Setting up your happiness initiative website on weebly


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How to manual for setting up a website for your happiness initiative using

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  • Research: The survey can not be conducted in an exclusive manner or for commercial purposes. If you are seeking to conduct the survey for a research project, you must contact us first for permission, The survey may not be used for any commercial purpose
    Suggested donations:
    Small nonprofits, volunteer groups, student group  - $100
    Small and med business, Campus - $200
    City, town, library etc, medium NGO - $300
    Large business or nonprofit – please contact us
    We will not refuse a referral code or unique URL to anybody because they can not pay
  • Setting up your happiness initiative website on weebly

    1. 1. How to set up your Happiness Initiative website on Weebly: a simple and easy guide
    2. 2. Creating a Website This is a guide for creating a free website on weebly, a webhosting service. You can use other services, such as wordpress, but we have found that weebly is the easiest. Why do you need a website?
    3. 3. Why a Website You will need a website or other means to provide the link for your Gross National Happiness Index unique code. • You may have a city, company or organization webpage that you use instead of creating a new website. Or you may use newsletters exclusively to send out your code. This is fine. This guide is for those who are better served with a website for their project. • We recommend you do not provide the entire URL, as there is a chance for user error which will prevent you from collecting all the data for survey takers in your area. Instead, send people to your website, send an electronic newsletter or otherwise provide a link. • We recommend you do not refer people to the Happiness Alliance –home of The Happiness Initiative’s website ( to take the survey, as the data from your survey takers will not be collected in a unique data for your area. This only happens if you have a unique code.
    4. 4. What you need: A Unique Code for the Gross National Happiness Index Access to the internet An email for your project Text and images for your website Some images are provided here and you are welcome to use others on The Happiness Initiative website at as long as you give attribution and a link to
    5. 5. Your unique code If you do not already have a unique code for the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Index so you can collect GNH results for your area, group, team or other population, email We will send you the memorandum of understanding and a code. Please donate for the use of a code!
    6. 6. Why an email? You will need this to create a weebly profile. We recommend you create an email for your project so you do not need to use your personal email. This way you can give a volunteer or staff person access to the website by giving them the email username and password.
    7. 7. Creating a Website Step one: Go to and set up your profile with your project email and password.
    8. 8. Creating a Website Step two: decide on your domain name. This is important: to have a free website, you must choose the category “use a subdomain of” This means your website’s URL will be You can buy a domain, but then it is not free! Weebly will try to see you a domain each time you update. This guide will show you how to keep it free.
    9. 9. Creating a Website Step three: Choose a Theme. You can always change this. Most themes allow you to change the homepage image. Choose the one you like. (Factors to consider: placement of menu bars, background, placement of homepage images, look and feel) We chose this theme. Choose what you like.
    10. 10. Creating a Website Step four: Change the backgroud picture on your home page Edit image here Save the image
    11. 11. Creating a Website Step five: Drop in your title bar and text box, edit both Click the title box Drag and then click in to edit Click the text box Drag and then click in to edit
    12. 12. Step six: Edit header and social media Creating a Website Click and edit Click and edit Fill in links or delete icons Click Social Media icons
    13. 13. Creating a Website Step seven: Create link with your GNH unique code and place image in your text box 2- Click the link icon 1- Highlight text 3- Place your unique code/URL, click box for new window Click image box and replace image
    14. 14. Creating a Website Step eight: Now to publish for the first time! Choose “use a subdomain…” Click to categorize Validate The next step is important to keep your website free!
    15. 15. Creating a Website Step nine: Now to publish. Weebly will try to sell you a domain now! Click on this link and ignore the one below it. You will see this every time you publish
    16. 16. Creating a Website Now you are live. You can now add pages to your website
    17. 17. Creating a Website Step ten: Create another page. Here we created an “About” page Click on Pages
    18. 18. Creating a Website Step ten.1: Create another page. Here we created an “About” page 1- Choose standard page 3- Choose layout 2- Name the page You can add any feature you like 5- Use scroll bar and features Now hit publish again and do the same steps as step 9 4- Click Save and Continue
    19. 19. Creating a Website Let’s add some resources. First click on the “Pages” again. Click on Pages
    20. 20. Creating a Website Adding resources. 3- Choose layout Scroll down to media and drag “Document”Drop in your title and text boxes Now hit publish again and do the same steps as step 9 1- Choose standard page 2- Name the page 4- Click Save and Continue Click in, add doc to box A second box here
    21. 21. Creating a Website You can create as many pages as you like. Try not to clutter your menu bar. There are many boxes/features that are free, and some that require you pay for the weebly service (this is different from paying for a website)
    22. 22. Example Happiness Initiative Websites: