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The History List ( is used by history-related groups and organizations to publicize their events, sites, and exhibits to people in their community, state, and region, and to people who are planning a trip from another region.

There is no cost to list. Free tools make it easy to share a constantly-updated list of events with partners, members, fans, and the media. For state and national organizations, The History List's tools provide an easy way to power a calendar with activities entered by participating organizations and displayed immediately on one searchable, sortable calendar, as well as on calendars throughout their network.

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Introducing The History List (

  1. 1. For organizationsIntroducingThe History List
  2. 2. ―The History List is quickly becoming a pioneer on the web forhistorical institutions.‖―Everything we are looking to share with the public is at ourfinger tips, easy to use, and well thought out.‖ Jodie McMenamin Development Officer USS Constitution Museum
  3. 3. ―Each year Historic New England presents hundreds of publicevents and programs at dozens of sites in five states.Unlike other event-listing websites, by focusing exclusively onhistory, The History List connects our events to a highlytargeted audience and helps that audience understand the fullrange of our offerings.‖ Rob Watson Marketing Manager Historic New England
  4. 4. ―There are plenty of calendar services available online, but onlyThe History List caters specifically to the history community.Their event-listing services are intuitive and easy, their creatorsare smart and friendly, and our ability to communicate withlike-minded individuals and institutions about our events andprogramming has never been easier because of them.I’d tell any history-related organization, if you aren’t using TheHistory List, you’re overlooking an extremely useful andeffective tool.‖ Matt Wilding Media and Content Manager Freedom Trail Foundation
  5. 5. “The Massachusetts Historical Society offers most more than100 public programs and events each year. What makes TheHistory List different is its targeted approach.―It is an easy-to-use online resource that connects historyenthusiasts to history-related events and programs.‖ Carol Knauff Assistant Director of Development for Communications Massachusetts Historical Society
  6. 6. The History Listo Online platformo National in scopeo Connecting individuals interested in history with . .o History-related events and exhibits, sites and organizations . . .o And with others also interested in history.
  7. 7. Overarching goalCreate broader, deeperawareness of history.
  8. 8. ObservationDespite all of the efforts,what we’ve been doinghasn’t been enough toeducate others about theimportance of our history.
  9. 9. Our opportunityComing face to face withhistory is compelling,eye-opening, moving,rewarding, fascinating.
  10. 10. We believe . . .More people wouldattend events if theyknew about them.
  11. 11. The objectives for The History Listo Primary Draw more people to events, exhibits, and organizations by raising awarenesso Secondary Enabling a community of interested individuals Connect organizations in order to share ideas and learn about resources
  12. 12. Our observationExisting means forreaching beyond anorganization’s base aren’tenough.
  13. 13. E-mail to other organizations 142 e-mail recipients for a notice of an event in Boston tied to the Civil War.  This announcement of an event in Boston went to 142 recipients  How many of these e-mail addresses are still active?  How many of the recipients forwarded it on to their organization’s members?
  14. 14. Traditional media outlets are reducing listings.
  15. 15. Expensive, difficult to stand out in city travel media.
  16. 16. Existing sites don’t work well for many of our events. An ad for a national chainAre there really1,796 historyevents in thearea? How do I Ad for shoessort through and handbags?them? Tickets to events that have nothing to Listings for local McDonald’s do with my restaurants in a search for search? “history?”
  17. 17. The History ListCurated and focused on history High-quality environmentOnline Where everyone goes first—for local activities and trip planning Virtually the only resource for a younger demographic—your future members, donors, volunteers
  18. 18. The History ListEvents and exhibits, sites and organizations Historical societies Preservation societies Historical commissions Historic sites Reenactor groups Tour providers Professional history-related associations Genealogical organizations History and living history museums Meetings of history and historic preservation practioners . . . and othersGeography Currently, the United States
  19. 19. Social sharing, add-to- calendar, and anEvent page embeddable widget are automatically included Hours, fees, wheelchair access, and suitability for small children are easy to scan Extensive information about the event, including nearly unlimited text and pictures Map included automatically Links to organization page and sources for more Questions, comments, and information recommendations from users Tags, from the organizer or others, help people find this event Names and dates for event entry and edits
  20. 20. An embeddable widget is automatically includedOrganization page For organizations, museums, and sites that are open for tours and visits, hours, fees, wheelchair access, and Extensive information about suitability for small children the organization, including are included and easy to scan nearly unlimited text and pictures Map included automatically Organization phone number, website, and e-mail address Questions, comments, and recommendations from users Links to events that are coming up as well as past events are included automatically Names and dates for all entry and edits
  21. 21. On partner sites, linking to their page on The History ListIn partner newsletter or other publication
  22. 22. The History ListEasier for individuals and families Tools to find interesting events anywhere—for a Saturday out or a trip across the country By distance to travel, location, event type, organization . . . Find recommended new events, exhibits, organizations Plan with confidence –pictures, reviews, recommendations Share with others—Site, integrated social sharing
  23. 23. The History Listo Participating organizations include . . . The Massachusetts Historical Society Historic New England The Freedom Trail Foundation The Massachusetts Society of Genealogists The Charles River Group of Historical Societies The Blackstone Valley Group of Historical Societies The Bostonian Society and the Old State House Museum The USS Constitution Museum The New England Museum Association (NEMA) Old Sturbridge Village
  24. 24. The History Listo Getting started Download the one-page guide from Log in with Facebook or request an accounto Enter your information Any staff member, intern, or volunteer can enter or edit Enter your events and activities, including text and pictures Complete the information about your organization, site, or museum Add the Member logo to your site and newsletter
  25. 25. The History List FAQo Scope? National, covering all aspects of American history Initial are for outreach is New England, buto Mobile? Envisioned from the beginning Would come some time after the launch of the siteo Funding? The focus is launching and creating a sustaining entityo Revenue sources? Sponsorship Promoted events Relevant related items (tour book, lodging, tours) Directory of service providerso Other questions? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer additional questions
  26. 26. Lee WrightLee@TheHistoryList.comTwitter: TheHistoryList © 2012 The History List