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6 Ways to TANK a Presentation


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PowerPoint and conference presentations can be easy or difficult. Tips from great speakers on presenting powerful presentations are found on social media, blogs and event planning group pages. More than a soft skill, speaking is a communication skill that is a product of training and practice. So here's to learning what not to do when making a presentation. Go to to see the 6 alternatives on how to TANK a presentation.

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6 Ways to TANK a Presentation

  1. 1. 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/
  2. 2. What Sort of Speaker Are You? Perhaps you are the confident speaker who pats yourself on the back after a presentation. Or maybe you’re the timid type who feels successful because you didn’t faint or worse… Both can types can tank a presentation without even knowing it. Here’s how… 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/
  3. 3. But I Digest… Go ahead and tell your audience about the “sketchy” airline food messing up your system and that you may have to leave early. To fill any awkward silences, feel free to share personal information about your relationships or political views. 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/ 1
  4. 4. Dress for Comfort Make yourself comfortable. Don’t stress about what the audience may think of your fashion choices. Hey, they invited you to speak so it’s more important that they make YOU feel comfortable. 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/ 2
  5. 5. The PowerPoint is WRONG 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/ The audience doesn’t mind at all if the information on your PowerPoint presentation is wrong. They’ll understand if you edit it during your presentation instead of prior to it. 3
  6. 6. Answer EVERY Question Why bother answering questions during breaks or after the presentation when you can do it during your presentation? An audience of 200 people won’t mind that your having a conversation - -on a microphone- with 2 people. Oh, and don’t bother repeating the question into that microphone. The rest of the group will “catch up”. 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/ 4
  7. 7. Read Directly from the Screen It’s been a long time since most of your audience had a story read to them. They’ll appreciate looking at the back your head as you slowly read your presentation from the large screen. 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/ 5
  8. 8. Use All Available Slide Space You have a lot to say and you are going to be sure everyone knows it - verbatim. Use size 12 font or smaller on slide after slide. Bonus: You can print out the 50 page presentation for the audience to read on the plane ride home. 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/ 6
  9. 9. 2014 © The Gija Group, LLC - stockimages/Ambro/ We also love …writing, editing, designing logos, newsletters, blogging, social media content creation, long walks on the beach, PowerPoint presentations, industry research reports, capuccino, community relations, web content, business analysis, chocolate bars, thought leadership articles, conference proposals, soft skills building, internal communications, fresh bread… We specialize in communications services for the default servicing industry.