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The House London Portfolio

  1. 1. Project Title Website Client name Lollipop Festival 2011 Continental Drifts
  2. 2. Our testimonialsSelected testimonials from a few of our lovely clients.Mandy Janes, Sid Singh, Dominic Jones, Nikhil Shah,Co-Founder, Founder, UK Marketing Manager, Co-founder,LolliBop Festival Made With Joy Sanyo Europe Mixcloud“We have been working with the “The House were the first creative “Working with The House London “We’ve used them for myriad ofHouse on our LolliBop design agency we’ve worked with and team was a joy - when we projects and recommend themfor over two years now and found ourselves to be very lucky! asked them to design a music to pretty much anyone we knoweverything they produce for us competition microsite, they found who’s in need of a design andexceeds our expectations. The They’re a great team and have a strategy which made more sense marketing agency. Most recentlydesign work is stunning and helped our products to take on a and worked with the SoundCloud they’ve been invaluable as athe feedback from our potential life we could have only imagined! team to integrate the site with design and marketing consultancyaudience is always positive. We With their enthusiasm and their database. Automatically, for Mixcloud. The team are superwould not hesitate to recommend infectious energy they’ve become this opened up Sanyo to key smart, full of innovative ideasthe House to any company looking an integral part of Made With Joy!” music enthusiasts and we were and, most importantly, a delightfor innovative design work and able to market the Xacti Sound to work with. Unlike a lot of otherfriendly service.” Recorder to them for free. All in agencies we’ve come across, all, an outstanding success from a they’re fantastic at responding to branding and a PR perspective.” briefs and turning their skill and experience to any brand in any sector.”
  3. 3. Our clientsJust a few of the organisations we have had the pleasure of working with.
  4. 4. A little about usWho we are Why we do what we do? Who have we worked with? How do we do it?Led by Darshan Sanghrajka and We aim to make remarkable Here are just a few of the brands We keep our team dynamic. WeMichael Murdoch, The House is a things that get brilliant brands we have had the pleasure of have a broad level of skill andfull-service branding, digital and talked about and create working with.... experience between us and socommunications agency based in outstanding outcomes for our our strength lies in the ability toCamden, London. clients. We love combining head- The Commonwealth Foundation, combine those for each project turning design with forward The Royal Albert Hall, Sanyo, and deliver the best results.We bring your ideas to life and thinking and creative brand Epsilica, Kids First, The,most importantly, we listen and strategy; ultimately our clients SoundCloud, United Nations, Each team member brings theirwork with you as a partner - return to us, because we always Bragster, Face Group, The Urban own insights to the table, so wecreatively and strategically. consider how our work can Grocer, Made With Joy, Continental keep pushing each other to strengthen their brand AND their Drifts, Aussie Hair, Zarif, DJ Chris improve and develop our skills bottom line. Coco, Mixcloud, Queen of Hoxton, further. Our designers, coders, Vice, MTV, Continental Drifts, creatives, content-creators - all LolliBop Festival and many more... work together and never in isolation.
  5. 5. Project TitleMotion Graphics Showreel Video: Password: MOTIONGRAPHICS 
  6. 6. Project TitleFilm Showreel Video:
  7. 7. Project TitleMTV logo identsDescriptionWe have been working with MTV for a while andbegan our relationship by helping to create newlogo idents for one of their most successful sub-brands that looks to unearth the latest and freshestnew music around the world.Website S Storyboarding Art DirectionClient name AnimationMTV Audio
  8. 8. Video 1: (Password: MTV1IGGY)Video 2: Project Title Website Client name MTV logo ident MTV
  9. 9. Project TitleCommonwealth Writers Branding and WebsiteDescriptionWe worked on an internal and external rebrand andrelaunch of the Commonwealth Book and Short Prizes.Relaunching as Commonwealth Writers - an initiativeto unearth literary talent around the countries of theCommonwealth, we created a community destinationsite and also relaunched the two literary prizes.Website S Branding Print DesignClient name Website Design DevelopmentCommonwealth Foundation Marketing
  10. 10. Project Title Website Client nameCommonwealth Writers Commonwealth Foundation
  11. 11. Project TitleSanyo Xacti Sound Recorder CompetitionDescriptionThe competition encouraged music students andenthusiasts in the UK and Germany to record their ownmusic on the Xacti Sound Recorder and upload theresults to the site. Instead of opting for a native audioplayer, we worked with SoundCloud to integrate a votingsystem into a SoundCloud audio player widget using theirAPI, to maximise the reach of the competition.Website S evicesNo longer live Website Design Website DevelopmentClient name UI UX DesignSanyo Digital Marketing
  12. 12. Project Title Website Client nameSanyo Sound Recorder Competition No longer live Sanyo
  13. 13. Project TitleDairy 2020 AnimationDescriptionWe have worked with Forum For The Future on manyprojects but the latest one is all about communicatingthe sustainable dairy farming initiative, not onlyinternally but also across key players in the supplychain. We worked to produce an animation whichexplains a complex piece of communication in asimple and engaging way.Website S Art Direction IllustrationClient name AnimationForum for the Future Audio Production
  14. 14. Video 1: (Password: FFTF4) Project Title Website Client name Dairy 2020 Forum for the Future
  15. 15. Project TitleThe Urban Grocer BrandingDescriptionWe created a new brand and website for online foodiemagazine, The Urban Grocer. Working closely with CaitlinZaino, we have created a strong, different and interestingresource for all those who love food. The success of thebrand has led to a television special and further talks witha global broadcaster for a new series. We have workedhard to design the brand message for internal use.Website S Branding Website Design and DevelopmentClient name MarketingThe Urban Grocer Motion Graphics
  16. 16. Video: Project Title Website Client name The Urban Grocer Art Direction The Urban Grocer
  17. 17. Project TitleLassi - Made With JoyDescriptionWe created a new brand of Indian lassi. We focussed onthe first three flavours of lassi and created an umbrellabrand that allowed each product to be individual too,whilst making the brand something talent would flock towork for. The company is about creating great things ina good way. The products are selling well and stocked inWhole Foods, Harvey Nichols, Ocado and Waitrose.Website S Branding PackagingClient name Website Design and DevelopmentMade With Joy Lt.d. Marketing
  18. 18. Project Title Website Client nameLassi - Made With Joy Made With Joy
  19. 19. Project TitleLolliBop Festival BrandingDescriptionWe have worked with Continental Drifts and Outgoingsince 2008 to create a new childrens’ festival - aGlastonbry for kids. Year on year the festival goes fromstrength to strength and attracted 30,000 kids and adultsin 2011 in London’s Regents Park. The branding continuesto attract the attention of the little ones and their parentsand the festival continues into its 4th successful year.Website S Branding IllustrationClient name Website Design and DevelopmentOutgoing Ltd. / Continental Drifts Advertising
  20. 20. Project Title Website Client nameLolliBop Festival Branding Outgoing Ltd. / Continental Drifts
  21. 21. Project TitleOlive Branch BrandingDescriptionWe created a brand for a community-farmed premiumolive oil from Crete. The focus of the brand is on theword “live”, as olives are a healthy treat which helpeveryone live happy and energetic lives. The firstproducts are going so well (already stocked widely andeven used by Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen), that more olivebased products are soon to be produced.Website S Branding Packaging Website DesignClient name Website DevelopmentOlive Branch Marketing
  22. 22. Project Title Website Client nameOlive Branch Branding Olive Branch
  23. 23. Project TitleMusic of the Divine Event BrandingDescriptionTo celebrate the 70th Birthday of Sri GanapathySachidananda Swamiji a momentous event will takeplace at the Royal Albert Hall in London in September2012. The event will host the worlds best Asian classicalmusicians. We were asked to design and promote thisevent to a western audience but not forgetting the Asianroots.Website S Branding Website DesignClient name Website DevelopmentDYCUK Marketing
  24. 24. Project Title Website Client nameMusic of the Devine Event Branding DYCUK
  25. 25. Project TitleFlare Web and Mobile AppDescriptionFlare is an app that helps users find the bestevents near them within the next few hours. Thisapp helps promoters get their message out to thepublic. We created a platform that’s easy to use,for both discoverers and promoters and quickand fun to share with friends. Flare is all aboutbeing spontaneous and living for now.Website S Branding Website DesignClient name Website DevelopmentFlare Marketing
  26. 26. Project Title Website Client nameFlare Web and Mobile App Flare
  27. 27. Project TitleRachel’s KitchenDescriptionRachel came to us with an identity and an idea. She’sa talented chef and shares her love of food via one-to-one session, group workshops and team buildingexercises. Based from the identity we create designsand illustrations for the website to help Rachel promoteher events and classes. This has been a huge successwith many bookings being taken.Website S Illustration Website DesignClient name Website DevelopmentRachel’s Kitchen Marketing
  28. 28. Project Title Website Client nameRachel’s Kitchen Website Rachel’s kitchen
  29. 29. Project TitleQueen of Hoxton ListingsDescriptionKnown as an artistic and musical hub of East London,the Queen of Hoxton needed to freshen up their montlylisting promotions. To accompany the flyer and posterdesign, a short 1 minute video highligted the venuesbiggest up and coming events.Website S Art Direction Flyer DesignClient name PhotographyQueen of Hoxton Promo Video
  30. 30. Video: QOH1) Project Title Website Client name Queen of Hoxton Listings Queen of Hoxton
  31. 31. Project Titledollop Event PostersDescriptionWith events across the UK, dollop has been labelled asone of the country’s top club nights in various dancepublications. To celebrate their 7th birthday series, aposter and flyer design were produced (along with apromo video) to showcase the diverse nature of the night.Website S Art Direction Flyer DesignClient name Photographydollop Promo Video
  32. 32. Video: Project Title Website Client name dollop Event Posters dollop
  33. 33. Project TitleScrutton Street StudiosDescriptionWorking in conjuction with Vice Magazine, The OldBlue Last Pub was to open a new Warehouse space inShoreditch. Scrutton Street Studios needed an identityto fit it’s cutting edge event space.Website S Logo Design StationaryClient name Poster DesignVice / The Old Blue Last
  34. 34. Project Title Website Client nameScrutton Street Studios Vice / The Old Blue Last
  35. 35. Project TitleMixcloud - VariousDescriptionMixcloud is an online space to listen and share theworld’s greatest mixes and online radio. We haveworked with Mixcloud over the years advisingon art direction, print design, website banners,presentations and generally working with this clientto keep their brand on the right track. The site nowboasts hundreds of thousands of users globally.Website S Print design Art DerectionClient name T-Shirt DesignMixcloud Web Banners
  36. 36. Project Title Website Client nameMixcloud - Various Mixcloud Ltd.
  37. 37. Project TitleContinental Drifts WebsiteDescriptionWe helped create a new website for our event partnersContinental Drifts. They help create some of the bestfestivals in the UK and Europe including Glastonbury,Bestival and The Big Chill. The aim of the site is toshowcase their three departments, corporate events,amazing performers and marvellous musicians. A bright,colour coded excites the user to dive deeper into the site.Website S Website Design Website DevelopmentClient name User Interface DesignContinental Drifts User Experience Development
  38. 38. Project Title Website Client nameContinental Drifts Website Continental Drifts
  39. 39. Project TitleClub RemixDescriptionLegenadary XFM DJ, Eddy Temple-Morris needed a highimpact design for his new weekly club night, Club Remix.This was to be based in the heart of London at ProudCamden with the night blending up and coming Indiebands and today’s freshest Dance acts.Website S evicesNA Creative Direction Flyer DesignClient name Poster DesignEddy Temple Morris Banner Design
  40. 40. Project Title Website Client nameClub Remix Continental Drifts
  41. 41. Project TitleMan Make Music Branding and Art DirectionDescriptionWe helped launch Man Make Music in 2007. A newidentity was developed along with flyers, banners,posters, stickers adverts and more were produced fortheir monthly events. The events company have sincegone from strength to strength and now run a recordlabel too.Website S Branding IllustrationClient name Print DesignMan Make Music Marketing
  42. 42. Project Title Website Client nameMan Make Music Art Direction Man Make Music
  43. 43. Project TitleDr Strafe - Like In The DealDescriptionThe debut album from Bristol based Funky Breaksproducer, ‘Like In The Deal’. Dr Strafe and FreestyleRecords wanted an ablum cover that said ‘70’s Casino /car hesit’ whilst retaining the albums Hip Hop style.Website S evicesNA Creative Direction Logo DesignClient name CD packagingFreestyle Records Vinyl 12” label
  44. 44. Project Title Website Client nameDr Strafe - Like In The Deal Freestyle Records
  45. 45. Project TitleThe Impellers - Robot LegsDescriptionBrighton based 7 piece Funk band, The Impellersreleased their debut album ‘Robot Legs’ in 2010. Theband’s founder and bass player, Glenn Fellows was keento stay away from any Robotic imagery, so the albumscover featured illustrations based on the track names.Website S evicesN/A Creative Direction Record SleeveClient name CD PackagingFreestyle Records 45 Record Label
  46. 46. Project Title Website Client nameThe Impellers - Robot Legs N/A Freestyle Records
  47. 47. Project TitleArushi Branding and WebsiteDescriptionArushi means rays of light and this organisationis a social enterprise to help disadvantagedchildren and women in India find a better life.The organisation provides homes, health care,education, food and love and they use profitsfrom the stationery company to sustain this.Website S Branding Website DesignClient name Website DevelopmentArushi Marketing
  48. 48. Project Title Website Client nameArushi Branding and Website Arushi
  49. 49. Project TitleEpsilica Branding and WebsiteDescriptionWe’ve worked closely with the Founder and the SeniorPartners, to develop their brand internally first, so thatEpsilica can become the new standard for the consultingindustry. They believe that employees come first and we’veworked with them to communicate throughout their team.Website S Branding Print DesignClient name Website Design DevelopmentEpsilica Marketing
  50. 50. Project Title Website Client nameEpsilica Branding and Website Epsilica
  51. 51. Project TitleJubilicious JuneDescriptionWe worked with the National Trust to produce PR ideasand imagery for their properties around the East ofEngland to tie in with the Queen’s Jubilee. The purpose ofthis was to raise awareness of these amazing propertiesand also instill pride amongst the teams at each property.Website S Illustration Art DirectionClient name PR ideasNational Trust
  52. 52. Project Title Website Client nameJubilicious June National Trust
  53. 53. Project TitleNokia IllustrationsDescriptionWe’ve worked with Nokia on a number of projectincluding blog designs and developmentand illustrations/storyboards for their latest PRCampaigns. These illustrations where used tohelp explain the concepts and engage theirinternal marketing team.Website S Art Direction IllustrationClient name Website DesignNokia Website Development
  54. 54. Project Title Website Client nameNokia Illustrations Nokia
  55. 55. Project TitleStoryboarding and IllustrationsDescriptionWe have worked with a number of clients to helpthem communicate and present their messagesin a fun and engaging way. Here are a selectionstoryboards and illustrations to show just a fewcase studies.Website S evicesN/A Art Direction IllustrationClient name StoryboardingVarious Animation
  56. 56. Project Title Website Client nameStroyboards and Illustrations N/A Various
  57. 57. Our teamDesigners, Web Developers, Animators, App creators, DJs, Films Makers, Photographers, Illustrators, Strategists, Event Managers, Musicians and more.
  58. 58. Our ServicesWe are a full service agency with depth and breadth in each of the skill sets below. We can create successfulwork due to our experience of them all as a team and that’s something we look forward to doing for you...Design and Branding Digital and Interactive Content and Entertainment Strategy and MarketingIdentity Design Website Design Film Moodboards and reelsLeaflets Website Development Photography Strategic PlanningPosters Mobile App Design Animation Twitter CampaignsBanners Mobile App Development Motion Graphics Facebook CampaignsBrochures User Interface Design Music Content creation guidancePackaging User Experience Design Events Social Media ManagementStoryboarding Facebook Apps Digital Video Content PR StuntsIllustration Email Marketing Content for Engagement Guerilla Marketing
  59. 59. Reasons to work with us1 We love working on campaigns which 5 We have worked on campaigns with unearth talent. We are creatives, strategists, multiple stakeholders and are great at developers, designers - all working as one; quickly fitting in and complimenting the you get more than other agencies. existing set-up.2 We are experienced at designing easy to 6 Your whole project will be managed by navigate and exciting campaigns, using a brand strategy director, rather than a our digital and technological expertise. box ticker. So we’ll ensure that your brand is strengthened above and beyond what3 We are experienced at using a mix of you envisage. media to communicate a campaign story and secure press exposure. 7 We will collaborate and work with you, as if we’re part of your team. We are based4 We have facilitated and managed in London but can meet with you online strategic marketing partnerships for via Skype or email if your business is not brands and for campaigns. based nearby.
  60. 60. We hope you like what you see and we cansay hello in person and share our ideas.Telephone Website+ 44 (0)20 7209 4957 www.thehouselondon.comMobile EmailDarshan: +44 (0) 7738 004 820 darshan@thehouselondon.comMichael: +44 (0) 7595 338 474 Company RegistrationAddress Reg No. 06949920The House London Ltd.7B Bayham Street, CamdenLondon NW1 0EYUnited Kingdom © 2012 The House London Ltd.