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How to Conduct A Happiness Initiative and use the Happiness Index Happiness Leadership Training


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A guide for using the happiness index and becoming a happiness leader in your community. How to Conduct A Happiness Initiative and use the Happiness Index is part of the Happiness Leadership Training offered by the Happiness Alliance. Visit to learn more.

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How to Conduct A Happiness Initiative and use the Happiness Index Happiness Leadership Training

  1. 1. How to Conduct a Happiness InitiativeHow to Conduct a Happiness Initiative && use the Happiness Indexuse the Happiness Index
  2. 2. How to use this How To GuideHow to use this How To Guide • This guide sets out a plan for using the Happiness Index in your city, community, country or campus. • The Happiness Index can also be used to measure the impact of an intervention, raise awareness, gather data for research, for clients, etc. • This “How To” is not prescriptive – be as creative or adaptive as fits your needs.
  3. 3. A Few Ways To Use the Happiness Index
  4. 4. Company – to monitor impacts of interventions or tract employee satisfaction alongside productivity and other metrics. Project Managers – to monitor outcomes of a project using the survey before and after. Nonprofits – for awareness raising & engagement.
  5. 5. Conduct a Happiness Initiative OR
  6. 6. Tip: start small
  7. 7. Using the Happiness Index Step 1: create your personal profile
  8. 8. Step 2: create your group
  9. 9. Step 3: Invite people to your group email friends facebook share get URL
  10. 10. Step 4: Download your group’s data you can download data for your group once at least 5 people have taken your survey you get averages for domains & comparisons to all survey takers group results
  11. 11. Option: Add your own questions custom module you can add your own questions to the survey and gather results once at least 5 people have taken your survey
  12. 12. Option: Data dive data dive allows you access to your data by demographics for domains or questions and the full data set
  13. 13. About the GNH Index... Methodology for the Happiness Index
  14. 14. The Happiness Initiative logo for you to use for your happiness initiative
  15. 15. Please keep your survey online indefinitely! Allowing people continual access to a personal assessment of their own well-being is an important aspect of the happiness movement
  16. 16. getting the word out A few words about…
  17. 17. Blog & other social media
  18. 18. Community Meetings & just talking to people!
  19. 19. Post-its + Pens + Pictures + PostingPost-its + Pens + Pictures + Posting Do A Happy Post ProjectDo A Happy Post Project search online: Mario Chomorro Happy Post Projectsearch online: Mario Chomorro Happy Post Project
  20. 20. Radio Interviews Media loves happiness Be clear on message
  21. 21. A Proclamation A Proclamation City Council, Mayor, College Presidents issue proclamations draft language for a proclamation – see below, the notes for this slide is helpful to your happiness initiative so may others…
  22. 22. DRAFT PRESS RELEASE This draft press release is provided as a suggestion only, and for your convenience. Each happiness initiative’s press release will be different based on the circumstances and needs of the community. Issue your press release 72 and 24 hours prior to your event, and early in the morning so the journalists, radio talk show host, TV reporters and area bloggers get it first thing when they get in. You will need to collect their contact information prior to issuing your press release. Your press release is only as good as your contact information. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Day, Month, Numerical day, Year (PROJECT NAME) HAPPINESS INITIATIVE LAUNCHES CONTACTS Name, Title, Organization, Phone, Email YOUR CITY OR TOWN NAME—Can you measure happiness? (Your Project Name) thinks so. In association with (List project partners), it is releasing the first comprehensive survey of happiness in this region, as part of the (Name of your project). Need Statement: Use a quote from a local leader here about the need for the project. Here is the quote we used. Note about quotes: The most efficient way to get quotes is to interview the candidate, then derive a quote from the interview that they then can edit. You are less likely to get the quote you need if you simply ask for a quote stating the need, etc. "You get what you measure," says Seattle City Councilmember Mike O'Brien. "For too long we've measured the wrong things—Gross Domestic Product doesn't tell us whether we have a good quality of life or a sustainable society. This survey, which includes nine domains of well-being, not just income, is a good way to start measuring the important things we care about, so we can actually achieve them.” Project Description: Use a quote from your project lead or another person on your team. “We’re thrilled to take the lead in this exciting project,” adds (Project Lead). “We hope the (your area) Happiness Initiative leads to positive action for greater happiness, social justice, and both economic and environmental health.” The Happiness Index is now online at (your website). Anyone may take the survey and receive an immediate evaluation of personal well-being for each of the ten domains of happiness identified by international researchers: psychological well-being; physical health; time balance; work experience, education; cultural vitality and access; social connection; good government; environmental quality and access to nature; and material well-being. The survey takes a holistic approach to well-being and asks poignant questions that allow reflection and insight. Motivation Quote. You can use this one from the Happiness Initiative, or supply your own from a community member. “It takes about 12 minutes to complete,” says Laura Musikanski, Executive Director of the National Happiness Alliance. “But you’ll find it’s worth the time because it really makes you think about your life and how to improve it. It’s part of an exciting new effort to add quality of life and sustainability to our assessments of progress. It’s being used in many countries now, but this is the first opportunity for Americans to take the survey. The results will be useful to individuals, organizations and policy makers who want to base their efforts to increase well-being on solid science and comprehensive information.” Supporting Quote: This quote shows support from important organizations that are members of the team. “The survey is critical for all of our actions to promote happiness and compassion for everyone in our region,” adds Board Chairperson of (Name of an Organization) Name. “We are delighted to support this vitally important project. To learn more and get involved with (project name) email (email address) sign up for timely updates and information on Twitter, (twitter account) or sign up for our newsletter at (newsletter sign up link). And take the survey now at: Your Website BOILERPLATE HERE- about your organization. # # # Draft language for your press release here also, for you to cut, paste and adopt for your Happiness Initiative’s press release…
  23. 23. Awareness raising can elicit negative pressAwareness raising can elicit negative press  Fly high – Issue a press release stating the purposeFly high – Issue a press release stating the purpose of your project, linking it to the importance ofof your project, linking it to the importance of happiness for government, and the current status ofhappiness for government, and the current status of society and the environmentsociety and the environment  Write letters to the editor rather than directly toWrite letters to the editor rather than directly to the reporterthe reporter Camps you can’t win in: Fly higher. As much as theyCamps you can’t win in: Fly higher. As much as they may try to incite, keep to your purpose.may try to incite, keep to your purpose. A few words about negative pressA few words about negative press
  24. 24. Using the GNH Index Survey
  25. 25. Showcases
  26. 26. stretch break
  27. 27. A few words about Objective Metrics
  28. 28. Maryland GPI
  29. 29. On gathering data for objective indicators  Use indicators already in place if you can. e.g. sustainability indicators, healthy community indicators, etc.  Fewer is better. About 11 if you can.  Work with organizations already gathering the data  If no data is available for your region, note this rather than excluding the indicator as the unavailability of data is informative
  30. 30. A few ways HappinessData has informed communities
  31. 31. The Oromo Community Center gatheredThe Oromo Community Center gathered people to discuss their scores, whichpeople to discuss their scores, which were between 17 – 27 points lower thanwere between 17 – 27 points lower than the average, with 23 points lower inthe average, with 23 points lower in satisfaction with lie . They decided tosatisfaction with lie . They decided to address their sense of safety in theaddress their sense of safety in the neighborhood by taking back theirneighborhood by taking back their streets. They held monthly block partiesstreets. They held monthly block parties to pick up trash and share pick up trash and share food.
  32. 32. The Vietnamese Friendship Association YouthThe Vietnamese Friendship Association Youth Council scored about 10 points lower than theCouncil scored about 10 points lower than the average in every domain. The youth decided toaverage in every domain. The youth decided to hold an event attended by over 200 peoplehold an event attended by over 200 people where youth were taught to make spring rolls.where youth were taught to make spring rolls. Local police came to dialogue with the youth. ALocal police came to dialogue with the youth. A spring roll eating contest topped off the day.spring roll eating contest topped off the day.
  33. 33. A health care organization used the GNH Index to understand the impact on employees of an intervention. Once a week for six weeks a group of employees attended a course on positive psychology and mindfulness training At the beginning, they scored lower in health than the average. By the end, their health scores went from 44 to 73 and they scored higher in all domains than the average.
  34. 34. A Few Thoughts on Analyzing Happiness Data
  35. 35. The Camps: Comparisons Levels of Sufficiency 2
  36. 36. of sufficiency Levels
  37. 37. 98 out of 100 36 out of 100 43 out of 100 61 out of 100 82 out of 100 10 & above = happy everything isawesome Who gets to decide? 90 & above = happy …or not.
  38. 38. issues with levels of sufficiency 2
  39. 39. gets to decide…WhoWho …what is sufficient? …what is enough? …who has enough?
  40. 40. Everybody over here is happy. 100% Planet is in decline. & what about this situation? Everybody over here is very unhappy.
  41. 41. the Data ComparingComparing
  42. 42. How do these two compare?
  43. 43. A few Happiness Data Stories
  44. 44. Sense of belonging in community 100 = very strong sense of community 0 = no sense of community Young people are hurting when it comes to feeling a sense of community, but none of us are doing very well.
  45. 45. I feel optimistic about my future Young people feel more optimistic about their future than older people, but no one completely agrees that they feel optimistic about their future. 100 = feel very optimistic 0 = do not feel at all optimistic
  46. 46. I feel safe How often I volunteer My sense of community Compared to younger people, older people volunteer more, feel safer and trust their neighbors more. Their sense of community increases too. My trust in neighbors
  47. 47. As we age, we volunteer our time and donate more. The data shows our satisfaction in life goes up too. Elders may be on to something. Volunteering or donating to a cause you believe in may improve your happiness.
  48. 48. The data shows there is not much difference between full- time and part- time. However, not working outside the home can lead to unhappiness.
  49. 49. Part-time workers have the most work-life balance, followed by volunteers, Homemakers and full-time workers about tie on work-life balance Unemployed people do things they enjoy more of the time than others. Overall, volunteers, part- time workers and homemakers are better off when measure satisfaction with life, feeling loved, satisfaction with work-life balance and spending time doing things we enjoy. Do you have to quit your job regain time balance?
  50. 50. it’s a complex issue Truth is…Truth is…
  51. 51. but are not data Data can help us it’s what you do with it that matters We
  52. 52. to do now that you have your data? What
  53. 53. Issue your Happiness Report Card report your happiness indicator scoresonline, in print with graphs, with stories examples:
  54. 54. Engagement Sharing results sparking conversation gathering feedback
  55. 55. Take Action Use your data for projects Work with community organizations & groups Gather and share stories Often individuals are impacted by taking the Happiness Index: Gather their stories too
  56. 56. Next… Iterations Now that you have conducted your Happiness Initiative, have your GNH data and taken action based on that data (sometimes that is conversations), how will you measure the impact of those actions? Iterations
  57. 57. Above all Remember:
  58. 58. The Happiness Movement represents a big shift in thinking and being. It will take time. It’s important to take care of your own happiness. AND… The Happiness Movement represents a big shift in thinking and being. It will take time. It’s important to take care of your own happiness. AND…
  59. 59. …start small
  60. 60. Questions, Comments, Questions, Comments, Requests Questions, Comments, Requests email email
  61. 61. Join the Happiness Revolution Use the Gross National Happiness Index …for your project …in your area