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Happiness & Gratitude


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Gratitude is one of the sure ways to increase your feelings of happiness. But gratitude practices are not one size fits all. Finally a way to identify a gratitude practice that fits your personality type - based on the Meyer-Briggs personality types.

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Happiness & Gratitude

  1. 1. Happiness & Gratitude how to express gratitude and be happier
  2. 2. Simple Gratitude Practices that will make you Happier based on the Myers-Briggs
  3. 3. Science tells us… Practicing gratitude is one way to increase your feelings of happiness and satisfaction with life. Find the gratitude practice that fits your personality type. But not all gratitude practices are alike.
  4. 4. Extrovert Go Gratitude Social! Post a gratitude message everyday or so on facebook, twitter or instagram…host a gratitude lunch at the office once a week where each person takes a turn telling what they are grateful for that week and why. (talkative, think out loud, get energized by being around people)
  5. 5. Introvert Take A Gratitude Walk. (For 10 min or more, and especially when you are down). As you walk, consider what you are grateful for and/or express gratitude (to yourself silently) for each thing you see that is pleasing – a tree, a bird, the sky, the coffee shop where you sometimes treat yourself. You might enjoy the walk more if you take it with another person. (reserved, avoid the lime-light, recharge from quiet time)
  6. 6. Intuitive Take a Gratitude Break. Stop what you are doing for 20 minutes each day, and sit quietly in a calm space. Say a silent thank you for every part of your body, from head to toe. When an idea, thought or feeling pops up, express a silent thank you for it, and then bring yourself back to the body part you last remember being thankful for. If you end before the 20 minutes, start again, but this time for what is inside the skin (muscles, bones, organs from brain to toenails!). (big-picture - idea - conceptual person, prefer potential to actual)
  7. 7. Realist Switch it Up! When you find yourself griping or complaining to yourself or someone else about something or someone, switch your mind-set and find something positive about the person or situation. Be genuine in your thought or word. Take A Vow not to complain or gossip for three days. If you catch yourself complaining or gossiping, take a breath, gather your willpower and change the subject or say something positive. See how you feel at the end of the three days. (specific - literal person, attention to detail, focused on reality)
  8. 8. Logical Keep a Gratitude Journal. This is one of the most prominent of gratitude practices. Everyday, write a list of three things you are grateful for and why. Challenge yourself to not repeat the prior day’s items. Once in a while, read your journal and see if you notice patterns. Find what is good about you in those patterns and think about ways to increase or strengthen experiences or situations that make you grateful. (uses logical reasoning, level headed, fairness & justice held highly )
  9. 9. Pleaser(warm, empathetic, forgiving, seeks harmony, sees the best in people) Write a Thank You note. At work, get in the habit of writing at least one thank you note a week to someone for something specific and hand deliver it to that person. At home, once a week write a thank you letter to someone who had a positive impact on your life telling what they did and how it helped you in as much detail as you can. Hand deliver it if you can. If that person is gone or unreachable, consider delivering it to someone who was close to her or him if it would be beneficial. You can also do this without letters, by taking time for a call or chat. Make sure you write yourself frequent thank you notes too!
  10. 10. Guardian Integrate gratitude into a daily habit. For example, if you make coffee the same way everyday, go through the motions with silent statements of gratitude for each element (such as “I am grateful for the coffee pot, grateful that my hands work this way, grateful for clean water, etc.). Say Thank You More. Take the time to say thank you to all who do things for you, from the grocery teller to your loved one. When you can, take the time to look that person in the eye and give them a smile with your thank you. (rule follower, does not like ambiguity or surprises)
  11. 11. Improviser Mix it up. Try a different gratitude practice everyday. Make up new ones. Get some chalk and express gratitude on your sidewalk or favorite park’s path. Write or draw affirmative messages (like “you are wonderful just because of who you are!”) on little cards and post them on your neighborhoods community bulletin board or pass them out to strangers on the sidewalk. Every night before you go to sleep, thank your loved ones for being in your life. (open minded, spontaneous, likes surprises and new situations)
  12. 12. Join the Happiness Revolution Take the Gross National Happiness Index Use the Gross National Happiness Index for your project or area