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An introduction to The Hub. Fostering innovation through sustainable spaces, knowledge, connections, and resources.

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The Hub

  1. 1. 7+,6 ,6 $1 ,19,7$7,21 72 7+( 3(23/( :25.,1* 72 &5($7( $ %(77(5 :25/'
  2. 2. ethical supply chains social venture funding THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF PEOPLE WITH GOOD IDEAS worker owned cooperatives mobile technology services school-based for the developing world health clinics service learning community education programs food gardens But there is a crisis of ACCESS, INFRASTRUCTURE, SCALE, & IMPACT So what would happen if there were places where you go to access the necessary KNOWLEDGE, CONNECTIONS, RESOURCES, and CAPITAL to transform your ideas for change into REALITY…
  3. 3. ers state of the soc ial entreprenu + art spaces + hosted sustainable + Hub Innovation Series solutions for habitat + [creative collisions] people and planet design Opening soon: London (South Bank) . Los Angeles welcome to New York . Oaxaca . Porto . San Francisco Amsterdam . Berlin . Berkeley . Bristol . Brussels . Cairo . Halifax Johannesburg . London (Islington) London (Kings Cross) . Madrid Milan . Mumbai . Rotterdam . Sao Paolo . Stockholm . Tel Aviv Toronto
  4. 4. THE OPPORTUNITY AHEAD The emerging market. The Unlikely allies. The social New ways of working. We are The solution. People with global economic crisis profoundly economy requires the coming witnessing the growth of self- innovative ideas for change disrupted the way we create, together of ‘unlikely allies’ – a employment, the heightened need access to a ‘just-in-time’ judge, and distribute value. With disruptive social entrepreneur and sensitivity to work-life balance, infrastructure, inspiration and the collapse of many traditional reformed venture capitalist or a [OL LTLYNLUJL VM TVYL ÅL_PISL support to thrive and scale. sectors comes the opportunity to bicycle coalition and an emerging work patterns, and the increasing Resources need to be accessible cultivate a new, social economy car company. By relentlessly desire to pursue value-driven and adaptive while embracing the that produces sustainable, pursuing a common goal, we vocations. People are transforming individual spark that drives the prosperous, and inclusive can overcome the traditional the café into a meeting room, the PUUV]H[VY OLYL KV `V NV [V ÄUK solutions. It is an economy that boundaries that divide us. We train into a mobile workspace, the pragmatic resources and the recognizes that there is no single, can then fuse together ideas that and their home into an idea lab. value-driven community that turns big solution to solve the needs of generate real value and reach more These adaptations are more your good ideas into action? You the people and the planet. Rather, people in accordance with the Ä[[PUN [V [OL SPMLZ[`SL JOVPJLZ HUK go to The Hub. it is through the collaboration of cycles that govern our planet. cost considerations of the social multiple ethics that we build a innovator, but their natural limits common language and platform for restrict optimal productivity. making sustainable change.
  5. 5. meet, connect, and inspire. The Hub is a space for social innovators to work, Members come to Hubs across During the day, The Hub is a the globe to collaborate, access dynamic, collision-rich workspace market opportunities and capital, designed by its Members and build community, and scale ideas. the wisdom gleaned from Hub It is a place-based and online communities throughout the world. community of entrepreneurs, Social innovators in the Bay Area freelance professionals, artists, HYL SLH]PUN [OLPY Z[LYPSL VMÄJLZ funders, students, mentors, noisy cafes, and isolated living community leaders… amazing rooms to work alongside diverse people, doing incredible things. peers in a professionally hosted At night, The Hub transforms into We borrowed from the best environment. They choose The an event platform for member- of a member’s club, business /I ILJHZL P[»Z ^OLYL [OL` ÄUK driven collaborations, lectures, incubator, idea lab, and the the access, tools, community, and screenings, innovation labs, and comforts of home to create a inspiration they need to transform some of the most compelling and different kind of space. A habitat their ideas into action. imaginative minds from around the for innovators. world. Hub Members also belong to an online and place-based network of more than 3000 social innovators across four continents. So if you’re in London, Cairo, Mumbai, or a You can be at The Hub by the growing network of cities around event, the meeting, the hour, the the world, you have an inspiring day, the month, or the year. You space to work and connect. simply pay for the time you use. b; We invite you to be a member of The Hu tner, funder, or muse. where you will find your next project, par
  6. 6. (H ) d h t Hub design + H Hub hosting + H Hub tools + si = social innovators innovation ecology
  7. 7. (H ) d h t Hub design + H Hub hosting + H Hub tools + si = social innovators innovation ecology We are mapping the dynamic spatial that foster focused concentration, to the market needs, modes, scales, tools, and habits facing and highly serviced qualities of theater, of people building pioneering solutions. presentation, and meeting spaces. What Through a series of ongoing design remains constant, however, is the primary need sessions, our emerging local network of that Hub spaces be incredibly accessible and Hub Members is helping us understand built with sustainable design principles that the optimal habitat to build and execute YLÅLJ[Z [OL ]HSLZ VM P[Z 4LTILYZ ideas. Requirements range from the stimulating, collision-rich café and hot- desking environment that supports innovation, to the more removed spaces Our design process never ends. As our Hub Community evolves, our spaces shift around their needs. It is a learning, growing environment where change is the only constant.
  8. 8. (H ) d h t Hub design + H Hub hosting + HHub tools + si = social innovators innovation ecology s Hosts Innovation Serie Mentors Professional Serv ices Different from many coworking The Hub Innovation Series is Hub Mentors provide Members Starting or scaling a high-impact spaces and incubators, The designed to simulate new ideas, with critical access to business organization or business requires Hub is a professionally hosted conversations, and collaborations. and organizational development a diverse and skilled set of environment that connects Our events strive to be the nexus support. But not in the inputs that is often inaccessible members and increases capacity. point for diverse engagement conventional way! Hub Mentors to young social enterprises. In Hosts build relationships with between social innovators – a represent agile, accessible response, The Hub is aggregating Members to understand how ‘collision space’ for unlikely coaching capacity that responds a spectrum high-end professional they can plug their skills into allies and their wide spectrum of to rapidly changing needs. We services for Members to use when the community and receive the interests, ethics, and approaches. are working to build a network of ULLKLK ¶ ZJO HZ ÄUHUJPHS SLNHS critical tools they need from other The Hub Innovation Series is a Hub Mentors within each ‘change technical, consulting, and human Members. Hosts also maintain key interface between The Hub, ZLJ[VY» ^OV LP[OLY OVSK VMÄJL capacity. Together, these and inviting conditions for knowledge its Members, the local community, hours at The Hub, are available for other services supply a ‘just-in- sharing, collaboration, and and the world. phone consultations, give lectures, time’ resource and expertise when productivity at The Hub. Perhaps and/or hold workshops. The Members need it most. most importantly, Hosts respond purpose of Hub Mentors is to help to Members’ ‘just-in-time’ needs Members grow their ideas, build for resources, capacity, and strategy, overcome obstacles, and expertise. make crucial connections.
  9. 9. (H ) d h t Hub design + H Hub hosting + HHub tools + si = social innovators innovation ecology Plus Passport Platform As Hubs grow around the world, Becoming a member of The Hub Beyond Members becoming visible a powerful opportunity arises to enables access to Hub locations to each other and collaborating create online collaboration tools. across the world – from Berkeley through Hub Plus and Hub Initially, we built ‘Hub Space’ – and London to Johannesburg Passport, The Hub offers a hosted an online member directory and and Mumbai. The Hub network platform for Members to plug reservation system for more than is growing rapidly across the their message, brand, product, 3000 social innovators across four Americas, Europe, Africa, and or service into a highly networked continents. This, however, is just Asia, providing Members with VUSPUL HUK VMÅPUL JVTTUP[` the beginning. We are building productive spaces and amazing Members can execute their own an online ‘operating system community around the world. brown bag sessions and thematic for collaboration’ that enables There are developing plans for events or collaborate with other Members across the globe to U.S. Hubs in New York, San enterprises to access each create or join Hub groups, share Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, others’ networks. The Hub is also status, message Members, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and other developing ideas to be a marketing engage in online discussions, cities. extension for member enterprises create or join mailing lists, view and [OYVNO ]HYPVZ VUSPUL HUK VMÅPUL publish news/events/calendars, means. Give us your ideas of how and more. the Hub Platform can help your marketing and outreach!
  10. 10. (H ) d h t Hub design + H Hub hosting + H Hub tools + si = social innovators innovation ecology Hub Members are value-driven, collaborative people building innovative CHANGE SECTORS AT THE HUB solutions for a radically better world. Energy Clean Tech and Renewable ;OL` ^VYR MVY UVUWYVÄ[Z MVYWYVÄ[Z HUK the many shades in-between, bringing diverse skills, tools, and experience to the Community Development Hub Community within a wide spectrum Education of ‘change sectors’. y Environmental Sustainabilit Local Food Impact Investment Public Health r Change Technology and Services fo Art and Media Human Rights International Development