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Gratitude Challenge Cell Phone Screen Saver


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We challenge you to practice gratitude every day for the next year. The research connecting gratitude practices with happiness have been established. Practicing gratitude makes you happier.
Keep a gratitude journal, post everyday on your favorite feed, or spend a little time each day in contemplation. For the next year, we challenge you to focus on one topic each month.

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Gratitude Challenge Cell Phone Screen Saver

  1. 1. January What went well today? February What experience have I had that I am grateful for having? March What ordinary thing am I thankful to have today? April What aspect of my health can I see as a blessing today? May What of my things am I grateful to have today? June What kindness have I observed or done today? July What aspect of nature am I grateful for today? August Who am I grateful for today? September What kind of food am I grateful to eat today? October What art, music or other crea=ve expression am I grateful for today? November What role model am I grateful for today? December What memory am I grateful for today? G r a t i t u d e C h a l l e n g e C a l e n d a r o n e t h i n g e a c h d a y