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Openness as bridge to societal impact


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FOSS4G 2016 keynote. Challenging the FOSS community on shaping the shifting role of geodata as connector in terms of ethics.

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Openness as bridge to societal impact

  1. 1. Openness, the bridge to societal impact open data as an instrument, challenges and threats #FOSS4G, Bonn, 26 August 2016 Ton Zijlstra, @ton_zylstra,
  2. 2. @textkoch @foss4g
  3. 3. big promises
  4. 4. are we looking at the right things?
  5. 5. Copernicus Sentinels’ Products Economic Value:
 Winter Navigation in the Baltic (Sept 2015) Up to 116 ME p.a.
  6. 6. 7 participatory budgeting
  7. 7. value, efficiency, impact reasoning from where impact is wanted (policy) issue stakeholders open data
  8. 8. reasoning from impact, deploy open data as intervention
  9. 9. child day care as re-user
  10. 10. tulip farmer as re-user
  11. 11. real issues, real contexts, real results
  12. 12. serious issues serious data=
  13. 13. tree locations beneficial ownershipvs open data vs leaking
  14. 14. 15 sectors close to the public interest
  15. 15. Data, 
 that is pro-actively published, in machine readable formats can be freely used, re-used & redistributed by anyone for any purpose
  16. 16. Case Study: Statistics Germany 16 Users: +1800% Downloads: +800%
  17. 17. new actors (5k people, 500 apps)
  18. 18. value, efficiency, impact new stakeholders / new agency create the impact (policy) issue stakeholders open data
  19. 19. 20 gov finding new agency: 6.5m GBP saved
  20. 20. OPEN data open DATAvs
  21. 21. shared data BIG data nor don’t stop doing ‘open’ because it is hard
  22. 22. OPEN data openness needs rigorous defense
  23. 23. open by design makes open less visible
  24. 24. fragmented data provision
  25. 25. national data infrastructure
  26. 26. geo is often the linking pin
  27. 27. open data biggest data= reducing fragmentation
  28. 28. the role of open geodata is shifting
  29. 29. geo data privacy =
  30. 30. sensors everywhere, humans as objects on real time maps
  31. 31. new role for CSO’s?
  32. 32. foss4g ethics by design?
  33. 33. geo data visibleless fundamental role, but not always visible in result
  34. 34. when the map is a tool but not part of result
  35. 35. geo data visibleless ingredient with attitude, or just a catalyst?
  36. 36. my open data challenges to you • where do you want impact? • keep focus on open in open data • spread your foss values: ethics by design • actively shape geo’s role as linking pin to build the bridge to deeper societal impact
  37. 37. Thank you! All photos: Ton Zijlstra, by
 Except screenshots, and where mentioned on the photo. Slides: Ton Zijlstra / The Green Land, by nc sa Slides: Blog: Contact: @ton_zylstra