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Duke Greenhill Partners - Luxury Brand Digital Marketing


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A look at the the top luxury digital marketing agency, Greenhill Partners...

As the thought-leader in luxury digital marketing, GREENHILL+PARTNERS bridges the gap between luxury brands, agencies and the digital world to help luxury brands succeed in digital marketing.

Virtually every client comes to us with the same concern: We know we have to do digital marketing, but we don’t know how. This is the problem we solve. We serve as your luxury digital marketing arm. As your uniquely knowledgeable and experienced steward we protect your digital investment, prevent brand dilution, enhance exclusivity and brand value, and more importantly, increase sales.

We consult with brands and their agency to ensure the development of luxury-specific campaigns. We help brands select the best agency to execute their digital campaigns. We monitor and analyze the results of campaigns so our clients are independently aware of campaign success. We act as a digital advocate to ensure that what our clients' agencies are doing is the best digital work at the best possible price.

We also employ an international network of digital creatives and technicians. With our cutting-edge business model, we can execute effective luxury digital campaigns at an average of thirty-percent below traditional agency cost.

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Duke Greenhill Partners - Luxury Brand Digital Marketing

  3. 3. CONTENTS:Pg 1. OUR MISSIONPg 2. 3 SELECT CASE STUDIES Hospitality, Fashion & Retail, Food & BeveragePg 7. HOW WE DO IT Luxury’s Digital SolutionPg 11. THE 4 E’s How we use Experience, Exclusivity, Engagement and Emotion to increase luxury brand value and revenue.Pg 17. WHY WE’RE BETTER THAN THE REST Lean, mean, fast & flexible. How we protect your investment and get more bang for your buck.Pg 20. EXECUTIVE BIOGRAPHY
  4. 4. OUR MISSIONAs the thought-leader in luxury digital marketing, GREENHILL+PARTNERS bridges thegap between luxury brands, agencies and the digital world to help luxury brandssucceed in digital marketing.Virtually every client comes to us with the same concern: We know we have to dodigital marketing, but we don’t know how. This is the problem we solve. We serve asyour luxury digital marketing arm. As your uniquely knowledgeable andexperienced steward we protect your digital investment, prevent brand dilution,enhance exclusivity and brand value, and more importantly, increase sales.CONSULTINGWe consult with brands and their agency to ensure the development of luxury-specific campaigns. We help brands select the best agency to execute their digitalcampaigns. We monitor and analyze the results of campaigns so our clients areindependently aware of campaign success. We act as a digital advocate to ensurethat what our clients agencies are doing is the best digital work at the bestpossible price.DIGITAL AGENCYWe also employ an international network of digital creatives and technicians. Withour cutting-edge business model, we can execute effective luxury digitalcampaigns at an average of thirty-percent below traditional agency cost.We provide the peace-of-mind of knowing your digital will be done right. But youdont have to take our word for it. Heres the proof... 1
  5. 5. CASE STUDIES: Ritz-CarltonCLIENTS PROBLEM: To launch the DragonBay property as the most exclusiveprivate island community in theCaribbean. To do so with a completepackage of branded materials - website,collateral, direct mail, experiential eventsand more. 3 LUXURY CASE STUDIESOUR SOLUTION: Was first to collaboratewith our agency partner to develop astate of the art website with intuitivenavigation and a luxurious visual motifthat featured an interactive site plan andan exclusive, invitation only online portal.Next, we developed luxurious, ‘gamified’collateral and social media profiles tostrategically target affluent homeowners.We used them to drive leads to thewebsite and to branded events, whichfeatured an experiential, nautical-themedmystery game.OUR RESULTS: Dragon Bay sold-out it’sprivate residences ahead of scheduleand at 25-percent above the projectedreturn. 2
  6. 6. CASE STUDIESMallaSadiCLIENTS PROBLEM: MallaSadi wanted tobe the number one independent purveyorof high-end custom men’s clothing in theSouth, but he faced stiff competition frombrick-and-mortar department stores.OUR SOLUTION: Drawing on his brand valueof ‘quality,’ we oversaw the development ofa w e b a n d e - c o m m e rc e s t r a t e g y,supplementary branded video and strategicsocial media, display and print ads thatlinked the quality of MallaSadi’s clothing toother luxurious men’s products like wines,cars and cigars. We launched thecampaign in strategic phases, andmonitored the campaign metrics in real-time, collaborating with our network totweak the message on-the-fly as needed.THE RESULT: As a result, sales and presscoverage sky rocketed, and he became thenumber one luxury independent custommen’s retailer in the South. 3
  7. 7. CASE STUDIES Stone Hill WineriesCLIENTS PROBLEM: Stone Hill is a Missouri-based winery. It faced the challenges of notbeing a part of the Napa wine family. Fewconsumers were aware of their award-winning wines.OUR SOLUTION: We knew that everydaywine enthusiasts focus on Napa Valleylabels. We also knew that with consumerawareness, Stone Hill’s product couldcompete. We oversaw the development ofa social media campaign, integrated weband e-commerce site, branded video andvirtual reality to grab the attention of wineenthusiasts. We turned Stone Hill’s non-Napa challenge into an opportunity andpositioned it as the fresh, daring, rising-starfor wine enthusiasts who seek new tastesfrom bold places.THE RESULTS: We succeeded in introducingStone Hill to thousands of new customers,dramatically increasing sales and making itthe number one wine outside of Californiasold wholesale to restaurants. 4
  9. 9. "Whats happened is a complete reversal in the consumption of both luxury brands and the media we use to market them. Where it was once about accessibility versus exclusivity, its now about accessibility and exclusivity. For example. video is no longer a reproach, but a badge of honor for a luxurycampaign well-leveraged. Its a smaller world, now, and we have to lose the broadsword in favor of the razor blade.” DUKE GREENHILL Founder + CEO Interviewed in Luxury Commerce Daily 6
  10. 10. LUXURY’S DIGITAL FRONTIER New York. Washington, DC. India. China. The Middle East. South America. No matter where our network grows or where we work with luxury brands, the question is the same: How do we leverage the incredible power of digital media without diluting our luxury brand value? This is the problem we’ve solved for countless clients. Digital marketing is the new frontier for luxury brands, and few agencies understand the unique digital needs of our clients. We do. WeHOW WE DO IT provide our clients with peace of mind - with a digital marketing partner whose specialized knowledge and experience protects their digital investment. Either by serving as a consultant and advocate for our clients with their own agencies of record, or by drawing on our own worldwide network of creatives and technicians, we help our clients succeed in the digital world. Our founder and CEO is one of the world’s luxury digital marketing thought leaders. He developed five rules for digitally marketing luxury brands in one of the most read and referenced marketing papers of the digital age. They’re the secret to increasing luxury brand exclusivity through digital messages, and how we develop unique, effective digital campaigns to enhance luxury brand value and increases revenue. 7
  11. 11. 5 COMMANDMENTS OF LUXURY MARKETING1 WE DEMOCRATIZE. WE DON’T DILUTE.We create desire for luxury brands while enhancing exclusivity bytargeting both a brand’s paying customers, and a brand’s ‘aspirational’ones. We use digital media to grow desire among the “can’t haves” inorder to build greater prestige among the “can haves.” This in turnincreases exclusivity, brand value and sales.2 WE MASTER INTERACTIVITY.In the luxury digital frontier, marketing is not a one-way message... it’sa two-way conversation. We make interactivity and brand controlsimultaneously possible. We create and deploy unique, branded digitalcampaigns that interactively engage the target consumers whileensuring the brand message and value remains in our clients’ control. 75% of millionaires and 25% 68% of ultra-affluents 32% say digital marketing influences their most 68% 75% recent purchase decision. Google Ultra-Affluent Survey, 2011 8
  12. 12. 3 WE CREATE ONLY THE HIGHEST-END DIGITAL MEDIA. Digital media is already the preferred channel by which consumers engage with luxury brands. Digital is no longer an option, it’s essential, and we help luxury brands achieve digital marketing media of the same top-tier quality as the rest of their traditional brand messaging.4 WE CREATE ORIGINAL DIGITAL TO ENHANCE TRADITIONAL MESSAGES. We help luxury brands avoid the “Paper Pixel Syndrome.” We don’t take media developed and produced for traditional deployment and force it onto social and digital platforms. We ‘translate’ - not merely recycle - luxury brands’ traditional marketing messages to the digital language, and we create original digital strategies and media that enhance luxury brands’ traditional values.5 WE CREATE UNIQUE, HIGH-TECH DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGIES. Through exhaustive research, insight and testing, we develop utterly new digital strategies that spring directly from and effectively enhance core luxury brand values.Augmented Reality Branded Video Custom Mobile Apps Custom Social Media& Branded Gaming 9
  13. 13. "Digital marketing does not inherently meanexposing a luxury brand’s exclusivity to risk. Infact, digital marketing offers perhaps the most elegant opportunity luxury brands have to control and enhance their brand value... Aslong as they adhere to the 4 E’s: Experience, Exclusivity, Engagement and Emotion .” DUKE GREENHILL “The 4 E’s of Luxury Marketing” American Marketing Journal, Nov. 2011 10
  14. 14. THE 4 E’s OF LUXURY MARKETING Luxury clients often say to us, “We know we have to do digital marketing, but we don’t know how!” The truth is, most agencies don’t know how either. Luxury brands have very specific, sensitive needs when it comes to digital marketing, and the fourTHE 4 E’s OF LUXURY MARKETING P’s of traditional marketing - Product, Price, Promotion and Place - simply won’t do. We safeguard luxury brand digital marketing with our unique, specific knowledge and experience of luxury’s substantially different concerns: The Four E’s of Luxury Marketing... Experience, Exclusivity, Engagement and Emotion. We design unforgettable digital experiences We engage consumers on an emotional level 11
  15. 15. 1 EXPERIENCENow more than ever, affluent consumers demand complete, satisfyingexperiences. It’s true that luxury consumers don’t seem to be curbing theirspending -- the New York Times reports that “The rich are again buying” --but they are becoming more selective about where they spend. Now, theluxury consumer’s purchase decision boils down to a single, simplequestion: Is it worth it? The best way luxury brands can tip the answer tothis question in their favor is to provide unique, compelling experiences.It’s no accident that our client, Katie’s Paperie, quickly leapt to the top ofthe high-end stationers market after we oversaw an interactive, customwedding portal for them. Nor is it surprising that the Cayman Islandproperty of another client, Ritz-Carlton, quickly became the most exclusiveprivate residence in the Caribbean on the heels of an experientialtransmedia campaign we shepherded. The experience a luxury brandprovides is a product unto itself, and luxury brands must devote as muchquality to the experience as they do to the wares they sell. 12
  16. 16. 2 EXCLUSIVITYThe traditional marketing paradigm treats exclusivity as secondary, aderivative of Price. But to luxury brands, exclusivity is far too dear to betreated as a symptom. Digital marketing does not mean exposing a luxurybrand’s exclusivity to risk. In fact, digital marketing offers perhaps the mostelegant opportunity luxury brands have to control and enhance theirexclusivity. It’s what I call “Prestige Technology.”It’s no accident that another brand for whom we consult, Chanel, rocketedback to the top of the prestige list with its interactive, gamified “Culture”microsite, or that another client, SKUNA, quickly became the top-sellingluxury fish purveyor following our campaign to promote its super-highstandards. High-tech marketing imbues luxury brands with cutting-edge in-the-know cache ́. Cutting-edge and in-the-know are coveted, and beingcoveted means being exclusive. 13
  17. 17. 3 ENGAGEMENTNo matter what, engagement relies on one thing. Story. Whether you’retalking about a branded video, a website experience or something assimple as a Facebook post, when you say, “I found it engaging,” you’retalking about story. A narrative with a beginning, middle and end. Anarrative that makes you feel something.When it comes to luxury brands, engagement is synonymous with story,and story sells. It’s no accident that once we were brought on to oversee abranded short film series for Truth Thru Action, they immediately enjoyedover 3 million visits to their web properties. Or that another client, Stone HillWineries, became the number one wholesaling U.S. wine thanks to ourdigital storytelling of their long, impressive vineyard history. In today’s luxurymarketplace, convincing consumers to buy isn’t enough. Convincing themto “join” a brand on a journey is the key, and that’s what our ‘stories’ do. 14
  18. 18. 4 EMOTIONThe first three E’s combine to form the fourth andfinal imperative element of luxury marketing:Emotion. Without the deliberate, appropriateapplication of one key emotion -- that which aluxury brand both strives to embody and toconjure among its customers -- long-term luxurybrand success cannot exist. The reason is simple.Luxury brands cater to a consumer who can buyalmost any material thing he or she wants. Aluxury brand’s physical product, therefore, issecondary. Like an experience, an exclusiveinsider’s view or an engaging story, a particularemotion is what luxury consumers are really after.Consumers are loyal to Burberry because theywant to feel “authentic” and “timeless;” Ritz-Carlton, to feel “august;” Chanel to feel “sublime;”Tom Ford to feel “triumphant;” and Tiffany’s to feel“love.” We help luxury brands discover theiremotional value first, and construct their physicaland digital manifestations to most effectively toexpress and extract it. 15
  19. 19. “Clients are looking for greater speed and much greater focus of teams: That meansconsultancies with an execution network. They dont want more than half of their agency fees to go to overhead. They don’t want to risk missing creative opportunities for the fog of big agency bureaucracy. They want things in a ready, fire, aim model. They want things lean and mean." - ADWEEK, 2011 “The Agency of the Future” 16
  20. 20. THE MARKETING FIRM OF THE FUTURE Often times, clients are so impressed with our unique, luxury skill-set, that they ask us to find someone to execute campaigns, too. Did you know... 45% {WHICH 55%WHY WE’RE BETTER THAN THE REST { AN AVERAGE A MERE MEANS of big-agency digital fees go to overhead? of your money ends up in your message. Because of this, many of our luxury clients reduce their agency partners in favor of our specialized luxury digital marketing network of artists and technicians who have specific experience with luxury brands and with particular media platforms. With our network, your money doesn’t go to the salaries and benefits of employees who will never work on your campaigns. When you work with us, your money doesn’t go to expensive equipment that your campaigns will never use. When you work with us, your media is always executed by a specialized luxury expert. When you work with us, your money goes where it belongs... in your message. With us... 10% {WHICH 90% { MORE THAN LESS THAN MEANS of your brand marketing fees go to overhead? of your money ends up in your message. 17
  21. 21. THE SPECIALIZED CONSULTANT ADVANTAGETOP 3 REASONS TO WORK WITH US1. Few agencies understand the sensitive digital needs of luxury brands, so a luxury brand needs a proven counselor and advocate in its corner to safeguard their digital investment. We specialize specifically in luxury brands, and with over a decade of success, have earned a reputation as one of the world’s top luxury marketing thought leaders. Digital marketing spends are big investments, and they deserve a fractional investment to protect them.2. Few agencies specialize in single, digital platforms. We close the gap between luxury and digital by ensuring that the execution of our clients’ digital media adheres to the unique demands of affluent consumers. We also employ a worldwide network of the most accomplished artists and technicians, so unlike traditional agencies, we match clients with the specialized teams that fit them best.3. Unlike traditional agencies, where almost half your money goes to their overhead, with us, almost all of your money ends up in safeguarding your message. We are more agile, use smaller teams, and can quickly maneuver as technology, insight and campaign metrics demand in real-time. 18
  22. 22. "They opened my eyes to marketing weaknesses and great opportunities. Their knowledge, research and expertise have been invaluable in informing my decision making process." JAMIE DRAKE, client November 21, 201033
  23. 23. DUKE GREENHILL Founder & CEODuke is one of the world’s luxury marketing thought leaders recognized with theunique ability to drastically increase the value of brands as business assets.From Hollywood to the White House to Ivy League halls and Madison Avenue,Dukes experience and success in virtually every media arena has taught himhow to develop authentic, effective campaigns, and led him to founding thepremiere bespoke luxury brand agency, Greenhill + Partners, LLC. He hascreated over 300 award-winning advertising campaigns, produced threeindependent feature films, and written on assignment for publications like theNew York Times, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, The Harvard Review, MediaMaker Magazine, Filmmaker and many others. He has won Telly awards, Pollieawards, MTV awards and an Academy Award short nomination. As a chiefcreative at Washington, D.C.s, illustrious Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm mediaagency, Duke worked on prestigious presidential and corporate imagecampaigns. As the principal producer for In Media Res Films, he produced andmarketed Hollywood films. And as founder and executive creative director ofGreenhill + Partners, Duke has worked in front of and behind the scenes oncampaigns for such lauded clients as Chanel, Adidas, Dockers, Ritz-Carlton,Fairmont Hotels, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Kate & Co, Stone Hill Vineyards, andmany more. Duke is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austins School ofCommunications (Bachelors), and Columbia Universitys Graduate School of Film(Masters). Duke is currently one of only four ‘laureates’ on the AmericanMarketing Associations 2012 Luxury Marketing Panel. 20
  24. 24. BRIDGINGTHE GAPBETWEENLUXURY& DIGITAL 917.434.7368 Hell’s Kitchen, New York City