimedit hard for smokers to even follow said your back!” contact if you have questions, someone to for its basketball team to be in therule, especially during the colder sea- Photo “I panicked before my first exam,” the welcome new students into the Bona family.” Atlantic 10 Conference’s top tier bysons and rainy days. courtesy freshman biology major said. “I got a hold his fifth season. Plassmann has one ashtray 30 feet of Maddie of my peer coach, who is also a bio major, http://bit.ly/sbu_pcp He is looking like a prophet thus far. Gionet Despite St. Bonaventure’s 16-14from the door, but has two directly out-side of it. Out of the 18 buildings on the record last year, many analysts havemain campus, only De La Roche Hall See the exclusive Mike Posner predicted the Bonnies to finish some- where between third and fifth in theand the library have at least one ashtray interview at 14-team A-10 this season.30 feet away. Otherwise, most campusbuildings lack convenient receptacles http://bit.ly/posner_sbu But why the optimism?for rule-following smokers. Well, defeating a highly touted St. For example, those who sit on the curb Johns team on the road on Dec. 7,in the circle near Robinson and Falconio 2010, helped. Having Andrew Nichol-halls are doing exactly as they should, son, a legitimate NBA prospect and anbut those who gather on benches out- All-American candidate, back for hisside of the Hickey Dining Hall or Café La senior year doesn’t hurt.Verna do not follow the rule. Scan the QR code to read Above The Influence’s website is the rest or visit http://bit.ly/chockfull of facts about every drugimaginable. The website states on its ncaa_sbuReality Check page, “Smoking puts yourfriends and family at risk. Each year ap-proximately 3,000 non-smokers die oflung cancer from second-hand smoke.” Tony Lee / Until the university provides more The Intrepidashtrays at proper distances away fromthe doors, those who choose to smoke ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY...will do so by convenience. In the mean- ...in 1968, the U.S. Olympic Committee suspends Tommie Smith andtime, those who don’t will just have to See Madison Thieman’s video of the 2011 John Carlos for giving a black power salute during a victory ceremony atsuck it up — literally. Bonagany at http://bit.ly/bonagany2011 the Mexico City games.
  2. 2. The Intrepid Photo Page [Mike Posner performs at SBU on April 5, 2011.] [Scan this QR code to see the ex- clusive Mike Posner interview.][Sophomore Dut Dour, sophomore Jamar Young.] .] o ur u tD D o re m p ho o [S [Scan this QR code to see The Intrepid’s video of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.] [De La Roche Hall/ William F. Walsh Science Center] [Future site of Bonaventure Square.]