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8 Practices 4 a Happy Life


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Eight practices for a happy life: a simple guide for being happy now and in the future.

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8 Practices 4 a Happy Life

  1. 1. 8 Practices 4 A Happy Life
  2. 2. See things as they really are
  3. 3. …not as you wish to see them
  4. 4. Set your intentions with virtue
  5. 5. …not out of greed, hatred or delusion
  6. 6. Behave ethically and morally
  7. 7. …do not act in ways you will regret
  8. 8. Speak to create harmony
  9. 9. …do not gossip or engage in idle chatter
  10. 10. Have balance in your life
  11. 11. …do not work too hard or too little
  12. 12. Choose work that causes good
  13. 13. …do not engage in an occupation that harms others or the planet
  14. 14. Be as fully aware as you can in the present moment
  15. 15. …do not spend too much time in mindless activity
  16. 16. Train your mind
  17. 17. …to focus on the virtuous and good
  18. 18. Take the Gross National Happiness Index for more materials and information for happiness visit