Raising awareness blueprint pt 2: Measuring Happiness


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Part Two of a blueprint for raising awareness in your city, campus, community or company about the importance of happiness!

Make It Happy partners with The Happiness Initiative to raise awareness of the importance of happiness in our personal lives and for our policy makers.

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  • The happiness data represents over 18,000 survey takers who opted to take the Happiness Initiative’s Gross National Happiness Index.
  • Raising awareness blueprint pt 2: Measuring Happiness

    1. 1. Make Seattle Happy Report: A Blueprint for Raising Awareness in Your Community about the importance of happiness as a guide for the future of our nation, neighborhoods and personal life PART TWO: MEASURING HAPPINESS
    2. 2. Part Two: Measuring Happiness Subjective Well-being Indices for A New Economic Paradigm and Guide for our Future
    3. 3. Can Happiness be Measured? The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Still yes, and can be found in the OECD’s Guidelines on Measuring Subjective Well- being which documents the validity and the status of happiness measurements World Happiness Report which describes the status of happiness and well-being measures and their role in public policy. Both documents can be found online as free downloads
    4. 4. Measuring Happiness in Your Community The Happiness Initiative/Happy Counts provides a scientifically internally and externally validated subjective measure of well-being any one can use at any scale to measure happiness. Note: This use is grassroots, and not a random sample. Thus, your survey results are great for conversation, but you need a scientifically valid sample as a guide for policy makers. download the “how to” happycounts.org/toolkits
    5. 5. What are Happiness Indicators? Educating yourself and your community about happiness measures is an important part of raising awareness. The rest of this section introduces the major happiness measures or indexes being used nationally and internationally. Please note: While the field of happiness and well-being measures is relatively new, there has been reasonable convergence of domains and conditions of well-being and indicators into an accepted list, indicating experts mostly agree on how to measure happiness and the conditions of happiness world-wide.
    6. 6. Happiness Indicators
    7. 7. Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Where: Bhutan Scale: City and Regions Frequency: About Every 2 years Entity: Government Access: grossnationalhappiness.com
    8. 8. Where: USA Scale: scalable from state to community Frequency: Determined Entity: NGO by user Access: happycounts.org The Happiness Initiative/Happy Counts Gross National Happiness Index
    9. 9. Gallup Healthways Poll/Well-being Index Where: USA Scale: National to City or Region Frequency: Daily surveys, annual public reports Entity: Business Access: well-beingindex.com
    10. 10. Gallup World Poll Where: International Scale: Nations Frequency: Periodic survey, annual public reports Entity: Business Access: gallup.com/strategicconsulting/en-us/worldpoll.aspx
    11. 11. *additional areas * *
    12. 12. U Penn Center for Positive Psychology – Authentic Happiness Where: University of Pennsylvania Scale: Individual Frequency: Studies released in journals, etc. Entity: Academic Access: authentichappiness.sas.upenn.e du/Default.aspx
    13. 13. OECD Better Life Index Where: International Scale: Nation Frequency: Annual Entity: NGO Access: oecdbetterlifeindex.org
    14. 14. New Economics Foundation Happy Planet Index Where: International Scale: National Frequency: Annual Entity: NGO Access: happyplanetindex.org
    15. 15. European Social Survey Where: Europe Scale: National, some regions Frequency: Annual Entity: Academic Access: ess.nsd.uib.no/
    16. 16. Where: Great Britain Scale: Nation Frequency: Annual Entity: Government Access: ons.gov.uk/ons/interactive/well-being-wheel-of-measures/index.html Great Britain’s Measures of National Well-being
    17. 17. Canadian Index of Well-being Where: Canada Scale: National, limited to provincial levels Frequency: Annually Entity: NGO Access: uwaterloo.ca/canadian-index-wellbeing/
    18. 18. World Values Survey Where: The Globe Scale: Nations Frequency: Annually or longer intervals Entity: NGO Access: worldvaluessurvey.org
    19. 19. What next? Part One: Raising Awareness Part Two: Measuring Happiness Part Three: Policy Recommendations Visit happycounts.org to gather tools and resources for grassroots activism in your community towards a new economic paradigm your happiness counts. count your happiness
    20. 20. Make Seattle Happy: A Blueprint for Raising Awareness in Your Community. Please use these materials to raise awareness about the importance of happiness and well-being, the happiness movement and the aim of a new economic paradigm. These materials may be used or reproduced for any non- commercial use. For more information, inquiries or comments, please email info@happycounts.org or visit happycounts.org Report compiled by: Laura Musikanski, JD, MBA Editing team: Eldan Goldenberg, James Bradbury Copyright © The Happiness Initiative 2013