Our team - The Happiness Alliance home of The Happiness Initiative & Gross National Happiness Index


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Who we are for The Happiness Alliance home of The Happiness Initiative & Gross National Happiness Index:
Directors. Advisors and Happiness Initiative Leaders!

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Our team - The Happiness Alliance home of The Happiness Initiative & Gross National Happiness Index

  1. 1. Our TeamOur Team
  2. 2. • Alignment with our mission: People for whom sustainability, wellbeing and happiness is their personal mission and purpose for life. • Community: People who love, care for and respect each other, treating each other with dignity, heartfelt interest and compassion. • Visionaries: People who, if they were the decision makers of the world, would have tons of ideas to make the world a happy and sustainable place for all beings and know how get it done. • Donations: People who donate annually, financially or in-kind. • Engaged: People who attend board meetings regularly, pay 100% attention during the meetings (no multitasking), and are available intellectually and emotionally. • Helpers: People who help the organization be healthy, develop and grow through their contributions at meetings, their participation in the work of the organization, and through their work, volunteering and participation in other communities. Our Board’s Values and GuidelinesOur Board’s Values and Guidelines
  3. 3. Board of Directors – Clinton Bliss, MDBoard of Directors – Clinton Bliss, MD Clinton Lee Bliss, MD
Clinton is a medical doctor with twenty-five years experience in hospital administration, family and emergency practice. He earned his medical degree at UCLA, School of Medicine and served his residency at the University of Washington. He is Certified D
iplomat of the American Board of Family Practice. His experience includes Acting Chief of Staff at Walla Walla VA Hospital, D
irector of Emergency Services at American Lake VA Hospital, D
irector of Emergency D
epartment Quality Assurance Program at Jefferson General Hospital and Medical D
irector at Swedish Home Health, as well as running a private family practice. In addition to his medical work, Clinton is a fiber-artist, poet, dancer and dedicated father.
  4. 4. Board of Directors – Scott Cloutier, PhDBoard of Directors – Scott Cloutier, PhD Scott Cloutier, Ph.D.Scott is an Assistant Professor, Walton Sustainability Fellow and Senior Sustainability Scholar within the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability in Tempe, Arizona. Scott’s research focus on Sustainable Urban/Neighborhood Development, Qualitative and Quantitative Mixed Method from both subjective and objective perspectives; and Theoretical Processes regarding quality of life, community well-being, subjective well-being (happiness), hedonia, eudaimonia and biological underpinnings. Scott currently leads the Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness™ (SNfH) project - a multi-year diverse-organizational research, teaching and applied sustainability solutions effort to improve neighborhood well-being and the happiness of residents. He works in neighborhoods in Phoenix, Guatemala and Denmark. He is the developer of the Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness Index (SNHI): a tool used to assess and compare how well communities embrace sustainable practices and how these practices translate to opportunities for residents to pursue happiness. He is also the founder of the Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness Research Consortium. He served six years in the U.S. Navy prior to earning his doctorate at Cornell University. Scott is focused on charting a new course for sustainability to maximize opportunities for happiness.
  5. 5. Board of Directors – James Bradbury, PhDBoard of Directors – James Bradbury, PhD James Bradbury, Ph.D.James is a physicist with 30 years experience in research and administration. He was deputy director at Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF) where he performed experiments in atomic physics and satellite-based space physics as well as worked towards the development of hyperthermia instrumentation for the treatment of tumors and cancer radiotherapy. James worked in the mid-90s to help redirect Russian weapons scientists into peaceful research with commercial potential. He taught at the University of New Mexico on urgent global issues and new techniques for achieving consensus and action on these issues. James is currently the Associate Director of the Oppenheimer Institute for Science and International Cooperation and a consultant for the University of New Mexico Center of Policy, Security, and Technology. His recent activities included regional water stewardship and greenhouse gas reduction; considering new approaches to nuclear non-proliferation based upon elements of complexity science; utilizing geographic information technologies to assist developing countries in economic and environmental planning; and obtaining funding for sustainable agro- forestry projects in South Sudan. Bradbury is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has authored or co-authored more than fifty publications.
  6. 6. Board of Directors – Suzanne Engelberg, PhDBoard of Directors – Suzanne Engelberg, PhD Suzanne Engelberg. Ph.D. Suzanne Engelberg, Ph.D, is a licensed psychologist, consultant, therapist, and until very recently, faculty member at Antioch University Seattle with specialties in trans-racial adoptive families, LGBT QI issues, and spirituality. She has been quoted in local and national media, and has presented workshops and trainings to professionals and lay people throughout the country. Suzanne is passionate about social justice, dogs, children, and the importance of cross-cultural experiences. Suzanne also sings in a woman's chorus, and is an avid gardener and world-traveler.
  7. 7. Board of Directors – BethAnn Morrison, PhD CandidateBoard of Directors – BethAnn Morrison, PhD Candidate BethAnn Morrison, PhD Candidate Beth Ann is a doctoral candidate and graduate research associate focusing on the effects of the built environment on human values, wellbeing, habits and relationships and developing the Happiness and Sustainability Research Lab. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Maryland Institute, College of Art, and exhibited her work regularly in New York City, on the east coast and internationally for twelve years, winning several juried awards and commissions. In 2012, she resumed her studies at New York University’s Gallatin School in a self-titled program, Urban Sustainable Community Development that combined green urban design, community arts and social science. She transferred to Los Angeles to complete a Masters of Fine Arts in Public Practice at Otis College of Art and Design in 2016, and has since completed one year of PhD studies at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability. Ms. Morrison focuses on the effects of the built environment on human values, wellbeing, habits and relationships. .
  8. 8. Board of Directors – Laura Musikanski, JD,Board of Directors – Laura Musikanski, JD, MBAMBA Laura Musikanski, JD, MBA Laura is Executive Director and a co-founder of The Happiness Alliance, home of The Happiness Initiative and Gross National Happiness Index. Prior to that she was the Executive Director of Sustainable Seattle and Sustainability Director for a national firm. She has focused her career on sustainability indicators with the passionate belief that you get what you measure, and its time for our policy makers, businesses and society to measure and manage for the wellbeing of people and the planet. She has taught at the graduate level University of Washington MBA program, provided professional training for over six years and conducted workshops for businesses and government agencies. Laura is author of “How to Account for Sustainability Report: a guide to measuring and managing” and “Sustainability Decoded.” She is a lawyer with an MBA and certificates in Environmental Management and Environmental Law and Regulation.
  9. 9. Our AdvisorsOur Advisors Faress Bhuiyan, Professor and Researcher Carleton University Eldan Goldenberg, Independent Consultant Jon Hall, United Nations Development Programme, Contributor to The World Happiness Report John C. Havens, Author Heartfelt Intelligence, Hacking H(app)iness Robert Levine, Professor and Author, The Power of Persuasion, Stranger in the Mirror Nick Jackson, Chair of the Psychology Department, Eastern Washington University Tim Kasser, Professor, Psychologist, Author The High Price of Materialism Ken Kitatani, Executive Director of Forum 21 Institute Mike Salvaris, Australian National Development Index (ANDI) Charles Sylvester, Professor Emeritus, Western Washington University Jeff Vander Clute, Social Architect and president Avanoo, Inc.
  10. 10. Happiness Initiative LeadersHappiness Initiative Leaders Beth Allgood Julia Anderson April Atwood Margaret Ballantine Tom Barefoot Kelly Biedenweg Sylvia Blanchet Scott Brim Barbara Brock Cindy Brooks Kenzie Bush Tina Clawson Arnaud Collery Robert Comer Trish Comer Linda Delair Eleanor Dizon Kevin Dohr Denise Doyle-Schnacker Kathleen Erickson Anat Fanti Ellen Fraizer Amy Garrett Samantha Green Crystal Griffin Sono Hashisaki Jeff Hess Laureen Hodges Urey Dale Holiday Nick Jackson Aisha Kaba Hannah Kent Mika Yagi Kim Sarah Kislak Wyatt Kittilstved Janet Koch Gideon Kohler Renata Kowalczyk Neha Kukreja Monica Kumar Paulina Lis Benjamin Lister Christi Masi Marsha McMurray-Avila Morgan Meadows Beverly Parsons Peggy Petersen Don Piper Carl Polley Nancy Powers Maggie Rasmussen Miranda Ravicz Lisa Rhode Michael Roberts Lori Rothstein Jackie Ruka Ana Sierra Jon Smith Jay Stein Kate Stirling Julia Siwierka Trevor Taylor Kathy Thompson Anna Turosak Kathleen Walsh Seamus Walsh Carolyn Whitney Red Wolfenbarger Chiara Wood Judy Yang Hilda Yepes Contreras Joni Zander
  11. 11. Join the Happiness Revolution How Happy Are You? Take the Gross National Happiness Index Use the Gross National Happiness Index for your project or area happycounts.org