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Cross campus collaboration


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Presented by Carole Porter and Laura Link at The Innovative Library Classroom 2014 conference at Radford University

Published in: Education
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Cross campus collaboration

  1. 1. Cross-Campus Collaboration to Produce Camtasia®-Enhanced Lessons to Improve Distance Learning Carole Porter, MLIS Laura Link, MS, MLS (ASCP)CM, CHES
  2. 2. Opportunity Create supportive, interactive media to instruct and reinforce clinical skills and procedures in a distance course. Library’s recent Camtasia® purchase Laura’s need for better phlebotomy procedure video Exciting collaborative project!
  3. 3. Project • Correct and incorrect phlebotomy procedures were filmed. • Camtasia® was used to: o Break the live-action video down step-by-step. o Insert slides with instructions and details about proper procedure. o Embed a quiz.
  4. 4. Student Feedback “No changes, because it was short, kept my attention and taught me what I needed to know about venipunctures and site preparation. It was overall very awesome and informative!” “From start to finish was very thorough and realistic. It gave a great overview and details specific to performing venipunctures, thoroughly and professionally. Great tool!!”
  5. 5. What We Learned • We are not videographers. • A lot about Camtasia®. • Collaboration is fun!
  6. 6. Future Library & MLS Department Projects Videos to review lab techniques that are not frequently done. Sputum Gram Neg Bacillus • Gram staining • WBC differential
  7. 7. Links to Videos • Venipuncture Procedure with Quiz: • Venipuncture Procedure without Quiz:
  8. 8. Special Thanks Pamela Brown, PBT, ASCP Phlebotomy Training Coordinator Solstas Lab Partners Jamie Price, MSIS Clinical Research Librarian Jefferson College of Health Sciences
  9. 9. Questions? Carole Porter Laura Link