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If You Want Success You Need To Sacrifice


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Success requires sacrifice. You want to succeed! But the desire to succeed does not result in success. Success is hard, it is never easy to achieve. To succeed you must be willing to sacrifice for success. Sacrifice is a success imperative. Great achievement is always born of great sacrifice. People don’t fail to succeed, they fail to make the effort to succeed. If you fail to sacrifice, you will fail to succeed. High-level success requires high-level success. You must sacrifice your way to success. Read this article and watch video at

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If You Want Success You Need To Sacrifice

  1. 1. If YouWant Success You Need To Sacrifice
  2. 2. Are YOU Up to the Challenge?
  3. 3. If You Want To Succeed You Need To Sacrifice Unfortunately…
  4. 4. Your DESIRE To Succeed IS NOT ENOUGH!
  5. 5. Success Requires Sacrifice “Sacrifice is a success imperative.” —Gerald Paul (aka “G”)
  6. 6. Sacrifice is a foundational requirement for success. It is never optional. It is absolutely mandatory!
  7. 7. Why is sacrifice so necessary for success?
  8. 8. Success Is Hard!
  9. 9. If You Want To Succeed You Need To Sacrifice
  10. 10. If You Believe SuccessIs Easy You Will Fail!
  11. 11. People Fail To Sacrifice So They Fail To Succeed
  12. 12. People Don’t Want To Succeed They want success on a silver platter.
  13. 13. High Level Success Requires High Level Sacrifice
  14. 14. Sacrifice For Success All Successful People
  15. 15. You See ThemOn TheirMountainOf Success But You Don’t See What They Sacrificed To Get There
  16. 16. Why Don’t More People Sacrifice For Success? They Want Success Given To Them
  17. 17. But SacrificingFor Success Is Not A Sacrifice At All
  18. 18. Perspective Is Everything Your Perspective On Sacrifice Is Crucial To
  19. 19. A Negative Perspective OnSacrifice Will Defeat You & Lead To Failure A PositivePerspective On Sacrifice Will Energize You & Lead To Success
  20. 20. Sacrifice Is… ➥ an investment in your achievement ➥ a down payment on your success ➥ and a way to secure your future
  21. 21. Sacrifice Your Way To Success
  22. 22. “I think that the good and the great are only separated by the willingness to sacrifice.” —Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  23. 23. Sacrifice For Success Or Live A Life Of Mediocrity
  24. 24. You Are The Key To Success Your Success Is Entirely Up To You Sacrifice To Secure Your Success
  25. 25. Turnthe Key: Sacrifice For Success 1. Change your perspective on success —it’s not a sacrifice. 2. Next, make a list of the things you are willing to sacrifice for your success. 3. Finally, take action! Make the necessary sacrifices with enthusiasm and without hesitation.