Cliff Rosenberg - POI Presentation May09


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19 May 2009 - "Power of Influence" Lunch
The Insight Exchange (www.theinsightexchange)
Cliff Rosenberg's 8 minute statement presentation.

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  • Cliff Rosenberg - POI Presentation May09

    1. 1. The Power Of Influence Cliff Rosenberg - May 2009 In 1964 80% of Americans read a newspaper every day, today, it has dropped to less than 50% !
    2. 2. Google is not just a search engine, it’s a place to influence yours and your co’s reputation ! … spurned a whole new industry ! Employers, partners, dates, etc are regularly typing your name into Google ! – a powerful and somewhat dangerous research tool ! … . Also get SEO working for you asap.
    3. 3. What brands / advertisers want remains the same thru the ages ie: influence as many potential customers as possible to make a buy decision Newspapers MEDIA TV CUSTOMERS BRANDS Radio Magazines …20 years ago the choice was relatively simple – target customers via TV, radio, newspapers and magazines …
    4. 4. Media choices (influencing channels) have exploded with media fragmentation ! MEDIA Video Games Blogs Rooftops for Radio Magazines Google Mobile Maps Phones Netbooks Newspapers TV CUSTOMERS BRANDS / Instant ADVERTISERS Messenger TIVO VOIP Podcasts Slingbox …and even within media such as online there has been a massive shift in the last few years in the influence equation …
    5. 5. Up until a few years ago online media buying was relatively simple - a few big sites dominated (kinda the same as no one ever went wrong buying IBM !) MEDIA CUSTOMERS BRANDS / ADVERTISERS … But online itself has fragmented …(Facebook has over 275 million unique monthly visitors - double the traffic of any of the Big Four portals, including Google).
    6. 6. …and accessing and influencing online customers is becoming increasingly complex …… “Traditional” online media CUSTOMERS … and the founding online publishers are the casualties … advertisers now go after wherever customers are based on their social profiles and networks
    7. 7. So what does this all mean for us ?  As brands / advertisers - Customers are ‘adverted out’ and influencing them is far more complex than it used to be – the key is to: ENGAGE, ADD VALUE via compelling content, and align your brand with online destinations that make sense for you !  Don’t fall into the low CPM trap – the big networks have almost nowhere else to go with monetising their traffic – they have lost the edge to sharper, nimbler and more customer focused players  Google says its all about trying to ‘organise the worlds information’ – perhaps with increasing media fragmentation a new way of thinking is that the challenge now is to ‘organise the worlds people’ (can’t influence them if you don’t know where they are!).
    8. 8. Thanks !