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the 8 fold path for a happy life explained simply and clearly


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the 8 fold path for a happy life explained simply and clearly. This is one of the tools for happiness provided by the Happiness Alliance

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the 8 fold path for a happy life explained simply and clearly

  1. 1. The Eightfold Path is one of the Buddha’s teachings. He often taught it as a proposal: test it and see if you find it true.
  2. 2. The Eightfold Path Step by Step
  3. 3. Four Noble Truths: The First Noble Truth 1 There is Suffering
  4. 4. Birth Sickness Old age Death Decay Unavoidable Suffering
  5. 5. Unavoidable Suffering Being with people you do not want to be with Not being with people you want to be with Having experiences you do not want to have Not having experiences you want to have
  6. 6. The Second Noble Truth 2 There is resistance to suffering
  7. 7. Resistance to suffering is avoidable
  8. 8. The Third Noble Truth 3 There is relief from suffering
  9. 9. The Fourth Noble Truth 4 The path to relief from suffering is the Eightfold Path
  10. 10. Step One on the Eightfold Path Wise Understanding See things as they really are (clear seeing)
  11. 11. Dependent Origination How we experience life & where we often get stuck seeing things differently from what they are Senses & sense objects Perceptions Feeling Thinking Consciousness
  12. 12. Step Two on the Eightfold Path Wise Intention Let go of Anger Let go of Greed Let go of Ignorance
  13. 13. Step Three on the Eightfold Path Wise Speech Speak the truth Speak with compassion Give praise Speak to help and benefit others
  14. 14. Step Four on the Eightfold Path Wise Action Be Compassionate Give – time, gifts, love… Protect life
  15. 15. Wise Action & the Five Precepts Do not kill Do not take what is not freely given Do not use sexual behavior in a way that harms Do not engage in harsh, false or idle speech (and no gossip) Do not use intoxicants
  16. 16. Step Five on the Eightfold Path Wise Livelihood Engage in moral work Do no harm to others Do no harm to yourself
  17. 17. Wise Livelihood Do no work involving gambling Do no work involving prostitution Do no work involving intoxicants Do no work involving arms Do no work involving killing, stealing or lying
  18. 18. Step Six on the Eightfold Path Wise Effort Avoid that which will lead to suffering Encourage that which will lead to happiness
  19. 19. Wise Effort When troublesome thoughts come up, ignore them. It that does not work, observe them arise, observe the feelings, thought process and then observe when it fades away. Or change your focus to wholesome thoughts. Practice loving-kindness meditation, focus on the outcome of activities you know will harm you or others, meditate on the unattractive parts of something or someone you lust over, focus on something simple like your breath.
  20. 20. Step Seven on the Eightfold Path Mindfulness Be present every moment
  21. 21. Mindfulness Be present every moment with everything that is
  22. 22. The Five Hindrances Ill-will, anger, hatred, bitterness Desire, greed, wanting, craving Sloth - slow mind, torpor - sleepiness, dullness Restlessness, worry, agitation, crowded thoughts Doubt
  23. 23. Ill-will Desire Sloth & torpor Restlessness Doubt Antidotes to the Five Hindrances Loving kindness, give that person a gift Think about consequences or ugly parts Walk, look at light, up your determination Focus on breath, focus on the thoughts Talk to someone else who practices
  24. 24. Step Eight on the Eightfold Path Concentration Be present with all that is all the time
  25. 25. The 10 Fetters 1. Personality 2. Doubt 3. Attachment to ritual 4. Desire 5. Ill will 6. Desire to go beyond human consciousness 7. Desire to be beyond a material form 8. Conceit 9. Restlessness 10. Ignorance (ignorance is not directly realizing he 4 noble truths)
  26. 26. The Four Stages of Enlightenment 1. Destroy any of first 3 fetters 2. Weaken desire or ill will 3. Complete eradication of desire or ill will 4. Destroy any of last 5 fetters Fruition of 1st state when you destroy all three first fetters Fruition of 2nd state when you weaken both desire and ill will Fruition of 3rd state when you completely eradicate both desire and ill will Fruition of 4th state when you destroy all of the last five fetters.
  27. 27. The Eightfold Path the 7 enlightenment factors (How you know it’s working)
  28. 28. The 7 Enlightenment Factors Energy Joy Tranquility Concentration EquanimityMindfulness Curiosity
  29. 29. The Eightfold Path This gives you a starting point to understanding.
  30. 30. You Happiness Counts