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Pathways to Happiness for Lifelong Learning


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Pathways to Happiness for Lifelong Learning presents policies and cultural changes needed to adopt them for greater satisfaction for all in lifelong learning. They are part of a set of tools available at

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Pathways to Happiness for Lifelong Learning

  1. 1. Pathways to Happiness for lifelong learning
  2. 2. Pathways to Happiness are ways to strengthen our satisfaction with our access to lifelong learning
  3. 3. Communities scores for satisfaction with lifelong learning, arts & culture are in the range of indifferent 100= happiest
  4. 4. Our scores for dipped in 2014 and then increased but reflect overall indifference and dissatisfaction for access to lifelong learning opportunities a score below 40 means we are dissatisfied, below 60 means we feel indifferently
  5. 5. Policies Courageous
  6. 6. 100% adult literacy goal for a city or region Easy and free access to literacy learning Online & in-person cohort based programs Training for volunteer coaches and consultants where no volunteers Multiple platform (social media & in-person) programs Multiple channel outreach GED, college enrollment & career counseling & placement
  7. 7. Resources for adult literacy programs Literacy Information: National Assessment of Adult Literacy – three types of literacy Report: Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Options for Practice & Research or Programming/Adult-Education-Standards/Improving-Adult-Literacy-Instruction-Research-report.pdf Example City Literacy program: City of Philadelphia Office of Adult Education
  8. 8. Lifelong learning Expert and peer-lead learning opportunities for all age adults Professional skills, life skills and leisure activities Enhance human capital, cultural capital and sense of autonomy Affordable access to formal & informal learning, online & in person
  9. 9. Resources for lifelong learning Intelligences we develop over our life (different ways we learn throughout our entire life) from Ken Wilber Intellectual Strategic Moral Emotional Interpersonal Social Kinesthetic Musical Spiritual Linguistic Logical Naturalistic
  10. 10. Resources for Lifelong Learning Programs Scholarly articles: What’s the Point of Learning if Learning Has No Point? On the Democratic Deficit of Politics of Lifelong Learning: Quebec Lifelong Learning: Benefits of Lifelong Learning Examples City lifelong learning programs: Bloomington Lifelong Learning Coalition
  11. 11. Tuition Free (or very low cost) College Invest in happiness, wellbeing & prosperity of our workforce Bring the US on par with other developed countries A real avenue to social justice and equal opportunity
  12. 12. Resources for Tuition Free College Demos Affordable College Compact: Campaign for Free College Tuition: Example free tuition program: Tennessee Promise Program:
  13. 13. What’s it going to take?
  14. 14. Students graduate debt free with work experience Paid apprentices and internships a significant part of higher education Work + College Similar to AmeriCorps, with college taking 2 years longer for a 4 year college; and continuing with graduate school
  15. 15. Unemployment benefits include technical training and job placement Unemployed (long term and short term) provided access to technical training Technical training for unemployed Counts for unemployed workforce include long term unemployed
  16. 16. We envision a world where all beings can thrive. Can you envision it too?