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Your Logo & You


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Your Logo & You

  2. 2. PAUL RAND“A logo derives its meaning from the quality of thething it symbolizes, not the other way around.”
  3. 3. logotypes
  4. 4. 1Text-based logos(a.k.a. word marks)consist primarily of afont treatment.
  5. 5. Visually understandableLogo recognition equalsname recognitionFavored by manyFortune 500 companiesand traditionalcorporationsLacks “cool” factorDifficult to create aunique styling with fontsTypography can becomedated, giving the logo anold-fashioned imageover timePROS CONS
  6. 6. 2Illustration logos attempt toportray what a company does.
  7. 7. Creates a unique brandimage that imitatorscannot copyEasier to copyrightOnce established, has ahigh recognition factorPopular with“fun’”establishments(bars, restaurants, clubs)Requires repeatedexposure before beingunderstoodMight look amateurishTime-consuming andexpensive to developCan be difficult to scalelogo’s size without losingfiner detailsPROS CONS
  8. 8. 3 Icons andsymbols useimagery to conveya literal or abstractrepresentation ofan organization.
  9. 9. Well-known icons areinstantly recognizableStand alone withoutcompany name or taglineEasy to scaleTimelessTakes years to obtainicon statusMost obvious symbolsare already takenCan be too abstractPermanentPROS CONS
  10. 10. 4Word mark logoswith subtlesymbolism.
  11. 11. ELEMENTSdesign
  12. 12. UsabilityWill it look good invarious formats?
  13. 13. VARIOUSFORMATS? Standard colors Various colors Grayscale Colors transposed In print Embroidered Screen printed Online With or without tagline
  14. 14. Best to use a singlefont,but never more than two.
  15. 15. Avoid fonts similar tothose of well-known brands
  16. 16. The Image Group
  17. 17. generallyspeaking,when using both a symboland a name, the name shouldbe in simple, no-frills text
  18. 18. Tagline>> OPTIONAL
  19. 19. Avoidtrendy fontsor symbolism☞ ☞
  20. 20. SYMBOLSVSTYPOGRAPHYA strong, trustworthy namecarries its own weight
  22. 22. VARIATIONSbrand guidelines: logo | 03.2009variationslogo 1RATE SIGNATUREnd logotype in vertical configurationt: 0.5 inchalternate logoLOGOTLogotype withoUse when spacwhen reproducweb, or if the dminimum heighalternate logoHORIZOGraphic mark tUse this optionthe primary logIdeal for placemminimum heigho | logo 2TYPEhout the graphic mark.ce doesn’t allow for the graphic mark,uction quality fails at small sizes, for thedesi gn calls for a simpler logo.ght: ~0.07 inch, must be legible.o | logo 3ONTAL LOGOto the left of the logotype.| logo 2YPEout the graphic mark.e doesn’t allow for the graphic mark,tion quality fails at small sizes, for theesi gn calls for a simpler ~0.07 inch, must be legible.| logo 3ONTAL LOGOo the left of the logotype.when space doesn’t allow forgo’s vertical configuration.ment on the left side in 0.375 inch
  23. 23. Minimum Size.5 inch
  24. 24. Clear Space
  25. 25. STACKINGUniversity Signature: StackedUniversity Signature: CenteredUniversity Signature: Left Aligned
  26. 26. Color MixIdentity © Demand Mediabrand@demandmedia.com10In certain instances, suchas on the Demand Mediawebsite, a vibrant colorlogo may not be appropri-ate, and may potentiallyclash with other colors. Inthese instances, an all graylogo can be used.Color logo on white backgroundsWhite logo on color backgroundsAlways us a graylogotypeWhen using the logo on awhite background, the logo-type should always appear ingray, never in a vibrant color,and never in solid black.Rd color may beemand Mediais important—useackgrounds and ackgrounds.detailed colorvalues.
  27. 27. Reversed Logo
  28. 28. PositioningIdentity © Demand Mediabrand@demandmedia.com8Center position.Corner position.Centering the logolooks generic andpredictable: (Much better: )
  29. 29. Web Placement
  30. 30. Color | color |DigitalPrint* digital yellow currently in use on the website** revised digital yellow is more consistent with the desired yellow (Pantone 122U) Pantone Color Process Color Equivalent RGB Equivalent HEX EquivalentSignature Colors (use for color matching) C | M | Y | K R | G | B # __ __ __ __ __ __122U (uncoated) 0 | 25 | 100 | 0 * 255 | 212 | 0 *#FFD400136C (coated) 0 | 30 | 90 | 0 ** 255 | 186 | 0 ** #FFBA00— 0 | 0 | 0 | 100 0 | 0 | 0 #000000— 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 255 | 255 | 255 #FFFFFFcool gray 9 0 | 0 | 0 | 80 88 | 89 | 91 #58595Bcool gray 4 0 | 0 | 0 | 10 231 | 232 | 233 #E7E8E9* web color in effect up to 2009** revised color formula that is more consistent with our desired yellow (122U)Dark GrayLight GraySupporting Grayscolor formula
  31. 31. COLORSFreely use the logo’scolors elsewhere, but keep thecolors in the logo consistent.
  32. 32. UsagePresortedFirstClassMailU.S.PostagePAIDSeattle,WAPermitNo.2389AdobeSystemsIncorporated345ParkAvenueSanJose,CA95110-2704www.adobe.com2009U.S.BENEFITSOpenEnrollmentGuideBrochure FrontBack Adobe Systems Incorporated345 Park AvenueSan Jose, CA 95110-2704USAwww.adobe.comAdobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, and Better by Adobe are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the UnitedStates and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.© 2007 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA.95004788 8/07Virtual classrooms: Deliver live, interactive contentWhile virtual classrooms can save time and money, if the experiences are static and boring, whatis the real cost? 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Acrobat Connect Pro usesstandards such as XML and Java to exchange data, and it offers a full developer resource centerwith hundreds of APIs and software development kits (SDKs).Products in this solutionFor more informationFor more details about Adobe solutionsfor training and eLearning, solutions for training and eLearning can transform your agency’s online training. Acrobat Connect Pro softwareenables you to deliver real-time and on-demand training instantly in any bandwidth on many devices.Graphic or tableAdobe Government and eLearning Solution Brief50-85-word intro The learning and performance support needs of an increasinglydiverse workforce have never been greater. Whether it’s training new employees,helping workers learn new applications, or providing situational training to helpwarfighters and first responders deal with issues immediately, there is a very realneed for instant, cost-effective training. Duisi blaorpero enisi blaor ing er alis am ipisad tetumsan ut init delisi bla facidunt dit, sustio corperaesto conummod tat amzzriusto.Forrester Research notes that 45%of public employees in the UnitedStates will be at retirement agewithin the next 5 years. Thisimpending retirement wave iscreating a “knowledge void” ingovernment that can be addressedthrough training, mentoring, andother methods. Forrester implores,“Now is the time to start.”Real-time and just-in-time solutions for governmentagencies extend training to people virtually anywhereTraditional training methods are becoming cost-prohibitive and aren’t always available tothe people who need themIn an effort to become more efficient and effective with fewer resources, governments are activelyseeking ways to recruit and retain key personnel. They need training and recruitment programsto help fill positions and to provide government contractors with the workforce necessary tomeet service demands and technology proficiency requirements.Unfortunately, traditional classroom training is becoming cost-prohibitive, and many alternatives,such as CDs and training manuals, are not always available to all people, anywhere in the world.While eLearning is gaining popularity, many of these solutions require agencies to installunwieldy software. Not only does this increase cost, even for employees in an office setting,but it also makes it impossible to extend training to mobile workers and warfighters in lesspredictable circumstances. 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All rights reserved.Printed in the USA. 6/09Adobe Systems, Incorporated345 Park AvenueSan Jose, CA 95110-2704www.adobe.comUpgrade today:Save $100 when you upgradeSUITE DEALSUITE DEALUpgrade to Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 and save US$100*Act now: us June 30 at NECC to learnabout Adobe solutions for careerand technical educationAttend an exclusive breakfast where you’ll learn about maximizingstimulus funding, enabling faculty success, and teaching students21st century workforce skills. Featured speakers Duane Humeof the Florida Department of Education and Pete Episcopoof Brevard County (Florida) Schools will examine careerpreparation challenges and successes. 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XXXXXXXX 5/09Adobe Systems, Incorporated345 Park AvenueSan Jose, CA 95110-2704www.adobe.comBreakfastatNECC2009FrontBackPostcard
  33. 33. Typography
  34. 34. Misuses
  36. 36. Before you redesign...
  37. 37. Vincent van Gogh”“How difficult it isto be simple.