Happiness for The Happy - lessons from HardwiringHappiness by Rick Hanson


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Happiness for The Happy - lessons from Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson. Contains the essence of the book in a presentation for easy consumption.

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Happiness for The Happy - lessons from HardwiringHappiness by Rick Hanson

  1. 1. happiness for the happy (or almost happy) lessons from hardwiring happiness by rick hanson
  2. 2. how to exploit the power of self-directed plasticity in the brain. hardwiring happiness tells us
  3. 3. our brains are wired for the negative. we can rewire our brains for the positive.
  4. 4. the brain has specialized memory systems for negative experiences rule #1 in the wild: eat lunch today, don’t be lunch!
  5. 5. the brain needs 10 - 30 seconds to transfer positive experience in long term storage. or the positive experiences will flow through and forgotten.
  6. 6. let be let go let in let be: develop the awareness to notice negative feelings. notice and acknowledge the negative feelings in your body. let go: accept the negative feelings. let in: create positive experiences and let them in.
  7. 7. let be identify your negative feelings. notice where they are in your body, heart, mind. acknowledge and accept the feeling without trying to change it.
  8. 8. how to let in positivity (and rewire your brain).
  9. 9. identify your emotional antidote focus on what you want, not on what you did not or do not want. what is your heart’s longing? what would have made all the difference in the world for you?
  10. 10. experience the positive Give yourself positive experiences. Imagine positive experiences (redo the past, visualize the future). Ask your sense of a higher power, mother nature or the divine for positive experiences.
  11. 11. the law of little things positive experiences can come in everyday little things. your toast in the morning the perfect cup of coffee a smile a hug a song you love the bus came, your car started the clouds the sun
  12. 12. little things add up each day, experience the positive as frequently as you can remember to. linger on the tiny positive moments
  13. 13. soak in the positive take at least 10 seconds to really let the positive experience soak in. notice how you feel. appreciate how you feel.
  14. 14. hardwiring happiness heal model
  15. 15. ave a positive experience.h
  16. 16. enrich your positive experience don’t let the moment slip by notice your positive experience
  17. 17. absorb your positive experience let the positive feelings really soak in.
  18. 18. link your positive experience to a negative one bring your mind to a negative experience like a light switch for a moment then bring your mind back to the positive experience.
  19. 19. by linking your positive experiences to a negative ones, you sooth and eventually replace them. don’t get stuck in the negative memory. it’s just a blink. let go. then bring your mind back to absorbing the positive experience.
  20. 20. recognize that you are fundamentally a good person.
  21. 21. your approach your capabilities your attitude your executive functions your virtues your positive emotions known your positive strengths
  22. 22. your approach curiosity, open- mindedness, exploration your capabilities mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience your attitude optimism, openness, confidence your executive functions big-picture viewpoint, thoughtfulness your virtues patience, energy, generosity, restraint, kindness your positive emotions gratitude, self- compassion, love, joy develop your positive strengths
  23. 23. you feel less anxiety and depression. you are more able to manage emotions. your feel more joy, contentment, and other positive feelings. your feel and receive more love and compassion. you feel more gratitude. you have more self-compassion. you find you are savoring the good for a longer time. you experience greater overall happiness. how will you know you are happier?
  24. 24. thanks to hardwiring happiness by rick hanson.
  25. 25. you count your happiness counts
  26. 26. happycounts.org linking happiness and a new economic paradigm